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The global economy is stalled. There is little argument to be made on that subject. While slow recovery is beginning to peak its head out of the detritus of the banking crisis, there is still endemic unemployment and a marked decline in prosperity across the western world.

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Cannabis Martyr Emery Still Locked Up

Cannabis Martyr Emery Still Locked Up Despite Concluding His Sentence By Simon Doherty Last Thursday NORML UK ran a story about Marc Emery; political prisoner, social commentator, successful writer and publisher. He was due to be released from prison after serving a five year sentence for sending cannabis seeds to the US in order to […]

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Cannabis and Corporations: The Future of Weed

As you may or may not have heard there has recently been a major change in the Canadian Medical Marijuana program. The sitting Conservative government has decided that rather than leave Health Canada to grow low-quality medical cannabis in an old mine in Manitoba, that private industry should be licensed to meet the demand. This is a major change of direction for medical cannabis in Canada, and I believe an indication of the shape of the future cannabis market both medical and recreational.

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