Why I disagree with drug prohibition

By Sanj Chowdhary I’ve not had internet access for a while due to some recent setbacks, and as I live in a tiny Peak District village, accessing a library or carrying out any proper research is difficult to say the least! So it seems for my first ever NORML UK blog entry I am going to have to write […]

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Howard Marks in Ammanford

By Des Humprhey Last night, 15 June 2012, I went to Ammanford to see one of my all-time heroes, Mr Howard Marks aka Mr Nice, an internationally renowned speaker, author, and expert on cannabis who has fully endorsed NORML UK and given his full support. Howard is the author of several books including ‘Mr Nice’, […]

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Cannabis Politics: How Cannabis Can Influence Elections

Cannabis Politics: How Cannabis Can Influence Elections As the Cannabis debate continues across the water in the motherland of modern prohibition, it is openly apparent that politicians who are in favour of cannabis are gaining more votes by the dozen. At a quick glance; Former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson has switched from running […]

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Science v Politicians

By Tina Mendes I’m a Medical cannabis consumer and I would like to know why we are treated like common criminals, rather than patients where is the crime and the victim!! We are victims of an unjust law, how can my Doctor who are specialists, even professors who have given me letters saying I need […]

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Video: When Britain introduced Cannabis Cafes

Many people cannot conceive of having Cannabis cafes or Dutch-style Coffeeshops in British towns. The thing is, back in 2001, a few British towns already saw the advent of cannabis coffeeshops and Cannabusinesspeople, attempting to fulfil the huge demand for cannabis in Britain. This was a result of the declassification of cannabis in Britain from […]

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Video: Medical Cannabis is no Stranger to Great Britain

Cannabis is recognised as a medicine in a number of european countries but mainly in the Netherlands where prescribed by a doctor just like any other prescription drug. Dutch patients who are protected to use cannabis for their illness are allowed – in accordance with the Schengen Agreement – to bring their prescribed herbal cannabis […]

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