13 Year Old In Court Over One Gram Of Cannabis

By Deej Sullivan Britain’s ‘criminal justice system’ showed its true colours yet again on Thursday as it was reported that a 13 year old girl from Bideford in Devon had appeared in court charged with possession of ONE GRAM of Cannabis. This child was most definitely not a criminal; she was caught by police smoking […]

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Anti-Cannabis Judge Makes Brain Dead Remarks

By Greg de Hoedt Liverpool Crown Court Judge Thomas Teague has recently made claims that the use of cannabis causes the brain to rot. Draconian Judges obviously only read what’s left down the pub and that’s not the latest cannabis science! After a commercial scale grow was raided in St Helens and four rooms full […]

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Have a Butchers at Frank

By Des Humphey I have just watched Talk to FRANK’s latest cannabis awareness commercial, which is quite frankly the most insulting cannabis propaganda, the tax-payer funded anti-cannabis site has aired to date. The advertisement shows five butchers sitting round a table with a school party theme of soft drinks and silly hats,  passing around a joint […]

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