A Woman´s perspective on weed

Our new contributor for the Women´s Alliance, Charli, looks at just some of the pitfalls and some of the benefits of being a woman and a cannabis consumer in the UK today. A woman`s perspective on weed. By Charli Knights For a woman, it is distressing to think of yourself as vulnerable. It is a […]

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Man evicted for using weed for pain relief

By Richard Shrubb Man given a flat when a hard drug addict. Now being evicted for using  weed for pain relief. 42 year old Seth Skip-Thacker had a £100 a day heroin and crack addiction and lived on the streets when he was housed by his local housing association in 2005. The Basingstoke housing association […]

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Anti-Cannabis Judge Makes Brain Dead Remarks

By Greg de Hoedt Liverpool Crown Court Judge Thomas Teague has recently made claims that the use of cannabis causes the brain to rot. Draconian Judges obviously only read what’s left down the pub and that’s not the latest cannabis science! After a commercial scale grow was raided in St Helens and four rooms full […]

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By Alun Buffry CANNABIS THE PLANT It is estimated that about 600 million people in the world use cannabis, 3 to 8 million in Britain. The vast majority of them report benefits to their health and an increased sense of well-being. Few report harm. The evidence from scientists as to the risks associated with cannabis, […]

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