How does cannabis work in your system?

By Richard Shrubb My last blog discussed the endocannabinoid system (ECB). This will tentatively look at how cannabis works when it hits the system, and what medicines may come from research into this. Weed smokers may have changed the world for the better, and advanced medicine in ways few other recreations could ever do. In […]

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What are the real risks of taking cannabis?

By Richard Shrubb The right wing press would have you believe that cannabis makes you a psychotic knife wielding monster, about to progress through the gateway to a lonely death from an OD on heroin and crack cocaine speedballs. Never believe everything you read in the papers … Many years ago I was surprised to […]

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NORML weed – why not Holland & Barrett?

By Richard Shrubb Many people in the cannabis legalisation movement want to be free to smoke weed to aid their ailments. In theory they would want it as a herbal remedy from Holland and Barrett to aid their physical or mental pain, or even use it to attack tumours etc. In an ideal world this […]

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Cannabis Treats Schizophrenia.

By Richard Shrubb In an ideal world, on the 20th March 2012 the Daily Mail should have raved CANNABIS TREATS SCHIZOPHRENIA. It didn’t. We know that the Daily Mail believes cannabis is worse than heroin and has no therapeutic benefits whatsoever! On that day a study was published in The Journal of Translational Psychiatry that […]

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How to read and understand cannabis science

By Richard Shrubb NORML recently posted a link to a blog on Facebook. The blog in question suggested that cannabis can be beneficial to bipolar disorder. On one line of thinking this is very interesting – cannabis is a nice sedative, and I have seen studies that show it can actually be good at treating […]

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