London 420 Pro-Cannabis Rally Hyde Park 2014

By Jo Martin-Moss

Do something different this Easter Sunday. Make your way to the London 420 Pro Cannabis Rally in Hyde Park on Sunday 20th April 2014.

The line-up of speakers includes Clark French, Greg De Hoedt and Stuart Harper and together with live music from KSH and the Going Goods you will have the opportunity to talk with like-minded people from all over the world. This event has been organised jointly by members of NORML UK, UK Cannabis Social Clubs and London Cannabis Club.

KSH and the Going Goods

KSH and the Going Goods who will be performing live during the afternoon

Last year saw an estimated over 10,000 people peacefully protesting against the UK cannabis laws, culminating in a peaceful act of combined civil disobedience at 4.20pm, when a huge cloud of blue smoke wafted through the trees and extended half way across the park.

Starting at 12 noon, the meeting place is near the Speaker’s Corner entrance in Hyde Park where members of NORML UK and the UK CSC´s will be manning an information point where people can obtain details about forthcoming pro cannabis events and projects in the UK as well as signing up to either NORML UK or UKCSC. NORML UK will be offering a special event membership signup fee, which will give you a say in how we campaign and keep you up to date with our news.  

Both organisations have commissioned 5,000 paper wristbands, displaying the event details which are available from our information point, and our roaming stewards, who will be wearing high-vis vests.We also suggest that you bring a picnic, something to sit on and a bin bag to place your rubbish in. We ask you to respect the environment and take your rubbish with you.

Don´t forget to make and bring placards bearing your pro-cannabis message, as they are particularly effective in photos and video footage.

Cannabis campaigner and NORML UK Outreach Director and Chair of the UK Cannabis Social Clubs, Greg 'Cure UK' de Hoedt.

Cannabis campaigner Greg de Hoedt at last years London 420 event.

If you are travelling from outside of London be advised that it being a bank holiday weekend not all train services are running to their usual schedules. Some local cannabis clubs are organising coach transport to the event in conjunction with Travelholics who have previously organised 420 trips to The Netherlands with NORML UK and UK CSC. Coaches will make pick- ups in Cardiff, Bristol, Stroud, Gloucester, Cirencester, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Bracknell and Reading. Reserve your seat today, but please note, if not enough seats are sold to cover the cost, then the service will be cancelled and funds returned.The link to the booking page and itinerary is here and tickets start from 25 GBP per person return.

Other cannabis clubs have made their own arrangements for transport so contact the one closest to you for further details. There is also Facebook group where people can post and find details of coach routes and lift shares from around the country. 420 Events UK Transport group .

The organisers from a new campaign called Feed The Birds, which encourages participants to feed hemp seed to wild birds, will also be attending the event to distribute hemp bird food seed to anyone who wants to join in. Bird seed may also be available through your local cannabis club page.

4/20 London Hyde Park

Peaceful protesters at the 2013 cannabis smoke out, London, Hyde Park, April 2013.

Video footage from last years event

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  1. This year there wasn’t really that much of a turn out, unfortunately… I was expecting more, but the weather was a washout. However, if the sun was shining it would have been a completely different story, I’m sure. Still a great event to go to, we go every year. A moment of silence at 4:20pm in the afternoon for the people incarcerated for cannabis related “offences” is always a must! Looking forward to a better turnout with much better weather next year.

    • Hiya,

      we estimated that 7,000 people came, despite the torrential rain – lower than last year, when it was bright and sunny, but we wouldn’t call that a low turnout by any means. 🙂

  2. We need a national hand yourself in day, Refuse cautions,demand a day in court to state our case, this would clog up the prosecution service, they would have to legalize the weed!!

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