Prominent Activist Arrested in Cannabis Raid

Michelle X of the NORML UK Women’s Alliance and her partner Albert Bloom were last night raided and arrested by Thames Valley Police for the production and possession of cannabis.

Their arrest came shortly before the airing of the Channel 5 show ’37 Years on the Dole’, which featured Michelle’s story of her own use of cannabis to treat Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

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We are almost there.

This is the klaxon; we hit the final warning, we’re in the last chance saloon. In less than 24 hours, GrassRoots: The Cannabis Revolution will either be funded through your generous altruism, or the project will have to be shelved. This is all or nothing.

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Radio 4’s Cannabis Awareness Week

By Deej Sullivan The news that Radio 4 was planning a ‘Cannabis Awareness Week’ was met with a great deal of intrigue and even that rarest of things amongst activists – hope – over the past week or so. Sadly that initial, tentative intrigue was replaced almost immediately with a crushing sense of déjà vu […]

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The long and costly arm of the British justice system.

This all started when I was arrested in Portsmouth for possession of a small quantity of a so-called class B drug, namely in Police jargon ‘Herbal cannabis’ at 15:00 on Thursday the 5th April. When the police officer asked me if I had any of the aforementioned substance I handed him my tobacco tin with a couple of grams of the illicit material.

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A Woman´s perspective on weed

Our new contributor for the Women´s Alliance, Charli, looks at just some of the pitfalls and some of the benefits of being a woman and a cannabis consumer in the UK today. A woman`s perspective on weed. By Charli Knights For a woman, it is distressing to think of yourself as vulnerable. It is a […]

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Man evicted for using weed for pain relief

By Richard Shrubb Man given a flat when a hard drug addict. Now being evicted for using  weed for pain relief. 42 year old Seth Skip-Thacker had a £100 a day heroin and crack addiction and lived on the streets when he was housed by his local housing association in 2005. The Basingstoke housing association […]

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NORML UK AGM 2014 Speakers

NORML UK AGM 2014 Weekend line up of speakers from organistions including LEAP UK, FAC in Spain, NORML UK Women´s Alliance and SSDP Ireland. Also information and trailers from upcoming documentaries Bud Buddies: Project Storm, GrassRoots: The Cannabis Revolution, The Culture High and The 41st Shade. Compiled by Jo Martin-Moss During the NORML UK AGM, which […]

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