‘Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids – Policy, Science, and Medical Practice’ Conference 2015: Part 2

International Medical Cannabis Patients Coalition By Deej Sullivan Reporting from the Conference in Prague on behalf of NORML UK. In part one of my write-up of the medical cannabis conference that has taken place this week in Prague I focused on what I saw as a huge difference between attitudes towards cannabis at home and […]

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Malaysia, Marijuana and Mandatory Murder

By Zaid Moosa In today’s article, I will be focusing on one of the most draconian cannabis laws in the world, that of Malaysia. I undertook an interview with one of our NORML UK volunteers who was born and grew up in Malaysia and offered me an insight into the effects the laws have on […]

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Medical Cannabis Patient Survey

A survey by NORML UK Medical Campaign Team to find medical cannabis success stories for use in educational leaflets, on our website and to be used anonymously as anecdotal evidence by people defending cannabis related charges in court. At the end of the survey there are questions designed to seek your permission on how the […]

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Ending the Drug War: A Human Rights Imperative

by Kristin S. AS AN AMERICAN EXPAT, I’m no stranger to the horrors the global war on drugs is wreaking in Latin America. As a Californian in particular, my views on drug prohibition are inevitably framed by the violence plaguing my neighbours to the south. Although the Mexican cartel crisis gets occasional coverage here in […]

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