Board & Team Members

Our Board members are a diverse group of people from all walks of life who have one thing in common: passion for individual freedom, responsibility, and liberty.

Chris Bovey 

Chris BoveyChris Bovey is a successful Internet entrepreneur who has set up a variety of companies ranging from head shops and cannabis seeds sales to the design and manufacture of Solid State Drives and other computer peripherals. He is also an SEO expert, working with the Internet since 1996.

Chris has always been passionate about individual liberty and the desire for the state to let us get on with our right to pursue peaceful activities without intervention from the authorities. He is also founder of Feed the Birds, a campaign to promote the benefits of hemp seeds.

Chris hopes his wide experience in business will lend benefit to NORML UK helping it to become a successful cannabis campaigning organisation. As well as cannabis activism, Chris is a keen amateur musician who has been playing guitar since he was a young child. He currently lives in Devon, where he was born, with his family of two children and Burmese cat.




Jeff Ditchfield  

Jeff DitchfieldJeff Ditchfield is a world leading expert on cannabis and oil extractions. He is the author of the Medical Cannabis Cookbook and Cannabis Cultivator: A Step-By-Step Guide to Growing Marijuana.

Jeff founded the organisation Bud Buddies in 2002, which supplied cannabis to ill and disabled people free of charge. He operated the Beggars Belief, a cannabis coffee shop in Rhyl, north Wales that, despite being under constant surveillance and subjected to six police raids, became a pivotal part of the local community until 2007, when he was forced to relocate to Spain.

In 2010 Bud Buddies took the decision to assist mainly cancer sufferers and since 2014 they have had to prioritise their scant resources to assisting the parents of seriously ill children, BB are currently helping the parents of 70+ terminally ill kids.

Jo Moss
Jo founded the NORML UK women’s alliance and has worked with NORML UK since its foundation.