Free Rob Cannabis in Reading

By Clark French THE UKCSC (United Kingdom Cannabis Social Club) movement has taken off in the last few months. The Berkshire Cannabis Community leading the way, after two successful meetings we are really excited to be holding our third with legendary cannabis activist Free Rob Cannabis giving his exciting story of his activism over the […]

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Cannabis Treats Schizophrenia.

By Richard Shrubb In an ideal world, on the 20th March 2012 the Daily Mail should have raved CANNABIS TREATS SCHIZOPHRENIA. It didn’t. We know that the Daily Mail believes cannabis is worse than heroin and has no therapeutic benefits whatsoever! On that day a study was published in The Journal of Translational Psychiatry that […]

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Know your cannabis

By Des Humphrey I am not about to tell you all how to suck eggs here, but when I recently asked a number of cannabis consumers if they knew the difference between the types of cannabis that are out there today, 80% of them did not have a clue. Many British cannabis consumers think there […]

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How to read and understand cannabis science

By Richard Shrubb NORML recently posted a link to a blog on Facebook. The blog in question suggested that cannabis can be beneficial to bipolar disorder. On one line of thinking this is very interesting – cannabis is a nice sedative, and I have seen studies that show it can actually be good at treating […]

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