Prominent Activist Arrested in Cannabis Raid

Michelle X of the NORML UK Women’s Alliance and her partner Albert Bloom were last night raided and arrested by Thames Valley Police for the production and possession of cannabis.

Their arrest came shortly before the airing of the Channel 5 show ’37 Years on the Dole’, which featured Michelle’s story of her own use of cannabis to treat Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

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The long and costly arm of the British justice system.

This all started when I was arrested in Portsmouth for possession of a small quantity of a so-called class B drug, namely in Police jargon ‘Herbal cannabis’ at 15:00 on Thursday the 5th April. When the police officer asked me if I had any of the aforementioned substance I handed him my tobacco tin with a couple of grams of the illicit material.

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Activism is Warfare

The great annual 4/20 celebration is over. Congratulations to all the people who stepped out around the globe and joined the chorus of voices that said “Cannabis is okay” for our leaders and oppressors alike to see. Damn fine show people!

You’ve proven once again that the rhetoric about cannabis users being lazy and apathetic, unfit to any unified purpose, is complete bunk. You did a thing en masse, and that took organization and effort.

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