Clark French to appear on BBC1 Sunday Morning Live

By Chris Bovey.

NORML UK founding member, Clark French, appeared on national television on Channel 4’s, which was aired on Tuesday 25th September 2012.

Clark French at the studio.

Clark French preparing to be filmed at the studio in Manchester, northern England.

The short interview lasting just under 2 minutes received a fantastic response, with a large number of people leaving positive comments on the programme’s web site. The production company who made the film had such positive feedback they contacted Clark the following day with a view to making a full feature length documentary about Clark’s story, which would be aired either on the BBC or Channel 4.

The publicity has also earned Clark an invitation to take part in a 20 minute debate on national BBC television called Sunday Morning Live to talk about medicinal cannabis that he uses to treat and alleviate the symptoms of his condition, Multiple Scleroses.

The programme is due to be broadcast at 10.00 am on BBC1 on Sunday 30th September 2012.

This is not this the only media attention Clark has gained, as a result of his appearance on Channel 4 he has been invited to speak on his local radio station, Reading 107 and his local newspaper, the Reading Chronicle, also reported on the story.

Clark French in the Reading Chronicle.

Article featuring  Clark French in the Reading Chronicle.
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Clark is hoping to capitalise as much as possible from his national media coverage.

Clark French said: “I’m really pleased with my appearance on national TV, I hope that it can inspire other people with serious medical conditions to stand up for themselves and bring attention to the issue of medicinal cannabis in the UK.”

Allen St Pierre, Executive Director of NORML (National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws) in the USA congratulated Clark French on his appearance commenting that “the piece was very well done for mainstream media!”

“Undoubtedly, one of the major reasons for the mainstream media in the US covering cannabis more and more, is that they can see that in effect it ‘pays’ for them to cover the topic,” said Mr St Pierre.

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  1. Well done, Clark French! This is a marvellous opportunity to bring the benefits of medical cannabis to a mainstream TV audience. After just a few months, the leadership of NORMLUK have worked hard and NORMLUK is truly showing itself to be a very influential cannabis campaign group in the UK – this upcoming BBC1 program proving the point very nicely!

  2. Medical cannabis goes back over 100 years ago, it is not legal because the big bosses won’t get money, it can save life’s in many ways, from this guy with ms to some with chronic cancer, skin cancer all types even brain tumours, I’ve seen a baby pull through after his dad gave him hemp seed oil orally, while he was in hospital the doctors wanted to stop his treatment as he was just dying until his dad gave him the miracle plant, that’s all it is, back to how it saves life’s, well the war is a good example we could run our country’s energy source by burning cannabis well the oil from cannabis, it can run our cars, make paper from it, there is nothing you can not do with this it can be used for anything, so am I saying we do not need to be fighting with other country’s killing them Robbing there oil, killing our world with the toxic shit we our burning, cutting down trees, none of the oil rigs will be needed, what is the big fuss what is the hold up the research has been done, they chat rubbish they have lied for century’s to get rich, if I could grow my own Medicine that could save my family and the only cost to me is buying what I need to grow my medication, they make it illegal so I can’t I’m a drug dealer if I do,
    They have covered it up with lies like it drives u mad or its a gate way drug, this has kept the older generation away from it, not knowing its medicinal use, it’s not something for the young so there fore if we had a dispensary with an expert directing us to use the correct strain, certain strains of cannabis can help people with mental health, instead they keep them on there drugs that make them feel lifeless, in most cases u get hooked on there drug so what’s that about they never make an improvement oh and of course there are side effects,
    Seriously wake up unite together we need everyone’s backing, they know we could b saving life’s, making the world a better place, the people at the top are to afraid to admit they kept it away from us on purpose or just scared to say they were wrong,
    Not 1 death from cannabis
    Alcohol untold amount of deaths
    Ciggorates oh my god they even got a picture telling u how dangerous it is and it’s still legal because they can make money on it
    Make it legal so it’s managed in safe hands not dealers

  3. nice one Clark the more stuff like this on the normal TV the better, you need to get on the One show 7 o’clock prime time. I think people are slowly coming round to the idea that cannabis is medicine, its just getting the politicians to take the scientific research by people like David Nutt into consideration and do something about it instead of waiting around to get their pockets lined by GW pharmaceuticals

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