Cannabis helps treat Fibromyalgia

Cannabis used to treat symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia … fibro-what? I hear you cry. One of the wonderful “invisible” illnesses that I have been “blessed” with. I’m just your average 26 year old, but with a few added nasties. I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, an under-active thyroid, mild IBS, moderate depression and have been newly diagnosed with gallstones. Nice little mixture of conditions to deal with.

My usual daily routine consists of waking up in severe pain, popping a hand full of lovely pharmaceuticals and just “getting on with it”. Unfortunately, over a very short space of time, my body has built up a resistance to most pain killers and so they are now rendered useless. The doctor has said the next step for me with regards to relieving pain associated with fibromyalgia is Morphine, which I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot barge-pole!

Fibromyalgia cycle and cannabis.

Fibromyalgia cycle.

On a “bad” day, which seem to occur all too frequently, I’m faced with spinal pain and hip pain which makes it difficult to walk, stiff shoulders and hands (I’m great at dropping things lol), and wonderful “fibro-fog” (where your brain is so frazzled you cannot string a sentence together). On days like these I just feel useless. Basic daily tasks, like dressing yourself, become mammoth chores. I usually find myself just sitting down and feeling ready to give up. Not the best attitude I know, but it’s hard to find positive thoughts when you feel so low.

So today started out just like any other day. I woke up feeling quite stiff, in pain and gearing up for what looked like a “bad” day. I couldn’t just sit down and feel sorry for myself today as I had a meeting to attend, so I soldiered on.

When I finally got in and had sorted myself out I got to the point where I had had enough. My left hip was really painful making walking rather unbearable. On a scale of 1 – 10 where 1 is good and 10 is super severe, I would class it at 7/10. My shoulders were achy and stiff around 4/10 (on a good day they’re only 1/10). The pain in my lower back was up to 5/10 and my hands were really stiff to the point where gripping things was becoming difficult; 6/10.

I decided that enough was enough and that my wonderful pharmaceuticals were not doing what they proclaimed they would do. So, I chose to try the cannabis oil tincture that my partner had procured for me to treat the symptoms of my Fibromyalgia..

I took 5 drops at 3pm when the pain was at it’s highest and decided to keep track of how I was feeling in intervals of 15 minutes. I also thought I would take note of how I was feeling with regards to any possible “high” from the cannabis itself. Now I usually smoke cannabis for pain relief, but my partner has done lots of research into the different ways of taking cannabis and found that apparently ingesting it is supposedly more effective. So I thought I’d give it a go, what’s the worst that could happen! The pain would stay the same!

After 15 minutes I was amazed. My pain had already started to decrease quite dramatically compared to my pharmaceutical alternatives. I didn’t feel “high” as such, just a little spacey, which meant I could still function fully without any problem.

After another 15 minutes (making 3:30pm), my pain had reduced even more and I felt fine. The “spaciness” had worn off and if anything I just felt a little tired, which is nothing unusual for me.

I decided to make the interval a bit longer this time and left it until 4pm before recording anything again. This time the pain was down to a completely manageable level and I was feeling really good.

I topped up again with another 5 drops at 4:30pm and still feel really good. It’s now 7pm and I’m typing this little account with no pain in my hands or shoulders, minimal discomfort in my lower back and manageable pain in my left hip. It’s honestly the best I’ve felt in a long time.

I’m definitely going to keep this trial going, as I’d much prefer taking the cannabis to the pharmaceuticals as there aren’t any nasty side effects, other than the inherent legal issues. It is somewhat ironic how the doctor could legally give me morphine (opiate pharmaceutical) to treat my fibromyalgia, but using a far safer alternative such as cannabis could result in a prison sentence..

Fluoxetine 20mg capsules x30 – Per pack £96, Per year £2304 (two packs per month).

Amitriptyline 10mg tablets x28 – Per pack £86, Per year £1032 (one pack per month).

Tramadol 50mg capsules x30 – Per pack £109, Per year £2616 (two packs per month).

Total yearly cost of £5,952.

This is a personal story from a NORML UK member with fibromyalgia who wishes to remain anonymous.


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  1. I have been doing some research into cannabis oil and what I have read and from the above story, all the info is the same.
    I already take more drugs than the lady in the above story and occasionally morphine and I must say generally i get good pain relief also using paceing… the moment I am not ready to try cannabis oil, I dont smoke cannabis, all my drugs are prescription. I feel that I get excellent support from my doctors and would worrly that ‘when’ my body becomes tollerant of cannabis oil….what would my next step be? I’ll stick with the legal stuff….however well something like cannabis oil works it is still illegal, i wont cross that line.

    • You gain a tolerance to cannabis just like many other things (including pharmaceutical products), this is why it is great that the strength of the oil can be increased/decreased accordingly and is very easy to make. However the tolerance to cannabis dissipates quite well given a short break, as a recreational cannabis user I stop smoking for a week every so often when I notice my usage going up or the effect dulling rather than increasing my intake or the strength. I appreciate that in many medical situations a break may be easier said than done.

      The person in this article above has basically run out of options when it comes to increased relief from pharmaceuticals other than moving onto morphine, which is a very very bad life choice in my opinion. The legal issues are not as damaging as the damage caused by long term use of substances such as morphine, again this is just my opinion of course. “Better to live a short life doing the things you enjoy than having a long life of things you done want to do”, if she can lead a good life now then this must be better than living a long life as a zombie and completely reliant on something like morphine. We dont accept “recreational” morphine users, better known as heroin addicts, so why is it so acceptable for people to be completely reliant on morphine if it is paid for via the NHS? Especially when more effective and safer options are available.

      You can get cannabis legally in the UK providing you can afford it, so if it was something you wanted to try without the legal implications you might want to talk to your GP about Sativex (GW Pharma), you may need to go private as the NHS will not fund it. Sativex is licenced in many countries now, if you are not in the UK however it may be under a different name?

      • I agree with you 100%. I’ve already told my gp that there is no Way that I’ll take morphine! A friend managed to get me a few buds, which I put in my mortar and pessal then added to my redbush & peppermint tea… Medical use of cannabis should be legal, but the morons who run our country will not be convinced /converted!

  2. Really interesting. I have had FMS diagnosed in 1998 and tried many if not all mentioned remedies. Doctors wont even give me Morphine related meds as no good. My pain levels are always 6+ so if something came about to reduse to even 5 would be gd. Watching and listening with interest.

    • The lady in the article above has now been to her GP with this information along with a detailed diary of use and effect.

      The GP has acknowledged the benefit and improvement to her appearance and general well-being. He has suspended all NHS funded treatments and this has all been documented on her official doctors records.

      I would strongly recommend taking a trip to Amsterdam (or Colorado!) to try cannabis in a safe environment (yes the coffee shops are perfectly clean and safe places with friendly staff and customers, you just have to research them first and look for good reviews!) and experience the effect yourself. You dont have to smoke, you can eat it or vaporise it (inhale warm vapor, so no nastiness like tobacco or combustion), or if you are a smoker you may find smoking it perfectly comfortable.

  3. Hi There 🙂

    I am a FMS sufferer and a big fan of natural healing so while Cannabis may be illegal, I think it is Gods gift to us and we should use it (within reason as with everything in life). I was diagnosed in 2006 and managed to get myself to a semi stable state working half days and managing my pain and fatigue but was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and retrenched and the symptoms have returned. I heard via a friend recently that she was using cannabis oil for terminal cancer ( she is now cancer free!) and suggested my friend (also suffering with FMS) and I give it a try. I am a single mom with no income for 2 years and struggling to find work even though I am well educated,the flip side of course is that if I do get work I won’t be able to manage a full day job. Something has to give! I have tried Ayahuasca, which I swear ‘pushed out’ my cancer but feel more comfortable trying something more familiar to me and that I know has never caused a death (neither has Ayahuasca as far as I know). I need to get back to my old healthy lifestyle but need money to do this so I am hoping that once I try the oil it will improve my health, ease my symptoms, and allow me to work again – so in short…I am trying everything in the search for a cure for FMS, regardless of what the law thinks. It is my body, I am suffering and I will do what I feel is right for me and my family; the best thing I could offer my family is a healthy, painfree Me xx

  4. I have R.A Lupus, Depression and good old Fibromyalgia i have been on a wonderful cocktail of meds since 1994 and have been on Morhine type patches for around 5yrs but my body as got used to this cocktail, i am going to see my G.P.tonight and show her this web site and ask if she can help me, i will keep you updated

  5. I did go to my GP in Holland today and she hadn’t heard of Cannabis Oil! However she looked it up and then told me that although Cannabis is an alternative, nothing is yet proven. There aren’t enough trials done yet to prove it really works and the dangers of side effects are still being researched. She told me that Cannabis is difficult to get through your Dutch GP because FM is not one of the ailments on the legal list and you have to prove you are not using it for other than your ailment. However, she did say it was up to me to decide. There are plenty of places in Holland you can get it legally, so I take my own risks and ensure I get the right stuff. She is a very helpful GP (Huisarts) but on this occasion she couldn’t help but has kindly referred me back to a neurologist to confirm from five years ago that I actually do have FM and that my ailments are not something else. I had a trauma and slipped on a bathroom floor about nine years ago. Not long after I started to stiffen up and the pain all over has never left me. So I am left now wondering if Cannabis is the right answer. I can easily buy it in a local Coffee Shop if I wanted to but I think Cannabis oil is probably the better way to go in my personal opinion. To all FM sufferers you are not alone.

  6. Hi All

    On the cannibis oil discussion…I have been taking cannibis oil for a few months now for my Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, unfortunately it has not helped me much other than to calm my nerves/stress and take away my nausea so I have an appetite – nutrition is essentail for healing. I have been told that smoking cannibis does not have the same therapeutic abilities as the oil; I’m guessing the oil is much stronger and refined than smoking it – makes sense. My friend who started taking the oil just before me, but whose symptoms were not as bad as mine, reported pain relief, a lot less stiffness and has weaned herself off all meds. As they say, each person reacts differently so I guess you just have to try and see what works for you.

    Good luck all x

  7. A Good friend has been diagnosed with Fybromyalgia and has been prescribed Tramadol and her mood has changed drastically ! what a horrid medicine! she is a cannabis user allready but only smokes it I had mentioned ingesting it to her but she finds it trippy and doesnt like that effect I did however see on a us site that high thc cannabis when vapourized can be verry effective at relieving the pain of fms so have got a verdamper and shes going to give it a go fingers crossed it works and can get off the crap the NHS wants to shove down her throat.

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