Dreams Of A Welsh Medical Cannabis Cafe

By Des Humphrey

Hi there, thanks for dropping into the first NORML UK blog entry, it’s great you made it.

I’d like to tell you about my dream, as a ….year old Welsh Cannabis patient in Britain today…

Consuming cannabis to control my pain has stopped me having to use 23 different tablets to “try” and control the pain I suffer everyday.

Imagine waking up one morning to the news that growing and consuming cannabis is no longer a criminal act in the UK, and that the government had  finally changed their policy to reflect a sensible attitude to Cannabis.

For someone like me and millions like me this would be a dream come true.

Being able to grow my own medical-grade cannabis would drastically change my life and the way I live it.

That’s right, Cannabis, Weed, Marijuana, Hemp…whatever you call it; it gives me a better quality of life.

Having a selection of different strains of herbal cannabis, hash and edible cannabis goods, and being able to choose between different types of cannabis i.e.: Sativa, Indica and cross breeds, would mean the difference between having muscle cramps and spasms and not having them at all.

Cannabis stops my muscle cramps from dominating my life and reduces the pain that comes with nerve damage that I suffered.

But it goes further than that … much further.

When the pains are reduced and my other aches and ailments have stopped, a smile comes to my face, and a different feeling occupies my body; the day becomes a totally different day all together.

To have the security of knowing that I would not be victimised for consuming cannabis would be a massive weight off my shoulders, but it won’t end there.

Not being criminalised will also open the door for me to gain employment, and I could contribute to the economy and create jobs, despite my choice of pain relief.

This dream is getting better every second I keep dreaming, a regulated Cannabis outlet for other cannabis consumers to come and sit in a calm and peaceful atmosphere being able to consume their herbal Cannabis and purchase tested and well-grown cannabis and a nice cup of tea.

Will this dream ever become reality?

Well one day it will, I’m sure of that. The tide is turning in Britain for Cannabis, the growing open debate is a sign of this..

Maybe you are a pain patient who is prescribed lots of different, legal “drugs” which leave you like a cabbage?

Are you curious about how Cannabis might be able to help you with pain relief, without the negative side effects of harmful prescription drugs?

I’d love to hear your thoughts about Medical Cannabis in Britain, and remember.

Cannabis is NORML in the United Kingdom, and I demand that the discrimination against Cananbis consumers in the UK be halted, and Uk laws be reformed to reflect the current tide of opinion.

If you missed the BBC Free Speech debate about the legalization of Cannabis (and other drugs) on BBC last Thursday 16th May, you can still watch it here.

You’ll see that the young people of our country have the right idea about Cannabis too.

How long is the UK government going to continue to criminalize me, and all our young people, who make the safer choice over alcohol?

I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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  1. I am 60yrs old, in constant pain, taking all sorts of prescribed painkillers which seldom work without horrific side effects. Why do I have to suffer even more because of ill informed politicians? I know that herbal cannabis could help but am denied the basic human right to live without pain ans side effects. I support NORML and the work they do. Good luck with your dream and expect me in for a coffee when you open. Go in peace and pain free my friend.

    • I know what your going through Chris pain is one hell of a thing to go through, sometimes pain can take you over the edge, I personally think a coffee shop style outlet would benefit the whole country,
      1: quality weed
      2: reduces street dealers
      3: reduces underage use
      4: improve the economic situation
      5: improve the health for those that need it (over 100,000 MS sufferers in the UK, not to mention the people suffering from other ailments)
      6: reduce death’s from prescription drugs
      7: reduce alcohol dependence
      the list goes on and on. When we think about it coffee shops are already in the UK there’s at least one in every street, our own home, friends pop in and bring their own herb to try and share a coffee or tea. Rules in a coffee shop are easy to achieve:
      1: 18 years old or over recognized proof of ID needed.
      2: No hard drugs.
      3: No alcohol.
      4: tobacco/cannabis mixes can be made within the coffee shop but has to be consumed in the area provided.
      Four rules that’s all is needed, I remember what Nol Van Schaik said “To open a coffee shop in the UK you need balls of steel” there have been a few more people that have opened coffee shops in the UK, such as Colin, Jimmy, Sheriff, Winston, Jeff and Chris, to name a few. One day we might see them again 🙂

  2. I suffer from bipolar disorder and cannabis has saved my life. When i’m manic it calms me down and soothes my inner body tensions. When i’m depressed it lifts me out of my 2 month long (usually) down periods in an instant and gets me back on my feet and not feeling like i’m worthless and it enables me to not be scared to go out of the house because of what people think about me. It enables me to sleep, something many of these politicians keeping it illegal probably take for granted but believe me when you go 3 days with no sleep and you’re still not tired it really sucks. Thanks for the hard work guys!

  3. I experianced coffeeshops in the UK many moons ago, they worked, but eventually, and it took its time the government closed them all up… with two medical cannabis campaigners in prison Winston Matthews and Steam Punx motorcycle, its HIGH time we got this law changed, and pronto, with u every step of the way my friend xxxx

    • I do believe that Steam who has not had any conviction for cannabis has been locked up for having the balls to stand up for himself, the way they locked him up and kept him there is criminal, what they have done to Winston and Steam is unforgivable, Winston is one of the nicest person I have had the pleasure of meeting, and by **** can he bong, I have always called him the Bong Master

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