Another drugs report ignored by Cameron

By Des Humphrey Today’s report in the various newspapers is the third UK report in the last 6 months that has been totally ignored and probably not even read by the Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party Mr David Cameron, who at once upon a time consumed cannabis during his privileged days at Eton, but […]

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We will not vote for prohibitionists.

By Chris Bovey NORML UK are not political, we are not a political party; we are a Pressure Group. The whole point of a Pressure Group is to lobby and put pressure on our elected representatives to change the law. We want our laws on cannabis changed; we have already won the arguments, opinion polls […]

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Cannabis Politics: How Cannabis Can Influence Elections

Cannabis Politics: How Cannabis Can Influence Elections As the Cannabis debate continues across the water in the motherland of modern prohibition, it is openly apparent that politicians who are in favour of cannabis are gaining more votes by the dozen. At a quick glance; Former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson has switched from running […]

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