Cannabis, legalisation and what it means to you

By Harvey McKinnon

There is no doubting the social, medicinal and economic benefits that will come from the legalisation of medical and recreational cannabis. It could be said that even the prospect of smoking openly without the prospect of intimidation is sufficient benefit in itself.

Already we have seen 21 states in America legalise marijuana for medical use (Maryland being the latest). Washington and Colorado have signed off on recreational use as well, and Uruguay had opted for full legalisation. The UK on the other hand does not even entertain the prospect of partial decriminisation even though the drug Sativex is a cannabis plant extract. Currently available on prescription in the UK, Sativex costs £375 for three 90-dose bottles, which is £125 per bottle, as opposed to $21 in the US. If it were legalised medically, the cost would reduce dramatically as more treatments would be allowed into the country and we could develop better, cheaper alternatives ourselves.

Sativex herbal cannabis tincture.

Recreational legalisation, on the other hand, could bring more than just economic stability, but also the option of open and regulated experimentation on particular seeds and combinations of seeds. Having said that it is also true that there are those whose cannabis use prevents them from making any tangible contribution to society or the state coffers. Often labelled as ‘lazy stoners’ one can understand how their stereotype could be extended to all those who use cannabis.

Along with the legalization of marijuana and cannabis, these states are actively fighting for the use by men of means to improve potency. Learn more about this on this website

Herbal cannabis

Herbal cannabis.

From my own perspective. I’m not going to stop buying, smoking and enjoying bud even if it remains illegal even though there are those who have reservations even though it would benefit their health and ease the burden on the NHS. Again this could be perceived as being prescriptive but that is not my intention. In essence we all need to ask ourselves what it all means to us, what we can do to raise awareness because as cliché as it sounds, it does take an effort from everyone working together in union to do something. Even if it is joining the local cannabis club, reading more articles or just making the people directly around you more aware because helping each other for mutual gains and progression in society can only yield positive results. That is why I wanted to write this article because I was given an opportunity to do something that could make a change, even if it is just to one person, even if it’s just to me. Word of mouth is the key. So anyone reading this, think about how you can take action, whether it is monumental or simple and try and work together to achieve something positive in this country.

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  1. Nice article, prohibition can be to some people like a slow genocide of your hopes and dreams that can hold a tight grip on your lifestyle. It effects the behaviour of the country as a whole and further segregates people of different classes. As a group is one of the only ways that change can be brought around within a larger frame work, in some ways its like chicago the old days thats why we need stick with the program, plus you can always take a break and return at any stage. I heard of this new enterprise which would help the scene in a big way and the englands social scene, corporations have taken over in a big way, but socialability is within the beholder and not to be sold old out to those without your interests at heart for lesser values and financial interests, only to be replaced by the next person as if you were never there to begin with. If we all fund ourselves pass funds to friends/ relatives who have the time and social interest a great range of independant coffeeshops could be opened across the nation as the first stage to getting are morals and livelyhoods in the right places.

    These coffeeshops would be fairly descreet as any other coffeeshops with small details that subliminally convey the meaning of what they are about for example colour, styling, theme and lighting. They would be the beginning of the scene for the movement locally in england, the characters in there would place where you were at and you would just know you are there. Games music and ambience inside without the smoke, perhaps a private members club could also be arranged at the discretion of the owner, but smoking would be left to the tables and chairs outside or a simple stroll would be taken around the block depending on the local climate and a scene would form around this of its own accord, as with the current climate. When there are many independant coffeeshops perhaps more daring liberties could be taken, information and knowledge could also be shared around of upcoming events through literature or sense of character and involvement. Why be selfish with your cash and lifestyle when you could have the slightly lesser model of the latest luxury sportscar or mansion for no lesser of a lifestyle in owning a great stylish upancoming business with tons of character you could not find any where else. Prohibitionists would be left aside with caution to the wind and there would always be new people volunteering to work with or for you in different positions. Just an idea for the moment but fate lies with the individual, why settle for being a ghost with lost ambition growing older for lesser, when the majority of responsibility relies with oneself and not every other member of the public we are not a prohibitionist Borg like people we are bigger and stronger than that.

  2. After reading the blog this was just a more just an inpirational/ visionary comment of the moment, but this would help make a stronger bond between similar minded people and improve the strength of the community in a big way. Just of the top there isn’t many stylish coffeeshops I would want to spend my time in for a long period because of comfort and the common mistrust of other groups in society. It would be great for someone to spend time to put together a website for investors and people with ideas to contribute and submit designs for this type of idea to come together. There has been a few coffeeshops that have opened in the past in England, but as much as it were for the general public, it was also a political statement in itself. It was at a time when the climate had cooled slightly and prohibition was not as strong. The current ways of the ruling parties now are to ignore all factors or discussion and class them all as the same thing. If things were not going my way, rather than commit suicide I would much rather consider turning manchurian candidate on the bigger figures of the central conspiracy, to send a direct message to them, perhaps this would attain everlasting fame and impressionability of the respect the common person deserves for many have gone for alot less, although perhaps a ridiculous misponder at a time when our free ways of thought are restricted in many areas and rationality is required.

    A coffeeshop that is for a group of people, that doesn’t supply, allow or condone the use of anything that puts them at risk, but allows people a chance to be socially who they are may be a good thing, but lots of thought and some stricter measures would be needed to be uphold and respect strongly the ways that would allow it to keep going and I’m sure with the respect of other locals they could make sure behaviour and make sure normality remained good in there, though it would/ may still be very important to be quiet in areas where negative hype could damage the image of the place ect. because of the ignorance and threat of prohibition where necessary. It is not a guarantee that I could make this work for myself so I’m happy to pass the idea around to people who have the interest and means to make it work, faith may be needed, but if you were never to start anything you would never attain anything and so on…

  3. Hey @Barry, please don’t commit suicide, that movie (“The Man Shooterin’ Kennedydead”) was made in late 1962, and by November 1963 it had achieved everything Big 2WackGo and Frank Sinatra could have wanted to to do (consciously or not heh heh)– a US President with a name sounding like Joint Of Cannabis had been gruesomely murdered, the public was terrorized and cannabis was kept illegal another 50 years.

    Concerning the famous and beloved Lee Harvey Oswald, do you remember that the actor who played the assassin in the movie (and shot the bad guy “Johnny” at the end prior to shooting himself) was named Laurence Harvey? (How/why did they choose someone with a name like that?) Marina Oswald said in October 1963 Lee watched (on TV) an assassin movie, “Suddenly” (1954) starring Sinatra who later played the “good guy” in “Manchurian”

    A biography reported that when he was in Minsk in 1959 living in an apartment near the opera house, Lee Harvey’s favorite opera was “The Queen of Spades” by P. I. Tchaikovsky, based on a story by Pushkin about a card-player named Germann (hard G). Lee’s first girl friend (before Marina) was Emma Germann. In “Manchurian” (1962) the technique for activating the assassin was, his phone would ring, someone would say, “How about a game of cards?”– he’d lay some cards down, see the Queen of Diamonds– and the phone would ring a gain and they would tell him who to shoot. There are several more creepy connections of similarities, look it up.

    I’d have to wonder if they are grooming another “Harvey” to shoot someone, start World War III or some other device to head off cannabis legalization. Any “industry” that won’t hesitate to kill 6,000,000 of its own faithful customers every year just to make money would surely do anything it can to prevent cannabis popularizing vaporizers, Flexible Drawtube One-Hitters etc. and killing off the H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide $igarette format (200,000,000 deaths since 1853).

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