The Advantageous Features Of Cannabis

By Bency George

It is the result of exclusive research performed by horticulturists that we now know about various lucrative plants and their contribution towards society. Some plants have been known for their nutritional value while others have been known for their astounding results in medical science. Practically, a number of plants and their breeds have been in use to the field of medical science since many years. 

One of such categories of plants known for its medical value is cannabis. That’s quite surprising right? Well, that’s true. Cannabis has been identified as an effective herb for medical reasons. Of course, this herb has been widely known for its recreational values, but the research has also proved out that they could be used as an effectual remedies. Though wrapped up with so much of prolific values, cannabis has been regarded as illegal in many regions. However, Sensi Seeds would help in projecting the medicinal values and other benefits of cannabis.

An indoor cannabis growr-oom.

Gardening indoors with cannabis.

Besides, all these factors, this herb is prominently known more as a “weed”, because of its characteristics including toughness and stiffness. The other fact is regarding its amazing stages of growth. A very few people know that cannabis has about two or more types of varieties. Additionally, all of the categories of cannabis can tolerate even the hardest possible climate during its growth.

To be more precise, the features are included in cannabis seeds itself which tends to result in varieties of species. The most commonly known genus of cannabis are Ruderalis, Indica and Sativa. Each of these species though coming from the same family require opposite environments for their development. However they together re-unite for the term “autoflowering” which is again one of their characteristics.

The other major factor associated with cannabis is the “photoperiod” or the light cycle. This is the period which governs the development and reproduction of cannabis. Among all of the listed species, Ruderalis is the strongest herb known to withstand the worst climatic conditions. The herb doesn’t grow to a much height but starts reproduction earlier than its counterparts-Indica and Sativa.  Further Ruderalis can inter breed very conveniently.

The uniqueness of this herb lies in its features of cannabinoid cannabidiol which makes it highly useful for medical purposes. The other advantageous factors of Ruderalis lie in the field of agriculture where it provides a better shield to crops against insects and various diseases. This feature has provided an excellent scope for the farmers to protect their crops and cultivation. Ruderalis can also be mainly found in the areas where the demand of fiber is high.

Sativa is another variety of cannabis which is highly useful for oils, fibers, medicines and other functional purposes. This variety of cannabis stands unique from its counterparts on the basis of its growth. The parts of Sativa can be grown individually as per the use and requirement. In addition, Sativa also constitutes essential nutrient elements, especially for the birds. They grow out to taller herbs when compared with Ruderalis, but at the same time they are slower in terms of reproduction.

When it comes to Indica, they differ from Sativa in terms of the cannabidiol content, i.e., Cannabis Indica has more contents of cannabidiol when compared with Sativa. This makes them more beneficial to be used for the health issues like pain relief, insomnia and anxiolytic. Further they have also been found active in terms of reproduction; however it depends upon the conditions of photoperiod.

The term “Marijuana” redirects to the scene of ash and smoke! People have known cannabis as a major source for recreation. Nevertheless, this is absolutely true but at the same time cannabis has also proved out its lucrative importance for various other fields as well.

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  1. The problem we have in Backward Britain is with the spineless,toothless, wimpish politicians we are blessed with.These are the politicians who do not have the bottle to stand up for medicinal and recreational drug regulation in this country.

    So what is the reason for this? It’s a vote loser,the Daily Muck says its evil, destroys lives,it’s a gateway to being a smack head,you will become mentally ill etc.

    Many of these politicians will in their younger days have used cannabis,or will have witnessed others use it without them dropping down dead as a result of using cannabis.

    Yet their fear of losing votes prevails.However I would suggest their standing,and vote winning capability would considerably improve if they openly support drug law reform. This is especially so with medicinal cannabis.and would thus put them in more acceptable light giving them a far better profile than they currently have.

    It is a disgrace that Backward Britain does not have government scientist, chemist,doctors, (not private company ones like GW Pharma who rip off the NHS charging far more than the black market price for a relatively poor product called sativex) verifying what we already know about the health benefits of cannabis.

    In the meantime cannabis users are persecuted,prosecuted,and demonised – even medicinal users. I do not care whether I use CBD, THC,THCA,CBN etc as long as it stops pain where big Pharma products have failed.

    ‘The Times They Are A Changing’ is a famous song from a person who used cannabis – I don’t think his life has been destroyed by cannabis. So to Backward Britons politicians take heed, the times are changing so get real, and wake up to the rest of the world.

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