EU Citizens’ Initiative – “Weed Like To Talk” about legalising Cannabis

EU cannabis petition requires one million signatures

By Chris Bovey

Recently we reported how over 100,000 signatures were obtained to force a debate by a committee of backbench Members of Parliament to look at whether Parliament should discuss an impact assessment on the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

The drugs petition was sponsored by Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, Caroline Lucas, and looked destined to fail, given that it only had just under 50,000 signatures, with only one week left before it closed.

Russell Brand helps Caroline Lucus MP get over 100,000 signatures to force drugs debate in Parliament.

Celebrity endorsement: Russell Brand.

That all changed with the help of celebrity endorsement from the likes of Richard Branson, Russell Brand and the campaigning website Avaaz. In the last week around 85,000 people signed with a final tally of 133,232 signatories.

We also ask you to collect 100,000 signatures and sign a petition to approve the production of means to increase male potency. This can be found in detail on this website

That petition is now closed and MPs will be forced to at least debate the issue, now we are asking you to sign another petition, but this time we need one million signatures.

This is not such an unachievable target, since it is an EU citizen’s initiative about cannabis with the witty title “Weed like to talk“, and needs one million signatures from people living in the EU.

The UK will need almost 55,000 signatures, and so far only 813 people in the UK have signed it. The initiative was launched last November and we have until November 20th this year to get one million signatures from across the European Union.

This needs to be exposed to the public so that we’ll get some signatures! If the UK can get eighty-five-thousand signatures in one week for Caroline Lucas’ petition and over one-hundred and thirty-three thousand signatures in one year; then I’m sure the UK can easily contribute more than our quota of fifty-five thousand.

The subject matter of the petition is:

A European solution to a European issue : legalizing cannabis. The ECI Weed like to talk aims at making the EU adopt a common policy on the control and regulation of cannabis production, use and sale. 

The Main objectives are:

There is currently a heterogeneous legal map as regards cannabis policies in the EU. The question of coherence and discrimination is worth asking. A common policy on the control and regulation of cannabis production, use and sale would: (a) ensure equality before the law and non-discrimination of all EU citizens; (b) protect consumers and monitor health security; (c) end cannabis trafficking. Let’s leap toward the legalization of cannabis and the harmonization of national legislations across the EU.

You can sign the petition at the following URL:

European Citizens Initiative requires 1 million EU signatories to require the European Commission to propose a legal act in an area where the Member States have conferred powers onto the EU level

European Citizens Initiative

The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) is an initiative of the Treaty of Lisbon, aimed at increasing direct democracy in the European Union. The initiative enables one million EU citizens, who are nationals of at least one quarter of the Member States, to call directly on the European Commission to propose a legal act in an area where the Member States have conferred powers onto the EU level. This right to request the Commission to initiate a legislative proposal puts citizens on the same footing as the European Parliament and the Council, who enjoy this right according to Art. 225 and 241 TFEU, respectively.

It is quite realistic to obtain at least another 133k signatories from the UK and we hope Russell Brand tweets this article to his 7.5 million followers on Twitter!

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    • It does not cure cancer, but it helps the bad things that come with chemotherapy, like nausea, loss of appetite ect. Misinforming people that cannabis is some ‘cure-all’ wont help. It does have bad points too, don’t forget. Much less bad points than alcohol or nicotine.

      • You’re sadly misinformed, look it up. Cannabis CAN cure cancer. THC and CBD have both been shown to induce apoptosis in cancerous cells (which switch it off) whilst also inhibiting angiogenesis in them, preventing them from getting the oxygen the cells need to grow and thrive.
        Lots of research is now beginning to show that cannabis has a vast range of medical effects.

      • Fortunately that is false. Initially medical use of cannabis was purely as painkiller / anti-anxiety medication – but research in recent years has actually showed that cannabis can help prevent or cure various cancers, Alzheimer’s, glaucoma, dementia etc etc. In fact, cannabis is the only cure for cancer human beings have ever discovered, because chemotherapy isn’t really a ‘cure’ – yet it’s illegal almost globally.

      • How do you figure that cannabis has worst health effects than alcohol? Its a plant that does more good than bad! The reason the uk wont legalize its is tax reasons, That’s all. If the Government don’t make money from it they wont allow it, Simples

    • The ancient Egyptians used cannabis to treat tumors—and they were onto something big.

      An ancient Egyptian text called the 2nd-century Fayyum Medical Papyrus, contains the earliest known record of cannabis use as a cancer medicine.

  1. We want to chill legally.
    This amazing plant helped with my back pain when diazepam failed and I was prescribed 50mg of Prozac a day, I’ve been smoking since august and I’m so much happier and chilled out.

    • The scary thing about your comment is the diazepam and prozac which, I imagine, were handed out to you without much ado by your GP. Both have dangerous side effects – including death, yet more people are being prescribed these every day, and falling victim to their physical addictiveness, whereas cannabis is non physically addictive, and has side effects of increased appetite, increased creativity, increased sense of health and well being, and the odd sudden onset of the giggles.

      I’m really glad you managed to get a supply. Here’s hoping we can give the guberment a bit of a shove.

  2. We need all the facts. It’s good properties. Not all this one sided nonsense that gets printed. Uk needs to look at Colorado’s cannibis use, since legalization.

  3. I agree with you Vicky I suffer from high anxiety and adhd and it helps a thousand times better than what the doctors put me on which was trazodone at 300 mgs a day

  4. I use everyday so much more better than the stuff doctors put me on for depression and I suffer from bad back pain and it also helps with this most days.

  5. it needs to be legal Reason why well here some and i hope MP’s etc read this

    1.instead of paying for war on drugs use the money from a PLANT to pay for it
    2.Free’s space in prison for Real offender’s not some kid with 4g off weed
    3.Cure for Cancer (it not 100% cure but overtime i belive it can be)
    4.Stop’s dealer’s earning money and makes Governments+countrys earn the money
    5.It is proven to lower crime rate and Boast Sale’s in shop’s
    6.As MP’s dont know Life is HARD for working class and people on benfits it not like we join benfits and think a fak it i happy no ALOT of us want to work and cant and get down about this and weed Helps take the pain away.
    7.Proven fact that it helps Growth of the Brain (Stoner’s are Smart just think of some of the idea’s you had when stoned there Really good some are Weird but lol)
    8.God (if you belive or not) made it and NO MAN/WOMAN have the POWER to tell people that they cant have what is free (even though they trying to do that with water lmao)
    9.Pain Relief cannabis is PROVED to cure pain’s better than pain killer’s
    10. The most important FACT is Hemp OMG it has thousands of use’s that means we not drain land or have to pay Oil Barons money, Hemp can be used as Paper so it saves tree’s which give us Oxygen, Hemp can be used to make Clothe’s which keeps us warm and it can be used for heating (and petrol) and even though there are thousands of things hemp is good for this one is More important than ANY it cost £0 $0 0 what ever money you use to make so why make something that Helps the world illegal?????.

  6. I agree with most comments here, It does have a lot more positives than negatives. I can’t understand why Alcohol is legal when it is 100 times more damaging. Just think of all the people that have died from drinking too much compared to 0 that have smoked too much herb. Impossible to O.D on marijuana, All countries should follow suit for less crime and more stability. Peace

  7. Some of us know the power of this plant.
    What it can do, and what it does, some for good, some for bad.

    I myself live in a country where the current laws are totally way off the charts on this one.
    As a person I benefit from some use, but can´t risk anything using it.

    Please help spread the news about this EU Citizens’ Initiative!!!

    You are not alone, We are not alone.
    We have to get together on this one, for the sake of humankind.
    We need every country to get together, this is bigger than walking down to the shop and get what you want when you get the munchies…

    Please help!!! I beg you!
    We can do this!
    Spread the word!
    Together we stand!
    Let´s unite and bring the news out!

    Vote vote vote!

  8. I use cannabis for my PTSD, and it’s 100 times better than the medikation ón market. My problem is that I need very good weed with a High THC.

  9. Whoever thinks weed doesn’t cute cancer is wrong my freinds great uncle was diagnose with cancer age 30 the doctor said he had 3 years too live he started smoking weed then 20 years later he went back too the doctors and he was clear of cancer and he said too the doctor that he was smoking weed and that was the only way it could have been cured cause he had no treatment or the cancer

  10. It’s time for humanity to grow up and realise and utilise one of natures best medicinal plants! Time to legalise Marijuana all across the world!

  11. I would love to see cannabis made legal in the UK and many other parts of the world,i totally think it is wrong for it to be legal in some countries and illegal in others

  12. i think no i KNOW it should be a way better world and much more control with this legal and then they could accept it as nmedication and stop being so fucking stupid to look after meds for deceases then they got this instead of now go on searching and say theres no cure for many things like kol and cancer and such things and not like now o its so bad o dangerous that kind of bullshit has always pissed me off and i think they should forbidd other things that are legal and let this be free and we all could feel much better ,. they have for to long scared people with stupid lies about this and is about time it stops so hope it will be a change soon for everybody

  13. I suffer from ADHD and anxiety I been smoking weed since I was 16 now 21 I’m a chilled person before I smoked weed I was bouncing off the walls loosing my temper scrapping people but since I’ve been smoking weed its calmed me down a hell of a lot I love weed and I will smoke it for the rest of my life it’s made me a better person ‘Legalise weed you bastard government

  14. As a teacher I felt anxious about even signing this petition… and that’s the problem. It’s a plant for goodness sakes! One that I choose to use in a way that I feel benefits me, yet I could be arrested and jailed for possession/use.

    Let’s not all ignore the bad side of weed though, it can have negative effects on people (laziness/paranoia/becoming socially withdrawn etc.) but so can everything. I stopped drinking as much because I didn’t like the way I acted whilst drunk. Some people become overweight or even diabetic from eating unhealthy foods over sustained periods of time. Many of my friends recognised that they were becoming lethargic or withdrawn from smoking weed, so they did the sensible thing and cut down and/or stopped. Everyone should be given the opportunity to make that decision for themselves.

    I have gained degrees, held down a great social and romantic life, got a wonderful job and have a positive relationship with my family. The only detrimental effect of my using weed is the issue of where my money goes when I buy it. I don’t like funding some illegal group or even just a lazy git who dodges his taxes, but I have no real choice over who gets my money until a sensible solution is put into place.

    The change is coming, it’s bound to. Just how long will it take?

  15. stress relief and a pain killer for a start. It can help your digestive system and also make you eat wen u dote want to or sleep wen U can not. It helps put Your mined at rest .Y iz it that this is ant socially accepted?

  16. We need cannabis in our life’s face it peeps, am a user of smack and I plan to quit with BHO, I did a trile run at the weekend and stopped taking my methodone and just smoked BHO and it worked! No methodone for 4 days! What’s better for u, methodone or cannabis?

  17. Over the passed 120 years there have been about 8 Governmentally Funded Official Commissions on Cannabis, in both the UK (and it’s Empire prior to WW2 and it’s Commonwealth thereafter) and the USA.
    EACH AND EVERY ONE of these Commissions has stated quite clearly that they DO NOT recommend the criminalisation of people for their use of this plant and that no Law should be, or have been, introduced into making it’s use illegal.
    The Royal Commission in the late 19th Century made this clear and every Royal Commission afterwards made this clear and yet every Government since, in the UK and the USA, have deemed it worthy to be placed on the Controlled Substances (note: not listed as a “drug”, but a substance; as no viable life-form can legally be deemed a drug) list, next to opium Poppies (which are freely available to buy at garden centres in the UK and freely allowed to be grown in one’s own garden in the UK).

    The USA Congress was deceived into making this plant illegal by “interested parties” using the slang term “Marihuana” and using anti-Mexican racist remarks and lies about it’s use, to trick Congress into criminalising it; which them spread across the World via their deception, fraud, financial persuasion, intimidation during the Opium debates.

    The current situation with the use of the internet has spread the truth about this plant’s use throughout history and its true usage, as well as all the lies and deceptions against it. Time for the UK Government to stop trying the deceive the public about this plant and return it to its former place of being a non-toxic plant with uses as a production crop (which the UK already does) as a medicine (which the UK already does via GW Pharma) and a recreational aperitif (which the UK used to, but fell for the USA’s lies) and stop criminalising the UK population for growing and using this plant; anymore than the UK Government criminalises people for growing potatoes or tomatoes or making home-made wines and beers.

    I say NO to “regulation and taxation” and YES to freedom to grow and use as you would the tomato or opium poppies or roses or sunflowers, that’s the way it was and should be.

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