NORML UK have teamed up with THTC to bring you ethically produced organic cotton t-shirts, with the THTC and NORML logos, with our slogan, ‘working to reform cannabis laws’.

Since 1999 THTC has been producing collaboration ranges for nearly one hundred charities, music labels, bands, artists, festivals, clothing labels, causes and activists.

Cotton is one of the most thirsty crops that can be grown, and when grown inorganically it uses a vast amount of chemical fertilisers.

THTC is not just a brand. THTC is an extended family of talented musicians, poets, actors, dancers and activists. If you’ve ever bought or worn a THTC t-shirt you are helping to spread an important message and NORML UK are proud that our message can be spread with these stylish and ethically produced THTC t-shirts.

Available in XL, large, medium, small, and also female medium and female small.

Established in 1999, inspired by the heartbeat of urban culture and environmental activism, THTC has been producing some of the most demanded t-shirts for over a decade.

THTC is a founding member of the Ethical Fashion Forum ( and came runner up in the Observer Ethical Awards in 2006 and the RE:Fashion awards in 2008.

The THTC range is worn by activists, musicians, poets and actors across the world including Placebo, Beardy-man, Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee, Zion I, Foreign Beggars, Natty, Benjamin Zephaniah, Mickey Finn, Sinitta, Samina MC, Dynamite MC, MC LowQui, DJ JFB, Trojan Sound System, Woody Harrelson, DJ Vadim and many many more.

NORML UK are proud to be the latest activist organisation to team up with the award winning THTC – The Hemp T-shirt Company.

You can buy NORML UK THTC t-shirts online on the NORML UK web shop along with stash jars, badges and wristbands. All profits go to NORML UK to fund our campaigning to reform the UK’s cannabis laws.

We are currently sourcing more ethically produced merchandise including hemp bags with the NORML UK logo, which will soon be available, so please be sure to come back and regularly check our web site.

For more information about THTC and to see their amazing ethically produced clothing range check out their web site – – and what’s more, if you enter this discount code NORML15 – you can get 15% off any order, which THTC have kindly set up for NORML supporters.

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  1. Please trust my conclusive research after 15 years of putting dossiers to Government Ministers constantly.
    The UK is determined to keep the lid on over 50,000 deaths each year from the horrendous air pollution toxins PM2.5 Particulates,and the medical and media is party to stifling these facts.
    The UK is one of the most air polluted regions in the world with high levels of Nitrogen Dioxides and Particulates which cause the following organs which are being degenerated by free radicals which are created from these named toxins above.
    Heart,Lungs,Neurological,Kidney,Liver,causing serious diseases and deaths plus
    Fetus and Babies are subjected to these diseases.
    So next time you question an opponent to cannabis oil and cancers ask them what the
    lies and avoidance and deliberate negligence is occurring right at very top of the UK
    Administrations in Government,Media,Medical,Local Government.
    The orgaqnised cover up is the biggest scandal the UK has been subjected to for many years.

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