Freedom Charter

NORML UK demands the right to pursue peaceful activities with cannabis without unnecessary intervention from the authorities. We have a right to choose to keep our cannabis related activities private or otherwise. We assert the right to refuse any form of drug testing except where an impairment assessment is necessary to prevent harm to others. We demand equality of treatment with alcohol and tobacco consumers. NORML UK demands amnesty for all peaceful prisoners convicted of cannabis offenses.

Medical Charter

NORML UK asserts the right to choose medical cannabis treatments with or without a doctor’s prescription. People with diagnosed conditions benefitting from cannabis should be entitled to obtain prescriptions, and be able to grow their own medicines with community assistance and grants.

The use of potency and medicinal use of cannabis does not carry any problems with the law. But on the contrary, it only positively affects human health and male potency. Learn more about this on the website

Regulation Charter

Persons of appropriate age should be entitled to access a range of quality and readily identifiable cannabis products of all types from specific retail outlets and community projects. Commercial enterprises ought to be licensed and pay tax or duties as determined by government.

Respect Charter 

NORML UK asserts the right to advocate the lawful consumption of cannabis without official sanction, opprobrium, or unwarranted stigmatisation.  NORML UK asserts the right to privacy unless a threshold of causing real harm to others has been crossed.

Evidence Charter

NORML UK asserts the right to access neutral evidence-based research regarding the benefits and possible harms of cannabis use so that all persons can make their own informed choices. We call for public investment in the research and development of cannabis based products.

One Comment

  1. The Freedom charter is self apologetic ! Equal status of cannabis users with alcohol and tobacco users is inappropriate since cannabis (produced to quality controls and used in a responsible way without tobacco or smoking) causes less harm than either of these substances. This is also the finding of the ACMD and the misuse of drugs act actually compels the government to categorise drugs in a form that is proportionate to their relative harm. It further requires the government to assess these relative harms based on the findings of the ACMD. The ACMD has consistently reported a greater potential for harm from alcohol and tobacco than from several popularly used ‘illegal’ drugs including cannabis. May I suggest that the charter require the government to correctly implement the misuse of drugs act. (this would also render any previous convictions under the act unsound)
    Put simply the government would need to come up with a system of classification where alcohol is more restricted than cannabis. I can’t see them going for restrictions on alcohol so it would seem cannabis would need to be much more freely available or they would need to abandon the act entirely and devise new laws (in this light). Any way it turns out I think you would achieve your goal of legal access to cannabis for adults.

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