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Calling all web masters. Do you have a web site and support NORML UK? If so you can help NORML UK get more visitors by linking to us. Since this is a relatively new web site, we will not have such a good position on search engines like Google, however, if we can get our friends and supporters to link to NORML UK then this will greatly help us improve our positions on the search engines.

Here is the link code if you want to put a text link

<p><a href=””>NORML UK: working to reform Britain’s cannabis laws.</a><p>

Or if you would like to use any of the following banners, right click and save the image, if you use an animated gif, make sure you use it at full size or the animation won’t work:



  1. Hi I have been wanting to help norml uk, I like what you are trying to do in the uk, and you have been a huge success in the us, I would like to get involved with norml uk and help legalize cannabis, how do I get involved?

  2. Im looking to write my dissertation on student attitudes towards cannabis, and was wondering if you have any member that are willing to participate in confidential interviews around the Plymouth area.

  3. Hello,
    For the shcool me and my friends have a project. And I need you because we haven’t contact in Amsterdam. ( Xcuz me for my English, I speack just little English)
    We want visited différents institution and fondation where can we can meet people drogs (cannabis or others sudstances) dependents.
    More precilsy we must visited différents countrys (France, Amsterdam, Bruxelles and spanish).
    Me and my friends must ask questions about the drog, the dependence, about the social club, the progress in différents country for assimilate and compare the accompaniment for this people.
    I need you for have contact (Number phone, fondation, social cannabis or social center)
    You think you can help Us?
    Thank you so much..
    Cindy PEUPEU ( I’m 20years, and I live in Lille )

  4. Hi I’m an 18 year old from kings lynn Norfolk uk and want to start a group in kings lynn cuz the weed down here is very poor and was hoping for your help

    • Sorry to hear that brother. Just been done for the same thing. Lucky it was only 2 plants.i found out from my solicitor that for 1 to 9 plants they can caution you or if they charge you they can only give you a fine. That’s if it’s personal use. I find out in February when I go back to police station & see what they do. I hope this helps and the shiva god looks after all us smokers. Good luck brother & fight for our freedom.

  5. What can norml actually do for people who need help after being arrested for cultivation and supply after being informed on and being a supporter of the cause for 25 years
    With out people to put there neck on the line there wouldn’t be a cannabis movement in the uk
    What advice or support can norml give to me?

  6. I’m sorry to say this but I dont find the website very appealing. It may partly be down to having Mr Nices mug scrolling past on the masthead for the last 2 years along with some out of date events. Please, shake it up or switch it off.
    I know it all happens in the instant social media these days, that requires almost permamnent connection or you miss something. I and people I know are not, nor are likely to be on FB or twit,but we are on the internet, we many of us are retired and active and lifetime tokers but we need the website or a better kind of forum for us to meet. I dont see that here.
    I’m sure maintaining a website/forum needs some resources but if you dont want to disenfranchise a section of supporters please at least have a go, and give that nice Mr Marks a rest.

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