Cannabis oil cured my cancer

Cannabinoid concentrated oil in the final stages of evaporation

by Jeff Ditchfield

Cancer free! This is the story (in his own words) of one of our cancer suffering friends

My name’s Dave, it’s not my real name, I’m a 39 year old married family man with an 8 year old boy and twin girls.

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in August 2008, with a tumour the size of an apple. During 2008 and November 2009 I took many conventional therapies.

I had Chemotherapy in tablet form which was combined with Radiotherapy at the same time. As the weeks went by the side effects of the chemotherapy increased and it was hard to take the tablets knowing that they would make me feel worse. The radiotherapy burnt me so badly that my skin blackened and I could no longer walk, my skin looked like the skin on a well cooked crispy duck!

I recovered from these treatments and the tumour reduced to the size of a pea. As it had reduced I could now have a procedure called Pappillion, this was a clinical trial and involved my tumour being zapped by a device which was inserted in my rectum. I endured three sessions and it was very, very painful.

Three months later and my tumour was growing again.

cheap Cialis online along with the use of small doses of cannabis accelerated my cancer cure and improved my potency.

I now suffered another intrusive surgery called a THAMES, this involved them again going up my rectum but this time with a laser scalpel to cut the tumour away, after this operation I was informed that I should have a colostomy operation. After this painful operation I was subjected to more bouts of chemotherapy and after the third I felt as if I was dying and at the time death would have been a welcome release.

Over time I recovered and regular CT scans showed that I was cancer free until one scan showed hotspots on my lungs, three on the left lung and two on the right, I was gutted!

I had the bottom of my left lung removed, a biopsy found that it was bowel cancer that had spread to my lungs. I started to research other treatments for my condition and started to read about Rick Simpson and his cancer curing oil.

It was round this time that I was very lucky to be put in touch with a man who could provide the oil in the UK and I arranged to meet with him, after asking me many questions he gave me a syringe full of oil. Under his guidance I took a small blob and swallowed it.

The first effects could be felt within an hour, I felt the tightness and pain leave my chest and ribs and I could breathe more deeply and easily. I then began to feel a warm sensation and started to feel very stoned.

I took the oil daily in small amounts, four times a day and slowly increased the dose up to a gram a day.

At my next meeting with my Oncologist to discuss my latest scan results he informed me that the tumours on my right lung had reduced, I was lost for words.

My wife asked him if he knew anything about cannabinoids or the endocannabinoid system and neither of us were impressed by his answer or his negative attitude.

My new Guardian Angels again supplied me with another syringe of oil and I continued with the treatment.

The oil also had a very positive effect on my anxiety and I did not feel at all anxious when I was taking it. I also managed to gain the weight I had lost from the chemotherapy, the oil gave me my appetite back and I went from 9 stone to a healthy 12.

Then came the news I’d been praying for , my wife and I attended the appointment with my Oncologist and he commented on how well and healthy I looked, he seemed particulary pleased that I had put some weight on.

After reading through my file he said “the hotspots have reduced further on both sides” we queried him and he answered “ Yes, they’re no longer showing up on the CT scan!” again we sought clarification “Yes I’m sure”.

He showed us the scans on his PC and he started to read out various test results and my wife asked him to speak in plain language, despite this request he continued with the medical jargon and again had to be told to speak plainly.

My wife finally lost patience and asked him bluntly “if there are no hotspots showing anywhere does that mean he no longer has cancer?”, after a moments contemplation he answered “at this moment in time, you are cancer free”

I thought I’d misheard, “Sorry what was that?” My wife could see my confusion and she said “You’re cancer free love” I was in a total head spin! I couldn’t believe it, I was overwhelmed by feelings and I was welling up.

Due to the shock, I just sat there, I couldn’t take it all in and it was up to my wife to ask the Oncologist “Well, what happened?”

“It’s the surgery” the Doctor said. My wife responded saying that the surgery was many months ago and that the operation was on my left lung, there was no operation on the right lung.

My wife is a very determined lady so she kept pressing, “So again, how come he’s now cancer free?, it isn’t down to any surgery”

This Doctor has been against my use of the cannabis oil since I started on it a few months ago and every time I’ve brought the subject up he’s never wanted to discuss it but I was still shocked when he said “ Well in my professional opinion it’s down to surgery”

My wife and I both knew what had got rid of the cancer and it wasn’t surgery but the doctor was making it quite clear that we were at the end of our appointment so we left, my parting words were “Cannabinoids, research them”

The oil has helped me so much, it has saved my life and if that isn’t amazing enough there have been other positive effects. I used to suffer terribly with anxiety and with the oil I am not anxious at all, it’s enabled me to be relaxed in busy public places which is something that doesn’t normally happen.

I’d also say that I feel more ‘balanced’ it’s enabled me to put on weight, I had fantastic pain relief and it solved my insomnia, it’s amazing.

Yet despite all this my Oncologist isn’t interested, I feel totally let down by him and his attitude, he wasn’t pleased or excited by my results and infact he appeared lost and out of his depth. This was also the first time I’d seen him without a Nurse present, it’s never happened before, was he deliberately keeping the Nurse away from what I had to say?

I am going to request copies of my scans and test reults and I’ll give copies to Jeff

I’ve been reading up about the new strains of cannabis that are high in CBD, I’m still learning new things everyday about cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system, it’s a fascinating plant.

The oil I was given was high in THC and 60 grams of this oil cured my lung cancer, I knew the oil was mostly THC because the first few doses felt quite ‘trippy’ with some mild psychedelic moments. I’ve never actually felt a highness like that before just from cannabis, it seemed more like LSD or mushrooms but it was all very positive and I feel that it was an important part of my cure. I don’t want to sound evangelical or too over the top but the highs helped me find the real me and they really lifted my depression.

10 grams of cannabis oil

I also want to thank my wife, who is my rock. She’s seen me sit in every corner of our home crying and now she sees me with the kids, helping around the home, even cut the lawn! It’s time for her now .I would also like to thank you guys for reading and sending me positive vibes, this along with a complete diet change has been a huge factor too!

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    • Yes it is a very good story and there are more and more just like it popping up all the time. Cannabis oil is appears very promising for cancer, MS and seizures

      • Man, you are a huge bummer… And I don’t know if you are a homosexual, or its just the fancy pants British lingo, but you seem like someone that I’m glad I don’t have to regularly interact with. You kind of give off that mad at the cool kids, gay guy vibe. And the only thing more annoying than an arrogant, mr. Know-it-all, is one who talks in that unnecessarily gay voice, and never shuts up. Throw the independently annoying British accent on there, and its just intolerable. But any way, you are at least well read on the subject, which is more than I can credit to most of my fellow non-professional, and foolishly vocal advocates, who’s contributions are more useful to the nay-sayers, than they are to our small minority of patients who truly need cannabis to eat, or otherwise ease legitimate suffering. But the point of the man’s story is that he supplemented hash oil, during the tail end of his cancer treatment, and he is now cancer free. He wasn’t claiming to be a professor of pharmacology conducting a random controlled whatever smarty pants science experiment you keep mentioning…. Just a man with cancer, who used hash oil, and no longer has cancer. That’s it. A possibility, worth investigating. What the hell is wrong with you, and why do you have this much time to waste?

        • You are a real rogue. If you do not believe in his story,you have every right to dissent,but not say something ugly and obnoxious,and then you become real marqueiseendog.

        • It’s a shame when some bucket mouthed uneducated brain washed yank can talk about nothing except gay and homosexuality, perhaps he has something he wants to hide from his friends. The point is this mans cancer has gone so it has been suggested that research is done on something that may well have cured that cancer.
          The Doctors blinkered and pre-judged comments are typical of modern day doctors with there fountain of knowledge but without the skills or bravery to question modern practices and misconceptions so lets be use one of the stupid Americanisms and suggest some doctor somewhere ‘grows a pair’. Look at the results and do the research – common sense.

      • Quote : “In 1928, Sir Alexander Fleming observed that colonies of the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus could be destroyed by the mold Penicillium notatum, proving that there was an antibacterial agent there in principle. This principle later lead to medicines that could kill certain types of disease-causing bacteria inside the body.”

        “At the time, however, the importance of Alexander Fleming’s discovery was not known. Use of penicillin did not begin until the 1940s when Howard Florey and Ernst Chain isolated the active ingredient and developed a powdery form of the medicine.”

        END QUOTE

        • If I was elderly back then I wish I could have known that eating Certain moldy whatevers would help me get better….oh wait, they did, it was common folk knowledge that lead to experimentation.

          Hmmm….deja vu

    • Headline has now been changed from ‘Cannabis can cure cancer’ as some people thought it misleading, the new headline has been chosen by Dave who is the person in this article.

      • Hi there!
        This is a great article. I came across it when I read an article somewhere about how cannabinoids can have a positive effect on cancer.
        My partner’s friend since childhood has been battling with cancer endlessly for many years and now, despite the endless treatments, it seems to be a losing battle.
        Is there anyway I can get in contact with “Dave” please?! It’s desperate times and I’m looking for help!

  1. awesome story, an inspiration to everyone but our goverment,as theyre the ones keeping prohabition up and so theyre stopping this wonder drug from people who would benefit from it??i hope you remain happy & healthy DAVE!!

  2. The headline is close to being very illegal, you are not allows to advertise cures for cancer.

    Furthermore, NORML should represent evidence based policies around medicinal and social use of marijuana. Sadly anecdote is just that. I am very happy for this writer that his cancer is improving and hope that good health continues, but many many factors are at play, and a bunch of stoners running around saying “legalise it, it cures cancer” aint gonna help anything.

    Furthermore the medical community do not ignore such things, check pubmed, there are ongoing studies into cancer for various things – here, i’l start you off.

    • Finally someone with some sence. I am a daily user and have had so many arguements with people over this. Makes cannabis users look like out of touch fools when we make claims like this with no evidence. Yet when the daily mail does the same against cannabis these same people are the first to cry foul.

      • it’s hilarious when ignorance make you feel self-righteous enough to tell those who are already cured that they are wrong…do some research.

        • To be fair, no one ever claimed this didn’t eradicate _his_ cancer, just that we should not be stating that it cures Cancer. The site you linked to points to some interesting studies on lab cultures and mice that show promise with minimizing growth. This is not the same as a cure for cancer.

          I will personally state that I doubt dave’s recovery was one hundred percent down to cannabis oil, but i am not a doctor and do not know enough to comment on the myriad other factors involved.

          One thing that I do know is that to a great extent drug companies are money grubbing bastards who already have licenses to work with cannabis in various formats. If this was as simple as implied, then they would be in on the act. Rest assured, should I have the misfortune to develop a form of cancer, I will be knocking back hemp oil with my fingers crossed like the best of them, I am at least convinced it can do little harm.

          • most of the studies in the peer-reviewed literature, if not all, work with synthetic cannabinoids in isolation. The cannabis plant has many cannabinoids and other compounds which act in synergy. The evidence is becoming overwhelming, and even the journal ‘nature’ published a review article this year (2012) showing the effectiveness of cannabinoids against a variety of cancer types. Cannabinoids are the future of medicine… MARK MY WORDS

          • Cannaboids may have a role to play in the future but it seems you can t realistically have it both ways .It is either a powerful chemotherapeutic agent which is capable of killing cells or it is a harmless intoxicant for recreation purposes. Medicine is looking at the effects – most agents come from plants animals or fungi. But it is simply childish to put weight in a potentially made up story and make outrageous claims

          • Cellular studies are the first stage however lots of agents kill cancer cells . However if all the studies showed only benefits and If all showed the same conclusion one would be concerned about fabrication

          • I know old post but still…murray, not to offend but being blunt: you don’t understand cannabis at all and I don’t have time or space to teach a full semester here but, while the actions are not fully understood the results have been proven. The stuff acts like the public thinks stems cells do.

            All the chemicals identified in marijuana occur naturally in the body. None of them are toxic that is why it is impossible to OD on pot. When you overload the body with all its basic building blocks through hemp oil and a good diet, combined with tons of rest it SEEMS to allows the body to heals its self. That’s why it’s a 70% success rate.

            If the disease is too advanced or one part of the treatment program skipped then the effectiveness goes down dramatically….did I mention I’m a cannabis researching working on CBN identifications.

            Not a single chemical that has been isolated and identified in cannabis has been harmful in anyway…matter of fact it looks like we need all the cbns and cbcs we can get since the primary source in our current diet is green leafy vegetables…same cannabanoids just in pot they are all there in one plant in relatively huge concentrations compared to other plants that usually have one, maybe two and in tiny amounts.

            The endocannabinoidal system is amazing. You should try some reasearch cause your fact are a decade old. Cannabanoids are the future of medicine.
            They are effective, BUT are not medically “efficient”.

            Drug companies and Docs dont like giving unidentified serums to patients, but the desperate skipped the very, very long process of identification, mapping, research, and release to treat themselves with startling results, Stop shitting on peoples, all too often, last hope.

          • yes you’re right there drug companys are money grabbing pricks but the problem you see is you cant patent fauna or flora its just cant be done and cannabis is best used in its unaltered natural forms theres no room for second rate lab made alternatives we as humans should have a choice always whats right for ourselves got a corrupt government .

    • What they have done in the article is very illegal Martin so I doubt being ‘close’ to illegal will bother them too much. Do indeed check pubmed, plenty of evidence there as well that cannabinoids can kill or cure some cancers

  3. Hate to be the one to point this out but people go into remission every day for unknown reasons. There is no evidence to show that cannabis is a cure for cancer. There is evidence to show that it can be used as a tool in the fight but not a cure.

  4. I am going through radition treatments now(hoping 1 week ago was da last one) My doc was saying “there is no use for marijuana in cancer treatments” Funny how even dr’s can be so ignorant.

    • Being ignorant is not defined by saying something you dont agree with. He would be defined as ignorant if there was a wealth of randomised controlled trials of cannabis oil demonstrating its effectiveness at treating “cancers” with an acceptable side effect profile and superiority to other currently accepted treatments and he was unaware of them. As this evidence doesn’t exist this doesn’t make him ignorant. There are a few uses described such as nausea , appetite stimulaton and analgesia but cannabis isn’t terribly effective , has to non users an unacceptable side effect profile and is no better or worse than many other drugs.
      I’m afraid anonymous stories and a delusional man making a video and posting it on Youtube is not generally accepted as more than fantasy. I suspect that extracts may be shown to have chemotherapeutic effects in the future but until they do this is snake oil. Homeopathy has been claimed for years to be effective and an entire industry built around a therapy that was completely ineffective and evidence free – this is exactly the same

      • You sir are ignorant. When there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people touting the claim that this medicine does in fact inhibit the growth and cause the death of cancer from their own experience and a doctor or citizen such as yourself refuses to believe that it is possibly a cure, that is pure ignorance. No mass controlled studies have been done with this oil on curing cancer because it would decimate the pharmaceutical industry that revolves around causing and treating cancer with illegitimate medicines. There are several studies that have been done that show in animal trials that THC and other natural cannabis extracts can stop the growth of tumors, reverse their damage, and increase lifespan. That is a fact. To deny that is the definition of ignorance.

        • People claiming isnt evidence. People claim they have been abducted by aliens – it doesn’t make it legitimate..The entire pharma budget is not made up from chemotherapy – this makes a tiny proportion of the budget – antihypertensives pain killers, cardiac and cholestrol medications – Im sorry it doesnt fit with the commonly held conspiracy theories but there you go. Animal studies have not shown to reverse cancer. One study in mice increased life span. Tumour cell cultures are inhibited by chb. Most studies have shown some promise in a variety of models or cultures but this doesnt equate to smoking a joint cures everything and even the thickest person would realise that, As for this nebulous oil – how much for what weight of person – for how long – and it has no side effects – it kills cells but only bad ones – of every cancer type – regardless how much or how long you take it for ………….really? Try again. And you dare to imply I am ignorant?

          • Obviously you have not been diagnosed with cancer and given 12 months to live. I have, and as such I will try anything. The great doctors can not offer me anything but palliative treatment. If it works, great, and I will be sharing my story, if it doesn’t I have not lost anything.

          • Hi, I too had cancer of the tongue treated by surgery and radiotherapy 18 months ago. Can someone in the Uk help me please.

          • Hi Berta, just wondered have you tried it since you posted last April. I’m also in bad situation and interested in trying it.

          • Hi Berta
            My name is Lorna. I would also try anything if I was in your position hope it has helped you I also think if these people had been told this they would try it to

          • Well done Stuart thats very mature of you. Of course you while demonstrating that I am ignorant can show some .nay….any …..double blinded randomised trials…………single blinded then…………or in fact any clinical trial published anywhere with cannabis oil or extracts being used in a human study……..ANY……….AT ALL………….Im not sure if this a collective cut and paste ” you are ignorant” exercise but perhaps you could prove me wrong rather than just say the same insult over and over .

            One minute there are claims that the US cant do research then poeple are qutonig the “Harvard study from 2007 ” which showed less spread of cancer – NOT CURE – and only good news if you are a test tube or a mouse. How you stretch this to it works in a test tube therefore some bloke on youtube must be resurrecting dying patients. If any of you could honestly just show a little insight or maturity .or even variance it would be good . Insulting people and telling them to fuck off/ die/troll/ignorant/ works for big pharma or “cum down here Ill say it to your face” is hardly compelling evidence. Just makes you appear like a bunch of neanderthals who are swallowed by some imaginary story replicated on the internet and with as much plausibility as if it had been written by J K Rowling…

          • You clearly have not fully read up on cannabinoids role in the brain and immune system and are spouting out dated and bias studies. Take a further read because your copy and paste of old news does not help your case. There are studies as recent as this year. The active compounds in cannabis have amazing effects on health. Once again read current not dated. The world was a very different place 6 years ago.

            PS: Doctors are only allowed to work within strict guide lines in these cases or they loose there jobs… So no doctor will promote cannabis in practice and will always deny because that is what they are trained to do. The fact is the medical world is a huge money maker and like it or not people are incredibly selfish creatures and the higher up you are the higher the need to keep profit flows up … cannabis can not be copyrighted so they are unable to gain control of it….. Why else do you think they have been trying so hard to make synthetic forms for? to remove the high? Of course not.

            Sorry you cant see these things and deem anything outside of your national newspapers as conspiracy, but this is how the world works. Power rules and it will always be

            Also do you really think a bunch of “hippies”
            (or however you define cannabis users)
            are going to spread such a destructive lie? Really?

            Go ahead and keep thinking were all uneducated and unsuccessful liars wile you play on your Iphone
            …. oh wait apple was founded by a pothead
            … and he redefined the tech world as we know it
            … So I guess thats out of the question.
            Well then I guess you could read a classic Stephen King book … no wait errm …. maybe you could be proud of your country … but oh wait your president was a pot smoker…. Hmm guess you could become a millionaire and hang out with the likes of Richard Branson drinking champagne and smoking some…. oh damn thats another problem ….
            hmm maybe you could live in a cave?
            But it seems like you already do so well done

          • This is so full of crap it is difficult to know where to begin

            The Hpuse of lords reprt and the Society of medicine report both within the last five years reviewed all the evidence and clearly stated that there was NO DEFINITIVE ROLE FOR CANNABIS OR CANNABINOIDS AT THE MOMENT.
            There it cant really be much clearer – if there hasd been a study published recently which shows the superior effect of smoked cannabis or cannabis oil in treating a disease IN HUMANS – not a test tube , cell culture or animal model- please refer to it. As far as the rest of the world is concerned there arent any.

            By bias I assume you mean reaches a conclusion which you disagree with – this isnt bias.

            The only thing you are right about is that doctors have to work in strict guidelines . They have to use medicine which has been shown to work or is being trialled as part of a controlled trial. They cant just recommend smoking dried up plants on the basis of ” some bloke on Youtube said it was great”

            I know it might be difficult for an American to suppose that there are other countries with different health care systems ( ie anywhere) where doctors are paid a salary and are unaffected by the range of drugs they prescribe but it is true. So your fantasy that docotrs let people die and presumably themselves in sue course – so presumably they can enjoy the money once their dead. The notion is simply idiotic.

            As is the notion that somethnig from “nature” cant be patented or made a profit from. Presumably you cant patent a gila monsters saliva but they seem to have made a new diabetic drug from it and seem to making a profit. So once again fantasy to fit a conspiracy theory.

            Steve Jobs? Interesting example….if he used cannabis he shouldnt have got cancer in the first place and if he did get it surely he should have used cannabis or cannabis oil and lived? Didnt seem to happen? Was he unaware? Did he not have interent connection? Did he get cancer because he smoked pot?

            You seem to be going back to the childish idea that if you have ever smoked pot then success is banished. Clealry this is not the case. However nor is is harmless or is it chemotherapy in a joint.
            It does increase high school drop out rate, relapses in mental illness, addiction. chronic lung disease, infertility. immunosuppression, structural brain changes , reduction in IQ , accidents. Success can come in spite of drug abuse not because of it. Time to grow up.

          • These so called medicines which has been shown to work is bullshit. Its poison being but into the bodies of people who are already suffering and chances are it will do nothing for them. And the pain meds dont work and risk damaging other organs in the process. People dont need SCIENTIFIC studies to tell them wat is best for them. We all know if a CURE is found it will have a major ripple effect in the Health Industry. Maybe you should sit down with some Cancer patients. You have know idea what they are going through physically or emotionally. The only reason Marijuana was ever outlawed in the first place if you read your history it wasnt because there was no medical use. In fact farmers at one time were mandated to grow it. It was outlawed so that our government could get rid of certain immigrants at that time in our wonderful American history.

          • A little late to the ‘ignorance-party’ here, I know … BUT still, … might I respectfully suggest you at very least read this excellent book, if scientific research/proof is what u require, before … . (Perhaps it’ll prove to be the wedge to that slammed-shut mind u seem so proud/hell-bent to hang on to !?) :

            MARIJUANA – GATEWAY TO HEALTH : How Cannabis Protects Us from Cancer and Alzheimer’s (Clint Werner)

            – And no, one doesn’t get to a cure by merely smoking it & getting high. Just thought I should add, in case there’s any confusion. 😉 …
            (Not that one can’t ‘augment’ if one so desires.)

          • you are ignorant. nuff said. no need to explain to this ignorant biased idiot, he just wants to feel important, don’t fuel his fire. we know it works and we will treat ourselves. I just hope one day he doesn’t come down with Cancer because with beliefs like his, he won’t survive.

          • You’re an idiot. What do you know about anything? You believe the garbage that mainstream whatever tells you. Those that has a vested interest in keeping people sick and stupid. Traditional cancer treatment is a billion dollar a year industry. Hey, for all we know you’re a god damn troll working for those psychopaths. Fuck off asshole.

        • To be absolutely fair ignorance would be defined by someone writing a story that is completely unproven as all the cases of cannabis cures are or claiming that cannabis oil cured them only after having had surgery , chemotherapy and radiotherapy………
          Thats like eating a five course meal , having an after eight mint and then saying it was the mint that completely fulfilled your appetite.
          Now to deny that is ignorance.

          • “Earlier this week the Daily Mail reported that a young US boy’s brain tumour had been “cured” after his father secretly gave him cannabis oil through his feeding tube.

            The bold headline hides a more important truth: the boy was also receiving high-dose chemotherapy, and it is this – rather than the cannabis oil – that is likely to have treated his cancer.”

          • WOW Did you even listen to the video? Dr. William Courtney CLEARLY states the use of chemo and radiation was avoided, allowing the child to also avoid the harmful side effects of such treatment.

          • The US Government has a Patent on Cannabis Oil (Patent 6630507)

            The abstract of the patent states: “Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties, unrelated to NMDA receptor antagonism. This newfound property makes cannabinoids useful in the treatment and prophylaxis of wide variety of oxidation associated diseases such as ischemic, age-related, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. The cannabinoids are found to have particular application as neuroprotectants, for example in limiting neurological damage following ischemic insults such as stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and HIV dementia.”

            The US Gevernment has also supplied a few people cannabis after a court case in the 1970’s. It was established on a defense of necessity. . . .

            Yes we do have the right to cure ourselves.

          • You have to make up your mind. On one hand they are not carrying out research or it is banned because they don’t want to find a cure. Next minute they have a patent. Then the next they can’t patent it as it is a natural substance.
            The basic notion that one substance treats hundreds of different types of cancer without side effect or reccurence is patently stupid.
            If it did why are people still dying then? There is all the talk of suppressing the cure …how can the fact it is being discussed equate with being suppressed? If it is out there then there should be no more deaths …Sure
            Y it is that simple. And the papers should be full of miraculous recoveries …… And there arent which would seem to suggest it doesn’t work….unsurprisilngly

          • And this was filed 15 years ago with a view to developing new treatments ….. So far none as far as I’m aware

          • It cures most bad cancers.Does this help sonny.The US is not going to let people cure their own cancers unless money can be made doing so.Some peoples cancers have returned to many times to reverse it and their bodies can’t rebound.Chemo and radiation are not curatives like cannabis oil is so cancers tend to return from using western medicine.Thankfully other countries are starting to use it for their citizens and in fact Spain has done the reseach with cannabis and found that it does cure most cancers.If you had to wait on the slow ass doctors of the US to do anything 20 million more people would have to die.They arew slow because they want more people to die and they want you to forget about it like electing polical figures to government.They hope you forget why you elected them so they can do the complete opposite.If you travel abroad you will see some countries letting nursing home patients using it and it’s helping greatly with a lot of conditions that these patients have to live with.I can’t see anybody believing what a doctor has to say anyway when they don’t mind taking you money away from you that took a half of a century to save in less than a week on a treatment that doesn’t do anything but put off death for a couple of weeks or if your lucky for five years.

          • “The basic notion that one substance treats hundreds of different types
            of cancer without side effect or reccurence is patently stupid.”

            Why? We have broad spectrum antibiotics that work on dozens of infections. They also use chemo and radio on virtually all cancers. Cannabis compounds have shown benefit on a huge range of cancer cell lines.

          • Nonsense. If you read the story its obvious the boy was very ill and rapidly getting worse until the intervention of his father giving him cannabis extract oil.

          • So basically, before this man posted his story for other cancer sufferers, he was supposed to what? Research it all for years in advance and publish his findings like a scientist for you to take his word for it?! Quite bizarre. This is a known cancer cure. If you want to kill yourself with moneymaking chemo then go for it! The smarter side of the population choose life.

          • Michael, your time will come to have incurable cancer. I think
            we all get there sometime in our life. Hopefully you will be screaming for cannabis when your dr. says ” there is nothing left to do for you”, your cancer is incurable! You are ignorant and stupid because you don’t have any facts and you are arguing about what you know nothing about!

          • The man DID, after all Dx, indeed have a reoccurrence of tumors. And THOSE went away after he began cannabis therapy.

          • You sir are just as stupid as the person who started the argument. You realize the effects of radio therapy do not take weeks or months to work.. it works by basically cooking the tumor and happens within a shorter period of time…

          • On case report in tabloid or alternative publications is not proof.

            There are many cases of spontaneous regression of tumours. The fact that it is commented on by a doctor from the cannabis institute and is not reported anywhere in the medical literature.

            The patient is this story may not exist. He had lots of conventional treatment , for which we have no prove of his existence. He then takes something else and claims a cure.

            It is not difficult. If cannabis oil cured every cancer without failure or remission pop into any hospice and dish some out. When people who are dying get cured people will sit up and take notice.

        • right on the money.If you do the research cabinoids are produced naturally in the body as is in the mariquana plants.CB1 and CB2 are the cabinoids found in the plant as well as the human body.Mothers milk has cabinoids in it to increase the babys desire for food,the munchies so to speak.The effect the oil has on the cancer cells once introduced into the body by ingestion makes them get the munchies and they,the cancer cells, eat each other .This doctors ignorance is what keeps his pay check going.Mariquana was put on this earth by God himself to be used by all man.The government just doesnt want to admit it and then loose there billion dollar pharma contracts.If this doctor is supposed to be so smart then he would know that mariquana is all it is said to be,A WONDER MEDICINE.BIG PHARMA MEANS BIG INDUSTRY AND $$$ ,UNFORTUNATELY PRESCRIPTION DRUGS CAN KILL AND DO KILL MANY PEOPLE PER YEAR.BUT NOT MARIQUANA !!!!!!!!!

      • As far back as 1975, NCI research reported evidence that cannabis induces apoptosis in unhealthy cells who have possibly lived past their ‘shelf life’.
        Your mainstream education has deemed you compartmentalized and out of touch with reality… just like they want.

        • “Researchers first looked at the anticancer properties of cannabinoids back in the 1970s, andmany hundreds of scientific papers looking at cannabinoids and cancer have been published since then.

          But claims that this body of preclinical research is solid “proof” that cannabis or cannabinoids can cure cancer is highly misleading to patients and their families, and builds a false picture of the state of progress in this area.”

          now Research person – do you mean cannabis , cannabinoids or something else..and what do you mean by “unhealthy cells that are past their shelf life” – doestn sound a term a researcher would use to be honest…

          It also looks like cannabinoids can exert effects on cancer cells that don’t involve cannabinoid receptors, although it isn’t yet clear exactly what’s going on there.

          So far, the best results in the lab or animal models have come from using a combination of highly purified THC and cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants that counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC. But researchers have also found positive results using synthetic cannabinoids, such as a molecule called JWH-133.

          It’s not all good news though, as there’s also evidence that cannabinoids may also have undesirable effects on cancer.

          For example, some researchers have found that although high doses of THC can kill cancer cells, they also harm crucial blood vessel cells, although this may help their anti-cancer effect by preventing blood vessels growing into a tumour. And under some circumstances, cannabinoids can actually encourage cancer cells to grow, or have different effects depending on the dosage and levels of cannabinoid receptors present on the cancer cells.

          Others have discovered that activating CB2 receptors may actually interfere with the ability of the immune system to recognise and destroy tumour cells, although some scientists have found that certain synthetic cannabinoids may enhance immune defences against cancer.

          Furthermore, cancer cells can develop resistance to cannabinoids and start growing again, although this can be got round by blocking a certain molecular pathway in the cells known as ALK.

          Combining cannabinoids with other chemotherapy drugs may be a much more effective approach

          And yet more research suggests that combining cannabinoids with other chemotherapy drugs may be a much more effective approach. This idea is supported by lab experiments combining cannabinoids with other drugs including gemcitabine ..

          Now to me this sounds like a fair commentary rather than some imaginary unverifiable story that you choose to belief as fact simply because you want it to. There are NO witnessed supervised cases of primary cancer diagnoses being managed with hemp oil. it is all after or simultaneously with convention treatment and then claim its the oil that is keeping you alive. At some point someone mature enough has to say “-hold on – we dont even know if this man is real or anythnig about him – “

        • Wow! Amazing …… Can I just check though – does this prove cannabis oil cures cancer or does it suggest that it may provide a role for a novel therapy in the future?
          You should look at cannabis , cannabis and cancer by cancer research uk – you know the people who like people to die from cancer and are secretly funded by big pharma…..
          The article covers quite well all of the conspiracy theories and false information on here quite well…

      • I rather enjoy the fact that you, my doctor and 99% of the earths populace is ignorant. So, go ahead, feed the machine, I’m going to sit back and watch as you and the rest of the ignorant, slowly wise up. Good luck!

        • LOL ! I know this is stretching imagination but if you are in the tiny percentage of people maybe – just maybe – you are the ones that are wrong. The only good news is that cannabis smoking is a bit like masturbation . Most people grow out of it by their forties.

          • You sir are what’s known in general terms as a complete and utter cock. In 1974 it was PROVEN that cannabis reduces tumours and prevents cancer from spreading…..but u just go back to believing everything your government tells u.

          • Where????? Which paper proved it? A trial in humand tthat catrgorically proved it? 38 years ago and no one noticed – 0De before your tiny brain can only resort to insults show some proof….i believe what my brain tells me and my eyes read. If this fantasy is proof enough for you then knock yourself out. But either refer to the evidence or shut up.

          • I hope you get cancer, resort to your “modern” treatments and go out in a ball of agony with burnt skin, and no hair. fucking putz.

          • So reduces tumours and stops them from spreading………a bit like radiotherapy….or chemotherapy…….
            And what tumours…… do not that cancer is lots of different diseases….and decreased the spread by how long…
            You seem to be deviating from the collective statement here that cannabis /cannabinoids/ hemp oil doesn’t stop it from spreading – it cures cancer – you should really read the articles……its fascinating…and Im not sure that where all this research comes from the government.I thought it was universities, hosptials, and publications.

          • Michael: chemo & radio work for a while. The damage to healthy cells usually triggers cancers a few years later. Tamoxifen given to women in the early 1990s for breast cancers are known to cause lung cancers, yet, they still went ahead to prescribed it. Likwise, a drug prescribed to stop miscarriages (it didn’t), causes genetic mutations leading to a whole generation of women suffering breast cancer. A long list of similar incidences.

      • Another fanny that works with cruk . How is it when someone comes out and tells of being cured with hemp oil there is somebody who likes to talk about currently acceptable treatments. there is over 100 natural cures for cancer yet the top three treatments in the UK wouldn’t even make it into the top one hundred . The only ignorant bastard here is you open your eyes and do some research yourself . There is over one million registered MMj users in America. there has been hundreds of trials done on hemp alone. Maybe you should look into big pharma corruption and FDA corruption and you will find some real answers. How about endoxan as treatment for cancer its fucking mustard gas but because a doctor tells you to use it its acceptable pull your head out your arse.How many more children are going to die from leukaemia because of ignorance and corruption.

        • John I know this must be hard for you to deal with someone of intelligence but do try.
          “When someone comes out and tells you” – if this is the pathetic level of indoctrination that you need to be brain washed in to equating cannabis with cancer curing then not to put too fine a point on it you are a thick cunt.
          I have done plenty of research – however simply by not regurgitating the standard pot head bingo of “big pharma” “hemp oil” “curing cancer ” or for that matte having a single original thought doesn’t mean that you have any evidence at all.
          100 natural cures for cancer – really – demonstrate any evidence and please dont hide behind anecdote or videos on youtube – this isnt what grown ups call evidence.

          As for children dying of leukaemia – the mortality has fallen from almost 100% four decades ago to less than 15%. I suppose that is just the “big pharma” trying to keep people alive to make more money from them later,

          I am not sure if you know what the defintion of chemotherapy is – medicine to kill cancer cells – that is exactly what cannabis oil is used for- supposedly – that makes it chemotherapy – sorry to burst your highly informed bubble.
          And how much for what cancer – what weight for how long – oh it doesnt matter – just some,,,,,,,,brilliant – and you are a genius if you swallow that.

          • Thank fuck you got something right hemp oil is medicine that cures cancer. maybe you would like to show all of us thick cunts the evidence regarding modern treatments for cancer. oh that’s right all big pharma have to do is prove that there chemicals and poisons can kill cancer cells for forty days. what happens after those forty days I don’t see any evidence supporting that. Medicine when the fuck did poison and dangerous chemicals become medicine. What is that oath doctors have again? Maybe you would like to contact doctor Robert melamede of cannabis science in America. Or maybe go onto pub med. How about the cancer tutor website. To say that the mortality rate in children has fallen from 100 percent to 15 percent in forty years just shows how much of an arsehole you are. How many children where getting leukemia forty years ago? It doesn’t take a genius to work out that you can’t treat cancer with chemicals and poisons that are known carcinogens.Look forward to your reply. Iam off to book a two week break for me and family to Chernobyl just to be on the safe side.

          • There is no evidence that hemp oil cures cancer as there have never been ant randomised controlled blinded trials published to show it does. That is what grown ups called evidence. If you know any that is published in a peer review journal please reference it . Just for your information peer reviewed is not Youtube or a website created by junkies.

            You are quite wrong again regarding drugs – unsurprisingly – you may not be aware but in real life land drugs go through a series of phases – four in fact to demonstrate their efficacy and safety . All cancer trials care coordinated from Geneva so that relatively uncommon cancers can be treated in a rational fashion rather than small. Something is then used called “survival rates” – this is whether people die or not .

            1970 through 1999, the overall decline of 26 percent in mortality from breast cancer

            Until the 1960s childhood leukaemia was incurable. Today more than 80 per cent of children diagnosed with leukaemia can be saved.

            ALL has a better outlook than AML, with the survival rate for ALL now approaching 90 per cent, compared to 64 per cent for AML.

            In the 1940s and 1950s treatment of leukemia was based on single agent chemotherapy. In the 1960s multi-agent chemotherapy began and dramatically increased survivorship

            : Lung Cancer (C33-C34), European Age-Standardised Mortality Rates, UK, 1971-2010

            1971 -106.9

            2010 47.9

            Regarding the incidence of leukaemia

            the incidence rate has increased from about 40 cases per million in the 1960s to 45 per million in the late 1990s.

            So around 500 children annually today – a 12 % increase in the last fifty years.

            Why knowing this makes me as “asshole” Im not quite sure. Are you suggesting that the disease didnt exist previously?

            I have reviewed the cannabis science website and it is terrible .It has four cases of ” apparent cure” – of squamous cell carcinomas – no histology no patient identification just bad pictures saying before and after. It also makes many school boy errors such as not knowing what MRSA stands for and referring to it as a virus. it appeared more of an optimistic investment opportunity……a sort of small ( but stupid) big pharma.

            As for when did poisons become medicines – I believe digoxin was was of the first to be purified from the foxglove in 1796. A small amount has been shown recently to improve hospitalisation in heart failure but it is clearly a poison. Most drugs would be classified as poisons but ( with the exception of your world) as they are carefully regulated to have a controlled effect. Most immunosuppressants can kill but then so would not taking them if the donor organ was rejected. You clearly have no understanding of science, pharmacology or evidence based medicine.

            So as for knowing that you cant treat with agents that are carcinogens this is clearly an utterly stupid statement as this is exactly what happens- there is a risk of secondary cancers but when the risk is or death immediately most people will opt to get treated.
            Even in the imaginary story above the patient had such faith that he had surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy before writing hemp oil cured him.
            If you want to avoid cancer – best thing to do is stop smoking…..might even stop children becoming ill too……….
            There I hope that has been of some education for you.

          • You can say there is not sufficient evidence that cannabis cures cancer, but to say there is no evidence is a lie. There is lots of evidence that shows at the very least a potential to cure cancer and an anti cancer effect of certain types of cancer has been proven outright. I agree that more extensive studies need to be done to prove wether the effects of cannabis constitute an actual cure and what, if not all, cancers are curable with cannabis, but there is evidence and it is the fault of prohibition, and corrupt governments and cancer societies that the “evidence” you demand has not been achieved. The studies to prove once and for all if cannabis cures cancer have not been allowed and that is what we are protesting against. While US government files patents on medical use of cannabis, 6630507, and while UK government allows GW Pharmaceuticals to grow cannabis and make drugs from cannabis oil, the true potential of cannabis remains unproven because the attempts to prove it are forbidden.

          • this is simply not true. There are thousands of research projects across the world using extracts for their anti cancer properties . However translating from cell culture to human efficacy is a significant step . which doesnt exist at the moment

          • sorry but Iv’e seen it work, pot oil that is, clearly visibly working on a 4year old unmovable ear tumour, mine. In 3 months. Ive seen it work 1st hand on other people with external cancers too incl melanomas. But then I’m just an architect & engineer so you are way way ahead of me. So my cognitive skills are probably minimal too and incapable of medical observation, because we have no real eye brain connection you know, but Ive seen what chemo does to people. Medical associates that I know say most oncologists, honest ones with a brain of their own wouldn’t give chemo to their own family. But hey, if you come down, I in 3 these days with big C isn’t it, then chemo will still be waiting to do its thing. But hey you first.

          • Michael: this is cherry picking. There are plenty of articles disputing evidence medicine, effectiveness or lack of, chemo and most meds…I will gladly post my references at a latter date.

            Its simply not true that we are living longer, healthier lives. High mortality rates a hundred years ago is attributed to poor sanitation, hygiene and malnutrition.

            People are dying younger in the West, chronic illness and disablity is rising, the USA highest infant mortality rate in the world, and Cuba the second, both have intensive vaccination programs. It is predicted that the younger generation will have shorter life span, and this is noted with baby boomers and generation X

            There is plenty of plenty of published articles in peer reviewed journals by respected institutions.

            The generation born between the first and the second world wars, were healthier and had long life span. Vaccines and medications and environmental such as electropollution, pesticides & GMO, pollution are the main factors.

            An interesting study that was replicated in 5 Western countries show 6 out of ten hospitalized patients dying of iatrogenic causes, medications being the main culprit.

            A recent article in the BMJ show over 40% of diagnosis of A & E patients deaths were misdiagnosed. It could be higher than 40%…

          • People are not dying quicker. This is false. Vaccines prevent death and disease. Predicted to have shorter lives because of vaccines? Wasnt the earth predicted to end llots of times? The vaccine debate is the last refuge of the terminally stupid. Int he UK in 1970 there were 500,000 cases of measles and over 100 deaths, Pre Wakefield fake study there were less than 50 cases and no deaths. Which study are you refering to where peopel died.?
            All you do is demonstrate you have no understanding of disease processes or epidemiology.

          • Just a few things you forgot to mention regarding “survival rates” if children receiving treatment for leukemia die from secondary cancers due to the treatment given to them, then it’s still classed as being cured from leukemia. And if any cancer patient dies after 5 years its still a success.And you also mention breast cancer, early screening has proved to do more harm to 4 out of 5 women but you still get the bull shitters telling you it’s the best thing. Really?. And I believe there is enough evidence to prove that any doctor giving chemo to pancreatic cancer patients should not only be struck off but should be up on a murder charge.Lancet reports suggest that chemo will actually kill the patient four times faster.

          • you should really educate youself before you spout off at the mouth little boy!! Oh I am soory you beleave in the man behind the curtain!! stupid ignorant bastard!!

          • haha! Precisely. Poisons kill. Period. It’s a fifty fifty toss up between whether they kill you first or the cancer. Not a chance I’ll be taking if I ever get cancer. Cannabis oil everytime!

          • George hardly contributing to the debate. it seems enough to insult anyone who provides a rational thought process that perhaps this story is fake, Show one person documented anywhere in the media – not home made videos on youtube – who has had no other therapy and survived. If its that good shouldnt be too hard to prove.

          • Does anyone know how you can get this oil in the UK? My aunty has got 3 different types of cancer and doctors have given her months to live, she’s only 55 and after watching the Rick Simpson documentary I want her to give it a shot. The chemo and radio sure aren’t working, they are just making her worse.

            If anyone knows PLEASE help.

        • No – this article is rehashed ( no pun intended ) unproven and completely unverifiable – but if it says what you sheep want it to then its obviously good enough – let the man come on television or publish his scans – shouldnt be too hard.
          Dont assume that because someone is intelligent they must work for SPECTR .or ” big pharma” as you like to call it

        • Of course not knowing about the costs of drugs is always good . NHS budget £120 billion. Drugs – £18 billion- 70% in primary care . That leaves about £5-6 billion for all hospital drugs. Oncology takes about 5% of the budget – for all treatment. So chemotherapy costs around £200 million or so .
          The cost of illegal drug abuse in the NHS around £10 billion with alcohol costing around £20 billion . 16,000 people receiving treatment for cannabis addiction@ £40,000 each is a bit over £500 million.
          So of course it’s patently obvious that ” curing” cancer with cannabis oil would mean the end of the drug industry.

          • “16,000 people receiving treatment for cannabis addiction@ £40,000 each is a bit over £500 million”

            I could ask for a reference but one isn’t required since your figures are clearly pulled out of thin air. Opiate (heroin, etc.) dependant people cost £4,000 per person per year to treat – opiate replacement drugs – methadone, buprenorphine, etc. – cost money. Now, first point: there are no replacement drugs to give a cannabis dependant person in treatment. Second point: cannabis dependant people will get a maximum of 12 weeks treatment (12 sessions) and will not be in treatment for a year. Third point: it costs £40,000 to send someone to prison for a year, so you can see why I think you are talking nonsense if you claim it costs the same to treat a cannabis dependant person.

          • It rather depends where you want to charge. Murdering someone isnt expensive but “costs” society about £1.2 million,. Addaction, which supports 26,000 people, used Home Office and NHS data to compile its statistics. This has presumably calculated loss of earning, medical treatment , crime, and convictions and hospitalisations. Patients can be hospitalised after cannabis use – cannabis related psychiatric admissions increased four fold in England following the reclassification a few years ago.

            There are approximately 200,000 heroin addicts being treated with methadone. The cost- Methadone costs £750 million. Benefits £1.4 billion Childcare costs £1.8 billion. This is before loss of earning, medical care and crime are added. The fact that they are usually classed as “disabled” and economically non viable means that the very same people who decry the “nanny state” then wish to have all their needs, accommodation medical and childcare provided by someone else. The es

            Addaction chief executive Deborah Cameron said: ‘Illegal drug use is costing the UK taxpayer £16.4billion a year, which is more than one-and-a-half times the cost of the Olympic Games in 2012.

            Treatment of drug addiction does not necessarily require the introduction of a substitute drug.

            |Treatment is not limited to 12 weeks

            “Number of adults effectively engaged in treatment for 12 weeks or more, or if leaving treatment before 12 weeks did so free of dependency…” National Treatment Agency” – treatment is to come off drugs – hardly any point doing ti with arbritary time limits.

            this seems to be muddying the waters a little – it is supposed to be non addictive , harmless and yet powerful chemotherapy / therapeutics which is entirely free from side effects and cures virtually everything .including that one disease called “cancer” – surely it cant be all?

          • You seem to be confusing statistics for OCU’s (Opiate, Crack Users), formerly referred to as PDU’s (problematic drug users) with other drug users. Opiate users do not have time limited treatment (although this is changing due to PBR, etc.), but other drug dependant people categorically do have time limited treatment. Even a dual-diagnosis dependant crack user will get a maximum of 12 weeks treatment. Some treatment providers, or services, will be somewhat flexible, but time limited it is. But don’t take my word for it – do a mystery shopper with your local service provider – call them tell them you are a daily dependant crack user, what treatment options are there for you. Get back to me.

            Furthermore – you make a link with drug dependancy and crime that is questionably causal. Please see the following:

            Picking up on your comment about “cannabis related psychiatric admissions” – I fail to see your point considering the following peer-reviewed research:
            Studies that claimed schizophrenia cast in doubt (Sept. 2009):

            Minimal Link Between Psychosis and Marijuana (Oct. 2009):

            Cannabis-induced schizophrenia is merely schizophrenia (Nov. 2008)

            Roger Pertwee, leading British pharmacologist, says cannabis is not a threat to the general population in regard to schizophrenia. Only those with existing risk factors are at risk.

            So, looking at the above – it seems to me, based on the evidence, that these “cannabis related psychiatric admissions” you mention will have been admissions at some point whether cannabis was implicated or not.

            Lastly, “it is supposed to be non addictive , harmless and yet powerful chemotherapy / therapeutics which is entirely free from side effects and cures virtually everything .including that one disease called “cancer” – surely it cant be all?”

            Only a naive person would consider cannabis non-addictive and harmless. Obviously it has the potential to be dependance forming and harmful (like too much exercise or food addiction), however, its risk profile is really low. So low that a person is at more risk from the consequences of prohibition (employment and education) than from cannabis itself.

          • “so low that they are more at risk of “prohibition” – what a lot of utter shit…this is simply making up crap to justify your argument.

          • And where have you copied and pasted this from now?! My gosh – you really have no idea what you are discussing here.

          • i think you, sir need to do some research, if you truly had done as much research as you say, you would know that there is no way you can eb chemically addicted to cannabis, it’s simply not possible, i doesn’t work on the ‘reward’ system of the brain like most other drugs. i agree that you can become addicted to the effects, but to be honest, this would not be a serious addiction and definitely would not cost £40,000 a year to combat. people ‘addicted’ to cannabis are probably just reluctant to stop because they enjoy it, it’s similar to someone saying- “stop drinking it’s bad for you, here, we’ll spend 40,000 a year curing you, stop drinking” when to be honest, you’re perfectly happy drinking and have no real interest in stopping.

          • by the way thicko cannabis is not physically addictive so how can over 16,000 ppl be receiving treatment for it???? why dont u go copy and past ur research elsewhere

          • You, sir, are a fucking retard! Cannabis is not physically addictive at all, I have been an on and off smoke of cannabis for recreational purposes for years now. Every time I am required to stop for a change of job, I stop just like that and never even think of it. So that means there are no physical addictive properties of it at all! Do some research and if you still struggle, do your OWN EXPERIMENTATION and then get a shock when your eyes open to the real world. You want to believe all the ‘elites’ bullshit propaganda then be my guest, you are the sheep… Baaah… Move along your clogging the internet!

          • Steven I stand completely corrected _ I was in fact unaware that if you personally took cannabis on and off for years and were not physically addicted to it then of course how silly of me – it must be impossible for ANYONE be physically addicted. Im so glad informed educated people like yourself are there to correct common misunderstandings. Why just the other day I took penicillin without harm – yet my brother who claims to have anaphylaxis to it – I shall inform him forthwith that since I have taken it without incident he is but a big jessie and should proceed without haste to consume the aforementioned product from mother nature for which there wll no commercial market as ” big pharm ” will be unable to patent and its future will be null and no harm shall befall him as Sir Steven said it was so.

            I shall forever be in your debt.

          • After watching both my father and step mom fight cancer under the care of the best dr’s accessible to anyone, my step-mom passed away and traditional treatment stopped working for my dad. After much research and family discussions, we started my father on cannibis oil four days ago. If he gets “physically addicted” (as Michael claims can happen) to feeling calmer and having an appetite; that in itself is a success. If he has the results of the author of this story, he will live to meet his first grandchild. Either way, hope has reenergized him and the side effects aren’t nearly as devastating as the chemo and trial drugs. Michael, I hope you’re never in our shoes but, if you are, you’ll find that this community will forget your comments and help you secure what you need. Peace.

          • I stated correctly that cannabis is physically addictive. That is not in question. Whether someone receiving palliative care develops an addiction is irrelevant.

            Cancer is a terrible illness and curing it makes people feel pretty ill. Often chemo is to reduce symptoms or increase the remaining time and that is generally explained and accepted.

            However this story is a fantasy. It has no basis is reality.
            If it makes you or your family feel better then thats great. However peddling this kind of Harry Potter crap without any evidence rather than an anonymous re printed story is just idiotic.

            Im sorry to disappoint but use your brain for a minute. Who is he ? Where is he? Where is the proof? If it works why didnt Steve Jobs use it? Why does anyone die? Surely one case would be made obvious in the public domain?? virtually every patient in “Run for the cure” had tradition treatment.

            Im afraid patronising hippy crap sentiments dont turn this into ” what a bad man hiding a cure for disease”

          • there ar ediffernet types of addiction thicko that is why people get treatment for addiction.not difficult

          • This idiot is a shill. He hasn’t done a single shred of research, he probably works for a PR firm. Of course there is proof that cannabis cures cancer, Murray, like all shills, will just state the opposite and when proof is presented he’ll say, that’s not conclusive or not youtube videos or something else stupid. You can’t win with these idiots. This moron believes what he sees on TV and maybe reads mainstream scientific articles that are scewed to the interests on billion dollar multinationals. He knows that, he just loves to see people with diseases suffer. Why? Because he’s a psychopath, Just like all the opulent sociopaths and psychopaths oblivious to the objective truth. Or refusing to align themselves with it. It’s sad. These people need our pity and need serious help.

      • Clinical research shows morphone depresses the immune system while Tramadol does not (and is not addictive). Published facts not entering practice suggests the health care industry has systemic faults. There is ample support for clear thinking people to recognize both the ineffective practice of cancer therapy AND the efficacy of marijuana. To deny either means you either feed at the trough of complacency or are on the dole of insurance companies complicit in this mess.

      • Thank you for this display of your ill-informed prejudice, Michael. But actually we’re mostly here to try to research what Big Pharma and its captive medical system don’t want us to know. So could you take your prejudices somewhere else, please. Thanks.

        • PS: Or now is it just ignorant prejudice and bloody-minded trollery? Or something more sinister?

          Folks, did you hear yet about those fly-by-night operations which are paid to hunt down websites like this one, and then use cynical paid-to-whore writers to flood them with the sort of confusing, adversarial, superficially ‘reasonable’ and ‘well-informed’ babble such as this script that’s being fed to us by ‘Michael Murray’?

          Naturally, these dismisinformation outfits hire themselves out to anyone who has the money and the inclination to pay, and work for them, no matter how morally heinous the work may be.

          When you look, for just one example, at the constant persecution and harassment suffered by Stanislaw Burzynski and his — highly effective and side-effect free — antineoplaston treatments, all very well documented, you wouldn’t be too surprised to find someone like ‘Michael’ bullshitting and sneering here would you. If the Big Pharma capi and their pocket politicians will do stuff like that marathon persecution in defence of their almighty profits, then why not hire the dismisinformation outfits too? The BPh capi are after all some of the biggest gangsters around in our time — in the literal, lying-cheating-thieving-murdering sense of that word .

          On another website where I input a good deal, I’ve developed a method for dealing with these despicable small-time paid, prostitute shysters. It’s called DR. DADE, which stands for: ‘Don’t Read. Don’t Answer. Don’t Engage.’ Do this, with strict self-discipline, and you defend yourself effectively from the doubt and confusion which they’re paid to disseminate. Just identify people like ‘Michael’ by an initial sampling of his input, and once you feel you have his measure, simply pass over everything posted by him unread. Also, don’t get involved in the arguments which other people my be giving him. The dismisinformation artists love that sort of energy-wasting. Total cut-off is the necessary intellectual self-defence. Also, you can do as I’m doing in this post, and explain to other, possibly still-bamboozled readers about the need for DR. DADE.

          Apart from that, all you have to do is to starve the trolls of attention. Which is what I shall be doing from here on with ‘Michael’ and his trollery. Whether he’s doing paid whoring, or is just a compulsive narcissistic prejudice defender, he’s wrong. ‘Byeee for good Mike!

          Of course, none of the above is to say that you shouldn’t keep your mind open, and your wits on high alert for anything that has the smallest taste of crazy moonshine or profiteering snake-oil selling. Investigate EVERYTHING with an open mind. But bin the stuff which can live up to its promises, of course, wherever it comes from. Always remember that, in amongst all the dreck, there are plenty of nuggets of pure gold to be found, with careful, sober sifting.

          Now then, back to the serious alternative cancer-cure research….

          • and they say cannabis doesnt make you paranoid. If there is ever a job advertised paying a six figure salary to post on a website once a week do let me know as it sounds great.

            All you gutless morons have to invent reasons for opposing intelligent comment

            ” Big pharma” ….”disinformation agents”…..SPECTR”.. …….I mean grow up – do you seriously think that a tiny organization for wannabe pro pot campaigners has any influence on grown ups?

            and there is no “alternative ” cure – it either cures it or it doesnt- it is just amusing that everyone here is a part time oncologist

      • Michael: there is plenty of evidence that medications do not work. Pharmaceuticals offer zero cure!! Fraudulent research, suppressed iinformation concerning long term damage to mitochondra, by ALL medications leading to damage endothelial cells=inflammation=disease. Even though there may not be side effects, long term and secondary damage developing as diabetes, cardiac electric dysfunction, thyroid function, and other systems. Top of the lists are: psychotropics, anti inflammatories, statins and antibiotics. There is ample information in pharmaco journals concerning damage to DNA. Any medication that is ingested attaches to DNA adducts.

      • Wow, do you work for the pharmaceutical/medical industry or are you just spewing uninformed drivel all over this forum? I bet you do, or a PR firm?

        You say there is no medical science that indicates that Cannabinoids are effective in killing Cancer? I could spend 5 seconds on Google (“Granny Storm Crow”) and find hundreds of published scientific studies proving it has very promising results and actually works in vitro and in vivo!, not taking into account the anecdotal evidence which is now everywhere.

        Now, as you have posted in previous topics relating to possible alternative treatments other than the pharmaceutical industry; and talked about why it pissed you off!

        It pisses you off because your psuedo-intellectual mindset won’t let you take the blinkers either you or your industry (if medical) have glued to your face, and if you did have the balls or intelligence to open your mind and do some research then you would have to actually retrain in an honest profession or admit you were a self righteous know it all that did NO research. You refer to CHB, I can only assume you are referring to CBD and CHB does not exist in the cannabinoid profile. You then go on about dosages vs body weight, you really are grasping at straws to paint a negative picture, all sure signs you are invested in the current system which does not cure cancer. Keep telling everyone else to do some research eh? pass the buck, but while you are doing that, keep making it abundantly clear that you haven’t done any yourself. CHB! begone shill!

        • By “spewing drivel” you mean possibly suggesting that smoking cannabis is not the same as inhaling chemotherapy? And no i am really tired of intelligent non addicted posting being dismissed as working for “big pharma”

          The juvenile notion that all doctors governments , NGO research facilities universities and anyone remotely with a brain are all part on a single conspiracy is tiring at best and pathetic at worst.

          In vivo studies? Really? would you care to reference them as the only one I am aware of in the actual management of cancer was the study in Madrid with the direct infusion of cannabinoids directly into the brain for tumours – all the (10 or so) patients died. As for googling and getting lots of hits showing its “promise” – if you google anti alien abduction helmets you get millions of hits – doesnt make it real. Doctors are happy to use anything if it helps – but you regurgitate the same tosh – there is no money to be made, cover up , conspiracy,run from the cure etc etc……..

          The latest work shows the effect of aspirin on cancer prevention as a result of sub analyisis on heart attack prevention. As for “natural so no money” this is guff as well – Gila monsters saliva is natural but they still manage to make the new diabetic treatment out of it.

          But sadly I would doubt this reply will even be published as you are frightened of intelligent debate

          • The point is in vivo studies can show that arsenic is a useful effective agent against cancer cell cultures…………however in the real world it would be less effective. The point is a lot of these nonsense stories just say a “spoonful of medicine” – doesnt matter for how long , what type of tumor…. and so normal people seem to smell a rat that on one hand it is powerful cancer specific chemotherapy and on the other ” its better than booze – look how many people die from that”
            and in the real world – not a shred of evidence……………

      • You are apparently unaware of the 2007 Harvard report. Do look it up, and the other ongoing research available.

        We run entire countries on correlation outcomes to science. One does not have to prove unequivocally that something works if indeed we see enough anecdotal evidence.

        And in the last thousands years or so we have plenty, as well as a zero death rate related to the material.

      • I take it that you personally tested it and it didn’t cure your cancer?
        Exactly, Ignorant is speaking to that of which all your info is biased based bull crap and IGNORING facts thus making you IGNORANT.

      • they have chemotheraputic effects hey you show me anyone who has been on oil that show symptoms of chemo type effects you are delusional chemo effects eg contsant vommiting the will to eat stomach cramps ect . open your eyes you fuckin robot and do more research.

  5. That Dr, probably understands about the harmlessness and benefits of Cannabis he is just too afraid to speak out against those who are standing above him.
    “The intellectual tradition has always been one of servility to power…” – Noam Chomsky

    I’m really happy you got through this.

  6. I’m glad you changed that headline, the previous claim that cannabis
    cures cancer was irresponsible. You should remember that cancer is a desperate illness to have and you may stand accused of selling snake oil to desperate people.

    To be acceptable the present headline should be in
    quotes as it still mis-represents the situation. As it stands it’s still a factual claim of a cure for cancer, written as a statement of fact. Please change it to Cannabis oil “cured my cancer”.

    I note he was taking 1g of hash oil a day, Interestingly he claims to have simply swallowed “blobs” and I question the effectiveness of this form of administration. Cannabis oil is not water soluable, therefore simply swallowing a blob is going to be a very inefficient way to absorb THC etc into the bloodstream, most, I suspect, would simply pass through his digestive system untouched.

    Sorry, much as I want to believe this story, it falls far short of being a rigorous demonstration of anything.

    • As if your opinion on the headline or indeed anything else actually counts for anything Derek. What is or not acceptable to you really is immaterial as well.

      Also, your lack of knowledge on cannabis pharmacology is totally astonishing but not surprising considering the company you keep

      • Hi Jeff

        statement on the headline is not an opinion. The headline “Cannabis oil cured my cancer” is a statement,
        putting quotes as I suggests around the “cured my cancer” makes it a attributable to the person and
        therefore acceptable. If you don’t understand why ask someone who knows a
        little about written English.

        As for my knowledge of cannabis,
        I am correct in stating hash oil is not water soluble. Simply swallowing a blob of
        oil directly into the aqueous environment of the gut is a dubious way of
        administering the drug. You should know that.

          • Jeff, I’m afraid it is you showing ignorance here, both in terms of cannabis chemistry and written English.

            You are – or should be given your background – arware of the fact that if you want to get really stoned on hash cakes (which means absorbing the cannabis compounds into the blood – which is what you are trying to do) – you have to dissolve the cannabis into some medium to enable the gut to digest it so that the cannabis compounds can pass into the blood.

            Simply swallowing a blob of oil will work to an extent, but much of the oil will be simply passed through the gut and excreted. It is highly ineffeicient and therefore a dubious way to administer.

            Anyone wishing to use cannabis as a treatment should first prepare the oil into some form of hashcake – simply melt some chocolate and dissolve it it will do. Then they will get a high dose of THC etc.which is needed to treat the cancer.

            This is why SATIVEX comes in a solution of alcohol, which makes it water soluable.

          • Where in the article does it say anything about hash oil? and what is your definition of hash oil Derek?

          • @jeff ditfield – not sure why this question is now appearing out of sequence, I gave my reply above – here it is again:

            @Jeff Ditchfeild: Hash oil is the active ingredients of the cannabis
            plant, derived from the resin (ie hash) produced by the plant. You
            describe it simply as “oil”, fair enough, we both know the nature of the
            sticky brown goo you are describing.

            Oils are not water based, nor are they water soluable. You seem to be
            describing the same product as SATIVEX in essence, albeit with a
            different THC/CBD profile and not dissolved into water soluable

            To be fair, I think the onus is on you to demonstrate how effective
            your “delivery system” is. If this guy is simply swallowing oil a large
            proportion of it will not reach his bloodstream.

            Jeff, I applaud your support for this direct action, but the advice to simply swallow the oil is clealy flawed. So much so it has undermined the claims you are making and that’s a real pity. Hells teeth man, you know how to make hash cakes and you know why you have to prepare the cannabis in that way.

          • Derek you obviously know nothing about the oil or it’s pharmacology, if you did you would realise how stupid and ignorant your ill informed comments make you look.

            Why not go to Rick Simpson’s site and tell him how wrong he is? lol

          • Jeff – as you’re resorting to insults it’s clear you simply can’t explain yourself. It is a fact that THC et al are not soluable in water, a fact you seem unable or unwilling to address yet should be fully aware of. It is, I’m afraid, yourself who is showing his ignorance – and I might add – arrogance.

            Please, explain how you think simply swallowing a blob of oil is going to get an efficient dose of THC et al into the person’s blood flow. Come on, tell us how the process works, if you can.

            It’s almost as if you’ve set this up to fail, deliberatly.

          • I wasn’t insulting you Derek I was merely stating the fact that you are obviously ignorant about cannabis pharmacology, I will reiterate, this is not an insult merely a statement of fact

            You really should educate yourself and watching Rick’s video’s will be a good place for you to start


          • Jeff, I am familiar with the nature of the chemicals in cannabis and the fact that they are not water soluable (ie they are non-polar liquids) is not in question. Please do not question my knowldge of cannabis compounds on this issue, it’s very basic and simple chemistry. Do a quick google search and you will see I am right.

            This fact, Jeff, means oral administration of blobs of oil is a highly ineffective way to do it because the digestive system is an aquous environment and therefore will not dissolve the THC etc. If that doesn’t happen, the goodies can’t pass into the blood and so will be largely wasted.

            Now unless you can tell me how it’s supposed to work, which you haven’t done so far, the only conclusion is you didn’t think it through properly and you are now refusing to admit there is an issue here for whatever reason.

            The reason I’m being insistant on this is that you of all people – given your experience of cannabis over a long time – should be well aware of how to prepare cannabis for ingestion. This is medical use, but the rules are the same as for making hash cakes to get stoned with; the aim is to get the THC etc into the blood stream in both cases and to do that you need a medium to dissolve the non-polar oils which can then be digested.

            Get Dave to add a little oil blob to some molten chocolate and see what happens…

          • Cannabinoids are aromatic compounds containing a monoterpene moiety derived from isoprene units, they are for sure broken down by enzymes in the digestive system. olive oil is not water soluble, nor butter, but people still get fat from eating too much… the digestive system does not work by a simple process of absorption that you are implying… ever hear of lipase??

            lipase in breakdown of isoprene

            the journal ‘Nature” review of cannabinoids in the treatment of cancers

          • My dad is taking this oil to treat his cancer .so far so good he has put on weight and is felling aalot better than he has felt in a long time . It is amazing wot u people r doing .my dad has taken 30 gs so far can’t wait to see the end results…

          • Derek Williams. once again reminding the community that he is an out-of-touch and inconsequential attention-seeking troll.

          • I wasn’t insulting you Derek I was merely stating the fact that you are obviously ignorant about cannabis pharmacology, I will reiterate, this is not an insult merely a statement of fact

            You really should educate yourself and watching Rick’s video’s will be a good place for you to start


          • There is only one person showing themselves to be ignorant Derwick,and that is you,On a momentousness scale,as usual,.But as someone else already mentioned “the company you keep” says it all…

          • @Glyn Williams – That is a pathetic comment, if this is the level of debate we can expect on NORML UK, you deserve to be mocked, I hope you don’t repesent the organisation.

            If you don’t believe me, have a look at Erowid:


            “The active ingredients in cannabis are fat and alcohol soluble so they
            can be extracted and added to foodstuff entering the system through the
            digestive tract rather than through the lungs”.

            Please, before you comment on something you have little or no idea about, please at least check first. Google is your freind.

            @Jeff Ditchfeild: Hash oil is the active ingredients of the cannabis plant, derived from the resin (ie hash) produced by the plant. You describe it simply as “oil”, fair enough, we both know the nature of the sticky brown goo you are describing.

            Oils are not water based, nor are they water soluable. You seem to be producting the same product as SATIVEX in essence, albeit with a different THC/CBD profile and not dissolved into water soluable alcohol.

            To be fair, I think the onus is on you to demonstrate how effective your “delivery system” is. If this guy is simply swallowing oil a large proportion of it will not reach his bloodstream.

          • Hrrrm … yet you don’t have a problem with the leader of the organization you represent being a racist homophobic woman-beating liar and convicted fraudster who grasses up medicinal users of cannabis to the police and blew £14k of donations on “expenses” in one year?

          • Quite a lot, you attack NORML UK saying they deserved to be mocked, so I think it is quite appropriate to point out you support an organization that is led by a racist homophobic woman-beating liar and convicted fraudster who reports medicinal users to the police. That coupled with your appalling of knowledge about cannabis oils, I’ll leave it for people to make their own mind up who deserves to be mocked.

            Of course, on the site you are webmaster for, critical comments are deleted and the users banned.

          • That is so untrue Derek and you know it. I know you don’t censor so much on UKCIA, however, any comment critical of CLEAR or its leader on either the CLEAR web site or its Facebook page might not be deleted by you, but they are certainly deleted by your fuhrer. OK if you leave a comment later in the evening when fuhrer is passed out pissed on his cheap whiskey, it might stay there until the next morning. He even deleted and banned a paid up CLEAR member for posting a vid of der fuhrer at a cannabis march last year promising he would resign if CLEAR did not have 10,000 paid up members within one year (sadly this was yet another promise der fuhrer did not keep).

          • I don’t tell lies and I refuse to answer to an idiot who
            deliberately miss-spells my name, which eads me to think you’re probably a
            sock-puppet anyway.

            Now, have you got an intelligent comment to make about ingesting
            non-polar oils or not? Do you understand the issue I’ve raised with Jeff
            and why it’s important? Do you undestand why this could seriously undermine the claims being made about the effectivenss of cannabis as a treatment for cancer?

          • I understand completely,So Dwerek,how many plants have you grown?how many times have you put into action the Rick Simpson method of making cannabis oil, and last but not least how many folks have you given it to that are unfortunately suffering from great risk may I add to one’s own liberty .Also,have you asked these questions of Rick Simpson?It seems to me Dwerek ,that you take it upon yourself to try and undermine and detract from any of the good work that Norml uk. are involved in.Why is that Derwick?My guess is its sour grapes as the organisation you represent are now ostracized among the majority of the UK cannabis community.In fact you grammar nazi detraction’s amount to nothing more than trolling.Are you a troll Dwerek?

          • Clearly this forum isn’t being moderated if stupid comemnts like your are allowed through. At least you say you understand why the fact that cannabis oil isn’t water soluable and why it undermines the value of this excercise.

          • Derek, you have been at the centre of nearly every drama over the past decade or so. Before the cannabis community, it was the green party. You have a history of attention-seeking drama under your belt. There is no need to behave like an idiot to get attention. You’ll find that we’ll still listen to you and you can be a part of things.

            But only if you truly want to be a part of it again.

          • Perhaps you can address the issue I raised about the method of administration of the oil? No-one has yet, all the posters on here have done is to attack me personally, no-one wants to discuss the issue at hand.

            Please will somone answer the basic issue I’ve raised – cannabis oil is not water soluable, therefore simply swallowing “blobs” will be an inefficient – dubiuos -way to administer the dose.

            To address this, you need to cook the oil into some kind of food or siddolve it in some water soluable medium like alcohol. Only then can ehte THC et al pass into the blood stream with any kind of efficiency.

            If you can explain the flaw in my logic, I’m all ears. If you can’t, I’m afraid you have to accept this brave attempt at challenging the law is seriously flawed.

          • If cannabis oil is not soluble in the gut my good man, how about you try it for yourself. When you are completely and utterly stoned, you then come back here and tell US that it is not a good form of administration of cannabinoids. Oils can obviously be broken down in the gut you pillock, otherwise how would Omega-3 et al be broken down use by the body. Take your head for a shite man. Your gut is not just full of water. Gastric acid is a digestive fluid, formed in the stomach. It has a pH of 1.5 to 3.5 and is composed of hydrochloric acid. What has water got to do with it hmmm?

          • Of course it will be to an extent – read what I wrote: It will be a very inefficient way to ingest and a large portion of the THC et al will be simply passed through the body. If you doubt that is true, next time you get some oil dissolve it into choclate or make a cake with it in, then see how stoned you get. The ph of a liquid is a measure of acidity, not of its ability to disslove non-polar liquids. So, to coin your phrase – “take your head of our the shit you pillock” and learn basic chemistry.

          • Fats and oil are broken down in the stomach by enzymes, the THC et
            al will not simply pass through the body. I suspect that a small lump will be
            pretty much completely absorbed so all making it more easily
            absorbed will achieve is to increase the rate of absorption. This isn’t
            necessarily what you want. The aim is to find the sweet spot, too much over a
            short space of time could be less effective than just the right amount over a
            longer period. I’m sure we could achieve similar results with larger doses of
            hash but given cancer patients often have to deal with nausea and vomiting
            ingesting large amounts of fatty food probably isn’t the best way to go about

          • Thanks for a considered and intellegent reply davedongleberry. You make a good point about slow release and I take your point about finding the “sweet spot”, but the dose was really quite high – thing is this guy was taking 1/4 grm a go if high THC oil four times a day. That is a pretty hefty dose of THC, even if it spread over a four hour persiod or so. Given he was still able to function it must have been mostly wasted.

            Cannabis of course supresses nausia, it’s one of the accepted properties so the amount of fat you would need is really quite small, you can stoke up chocolate with a truely hefty dose from hash which could also be administered slowly throughout the day.

          • No one is attempting to challenge the Law, what is happening here is that some people are just trying to help each other, for free, with no strings attached. This may surprise you, you certainly don’t come across as the type of person that would enter into such things…

          • I find it funny that I’ve been reading through these comments for the past half an hour and it only took me 3 seconds to Google “is cannabis oil soluble in water”. In short, no. Cannabis needs to be dissolved in a fat before can be consumed. I think you can leave all the sheep to their hatred by themselves and you should go on with your probably more productive life.

          • There is only one thing which is trying to undermine this exercise ,and that is your constant trolling Dwerek.This forum by the way, is open to folks to give their views,something which certainly isn’t true of the cLEAR ghost site huh. with the constant censoring that is practiced as a matter of course

          • Hi Sarah, OK. As you know who he is will you please tell him to cut the persoanl abuse please? My name has no “W”. That is a regular insult I get from a certain person well known to me..

            I really would appreciate a serious and sensible discussion regarding this point I have made above regarding ingesting the oil.

          • He’s Glyn Williams, Derek, and I can no more to tell him what to do than you can. I would personally dispute that he’s abusing you, it’s not like he’s said “Go fuck yourself, you pile of crap” or “Your momma so fat she sank the Titanic”. He’s mocking you and your opinions. And while perhaps not nice to be on the receiving end of, mockery is part of free speech.

            I just thought you should know he’s not a sockpuppet before you take the conversation down that road while everyone who knows him laughs at you. I’m down with it staying on the issue of cannabis oil as well.

          • Having read these boards I found your posts to be the only reasonably argued ones on this board, the rest very childish and the Author of this article chooses to avoid rather than confront and answer the questions you posed Derek.

            For one, to make the claim cannabis oil cures cancer is dangerous, Rick Simpson? If he really had a cure, would he be on the run in Croatia? Where are all the people who claim to have been cured? they would fill a courtroom easily and why havent we heard more in the press? oh its a conspiracy? to have cured so many cancers I would find it impossible to supress the truth, people with cancer still die with cancer despite using cannabis oil, the danger is that one person who may have survived the cancer anyway and took cannabis oil will make the claim that it was the cannabis oil, we need more research and for that we need prohibition to end, cannabis may very well be a good healthy alternative but to claim it cures cancers only serves those who like to sell a little bit of the old oil to sick people, nice tidy buck to be made out of peoples misery, that is my experience and look forward to your questions being answered Derek in a civilised fashion, not sure if the author knows how much of a div they are looking from the out here.

          • They dont answer cos like most faithheads they wish it to be true. Why let a little thing like facts get in the way. No one here is either a scientist or a doctor. Untill a double blind peer reviewed study comes out stating that cannabis cures all cancer is everyone it is silly to claim otherwise.

          • Apologies for posting as UKCIA – for some reason I can’t
            connect to facebook to post as me.

            Sarah, I have my reasons for suspecting this person is using a false identity,
            but I may be wrong and to be honest I’m not that interested. Anyone who
            constantly and repeatedly resorts to personal abuse of such a childish type is
            not a person I would respect or wish to pay any attention to,

            However, it is regrettable that you consider posts “mocking” contributors
            – not once but over and over again in the same mindless way – to be an example of “free
            speech”. These posts are only serving to obscure an
            important factual issue I’ve tried to raise. They do not reflect well on either
            NORML-UK or your judgement as moderator.

            Now, I ask again: Will someone at NORML-UK address my concern relating the
            method of administration of the cannabis oil in this article? You are, after
            all, making a very unwise claim with the statement your heading makes to the
            effect that cannabis causes cancer.

            Derek Williams

          • Sorry I replied to the other mature post mistaken it for yours derek please read my reply to sarah which was meant for you. 🙂

          • Thanks, the level of debate is pityful. There will be no answer to my question, because Jeff Ditchfeild knows there isn’t an answer to it. It’s a flaw big enough to undermine all the claims he is making; its something he just didn’t think about and now doesn’t want to admit.

            The moderation on here is also pathetic if they consider posts mocking indviduals are a part of “free speech”. It’s very immature.

          • Sorry, for some reason I can’t connect via facebook to make this reply – I am Derek Williams connecting via twitter as UKCIA

            Thanks, the level of debate here is pityful. There will be no answer to my
            question, because Jeff Ditchfeild knows there isn’t an answer to it.
            It’s an flaw big enough to undermine all the claims he is making; its
            something he just didn’t think about and now doesn’t want to admit.

            The moderation on here is also pathetic if they consider posts mocking
            indviduals are a part of “free speech”. It’s very immature.

          • Derek,I see you have commented above blatantly lying regarding the censoring of peoples comments whether they be members or not on the clear fb page and the clear site,Only 5 mins ago a comment has been deleted by your “great leader” regarding his latest attack on another reform/pressure group of which you were obviously the frontguard.You have been made to look the fool you obviously are in the above thread.I suggest you go back to whom you represent hanging your head in shame.Also this is the wording of the comment which was deleted within 5 secs on clear site……………………..
            Is this yet again an example of Clear trying its best to undermine another groups “actions”(I say actions? Because the particular group in your firing line is very pro active in the fight for legalisation,unlike some who stand by and try to shoot down others efforts without ever being “active” itself.Shame on you Mr Reynolds.

          • Derek yet again you seek to derail,detract and show yourself to be a complete fool. As if being exposed as a liar is not bad enough ?., especially in light of your “great leader’s” attack..Your tactics are puerile and transparent .You have shown yourself to be a classic troll and not a very clever one at that.Go back to your ghost site I am sure your “great leader” will welcome you with open arms and a glass off cheap scotch if you;re lucky and I would advise you to watch Run from the cure,..Its very informative for those that wish to LEARN.about the pharmacology of cannabis and the effects that RSO has on the lives of cancer sufferers.I doubt very much time will be given to your inane questions in the future as you have been exposed as no more than a troll..

          • Derwick,I am not a sock puppet unlike Dr Carla Margam eh,,In fact it would seem your beloved “leader” is the one that’s fond of darning socks made to deceive,.So at least try to get your facts straight before crying “Sock” huh.

          • Derek your ignorance is now plainly here for all to see

            You are so ill informed, you are stating that a cannabinoid concentrated oil which has been made with a SOLVENT must then be diluted with another solvent or oil to make it effective. lol

            This shows that you have absolutely no understanding of the subject at all, I have allowed your arrogance and ignorance to flourish in this thread but you really must realise that I have absolutely no desire to debate or discuss anything with an ignoramus.

            Plus you really shouldn’t think that I have forgiven you for your childish attempts at stirring up trouble between me and, you posting that I was an undercover policeman in deep cover was as amusing as it was pathetic.

          • I assume you meant this reply to me Jeff:

            1: Not all solvents (butane for example) are soluable in water
            2: The solvents used to extract the oils are evapourated off.

            What we have with the oil is a highly concentrated and (if it’s been made right) very pure form of the oils of cannabis, which I repeat are not water soluable. For heavens sake, just try putting a bit on your finger and washing it off under a running tap.

            Your ignorance of chemistry is showing badly Jeff, and that post has demonstrated how little you understand, but at least you’ve tried to answer the question I suppose

            But as I say, I know enough about you to know that you know how to prepare cannabis for ingestion so why you’re refusing to join the dots is beyond me.

          • Enzymes break up the oil in the stomach. It doesn’t need to be water soluble.
            Pedantic nonsense from the shitstirer…

          • I have a great deal of respect for you Jeff and pretty much zero for Derek, but i’m afraid you’re not doing yourself any favours in the manner of your replies. I’m sure you couldn’t care less but ffs keep a lid on it and stop misrepresenting his point or maybe just abmit to the limits of your understanding if thats the problem. Yes he’s trolling but i can’t see how pulling a Reynolds is helping.

          • Derek, you need some help with your mental health, it has become apparent to me and my colleagues that you have a real problem, you are obviously intelligent but your obsessivness is worrying. May I suggest that you get out a bit more and leave your computer alone.

          • This is so funny Derek, “I refuse to answer”, but you just did fella, you just replied to him. The problem you have is a lack of discipline, you just can not help yourself. This lets you down considerably and shines a light on your real persona.

          • Rubbish, I have made perfectly respectful comments on the Clear site, only to have them removed.

      • Hello Jeff

        Can you please share where you got the Hemp oil from? My mum urgently needs the oil her life depends on it

        Thank you



  7. While we welcome comments on Jeff’s article or indeed criticisms or people who disagree with it, can we please keep the debate civil and not use the comments page to mock or stir augments with other groups NORML UK has no interest in.

  8. Derek, your ignorance is staggering!

    You are saying that to make RSO you need a solvent, so far that is correct but stating that once you have evaporated off the solvent you then need to add another solvent or oil is absolutely ludricous and just illustrates your total lack of understanding on the subject

    Now begone troll and please take you ignorance back to where it CLEARly belongs

      • When was the last time you did something or spent some time and effort for someone else, for free, no strings attached??? Never, is my bet.

      • Derek: What qualifications in Science – even a biology ‘O’ level – do you have which could support the assertions of a scientific nature which you are making?

  9. LOL, Derek thinks swallowing pure cannabis oil won’t get you stoned and then complains because people think he’s a dick and that the site is not censored.

    Go back to your fuhrer’s ghost site if you want dull debate where any nasty wasty comments are deleted.

  10. I see der fuhrer has written a another piece attacking NORML UK and Jeff Ditchfield; if you can be bothered, pop over to their ghost site and see how long any critical comments stay up before they are deleted by der fuhrer.

  11. I hear there is a decent doctor that ‘someone’ from ‘another website’ knows really, really well. Also i feel pointing out grammar mistakes is fickle and petty and also insensitive to those who learn at a slower rate or suffer from dyslexia. If richard branson wrote a comment he would have spelling mistakes and he is clever. I smoke weed, actually burn the herb in straight joints or bongs coz i love it that way so fucking come at me coz that’s how i wanna do it.

  12. I don’t know why posts are appearing out of sync but in case you missed this Derek

    “Derek your ignorance is now plainly here for all to see

    You are so ill informed, you are stating that a cannabinoid concentrated oil which has been made with a SOLVENT must then be diluted with another solvent or oil to make it effective. lol

    This shows that you have absolutely no understanding of the subject at all, I have allowed your arrogance and ignorance to flourish in this thread but you really must realise that I have absolutely no desire to debate or discuss anything with an ignoramus.

    Plus you really shouldn’t think that I have forgiven you for your childish attempts at stirring up trouble between me and, you posting that I was an undercover policeman in deep cover was as amusing as it was pathetic.”

    • Jeff I did see it and I have answered the point but as it’s buried in all the dross below I’ll do so again.

      1: The solvent used to extract the oil from the plant isn’t water soluable either
      2: That solvent is all (hopefully) removed. The oil is – if it’s been made carefully – pure cannabis oil, which is not water soluable.

      That comment, Jeff, demonstrates your ignorance of the chemistry involved someting wiked.

      You really should go check up on this solvent issue, start here

      I’ll add this:

      Any digestion process that does take place on the blob of oil can only happen on the surface of the blob. So simply swallowing the blob as a single “lump” is the worst way to do it – at least break it up into smaller blobs to increase the surface area!

      The only benefit oil has over hash or raw cannabis is that it’s very much stronger and more concentrated. As long as it’s been made carefully (and that is important) it will have the same profie of active goodies as the cannabis it came from. So why make a more concentrated form only to waste a lot of it by an inefficiant method of administration? You might as wll make hash which is a totally natural product unlike oil which requires some potentially nasty chemicals to make and prepare some strong hash cakes.

      Actually, re-watching “Run from the Cure” last night it looks like people taking the oil seemed to be rubbing it into their gums, that would work better.

      • Derwick,what have you done exactly regarding cannabis vs cancer,that you believe gives you the right to tell someone they are doing it wrong? When what the above represents is a cannabis success story after all.All you and the sorry ass group you represent seem to do is attack other groups which are actually doing something positive in the fight for legalisation,and ye may scream it aint scientific and you are doing it wrong etc but to be honest it wont even be scientifically tested until they’ve worked out a way to profit from it beyond most folks pockets can afford.Personally, I applaud those that have the balls to stand up for something which is right and proceed to grow and make the oil and give it to cancer sufferers Have you ever grown a plant ,never mind make RSO eh Dwerek…No I didn’t think so, You and that idiot Reynolds are content to beg for peoples money to spend on bar bills etc while shooting down others positive efforts in the fight against prohibition/cancer/etc…Some would call folks like you parasites but tbh I just think you are an inept troll and attention seeker,especially as the group you represent have had very little attention of late…I wonder why eh Derwick?

        • The above is simply an unverifiable story nothing more. – it certainly isnt a “cannabis success story any more than would be a story claiming to re animate the dead – simply writing a “story” doesnt make it true.

  13. Congrats to the guy this helped out, you must be over the moon!!! I’m so happy for you and your family.

    On a depressing note, seriously wth is with the reynolds guy? he seems to be a right __ insert expletive here___ Youd think he’d be happy this has happened instead he tries to debunk this guys success story with, well nothing short of trash, im completely flummoxed.

    Whoever supplied this guy with this medicine is a hero amoungst the dark, i dont see that “other site” helping others like this all i see them doing is breeding hate, anxiety and discourse, they shouldbe ashamed of themselves. If it were in my power i’d have them shut down right away. I guess karma will sort them out.

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  15. Derek WIlliams and his crew should back off. They are nothing but rabble-rousers. What agenda are they working to by trying to play down the claims that cannabis can cure cancer? To these people the glass is always half empty. There is overwhelming evidence, you only need open your eyes.

  16. This reminds me of way back when the first MS sufferers were reporting benefits from the use of cannabis. There was no proof but as more and more people tried it (and found that it worked) research and testing was then undertaken and they were proven to be right. The same is now happening with cancer, so many people are reporting its use as beneficial that testing is now underway. Unfortunately this takes a long time, something cancer patients don’t have, so let’s cure people now and let the scientists catch up in their own time. Informing cancer patients that cannabis may help is not “irresponsible and extremely cruel” (sic) – denying them this medicine is what is truly cruel.

    • No they were proven to be wrong. It shows no benefit in progression shows limited effect in spastictiy 30% response compared to 16% response with placebo in a trial of 60 patients and only subjective improvement in spastictiy but none objectively. All patients were aware of taking the drug if extract was used…thought you might want an update…

    • OK you have to click at the top of the comments where it says “Discussion” – and opt for newest, if you want them to appear in date order of appearance.

  17. Congratulations to Dave! He must be so relieved, young guy with a young family, dealing with this illness for so long and not having many options left! Massive respect to Jeff, you have given me and I’m sure others faith back in mankind!
    One thing I don’t understand though. Why does this Derek chap keep popping up and only ever seems to have a pop at everyone? And now, his friend Peter Reynolds has joined in too! I hope the guy who’s story this is, doesn’t get upset by these attacks, surely he’s been through enough, no? Maybe he isn’t upset, maybe he’s angry at these jibes! I do hope so. Understand why some people may get upset with such claims, but surely, it’s better for these stories to come out so we can push even harder for legality and then tests can be pushed even further than the current test being done today! After all, Cancer Reserach UK are funding a guy in Bristol to look into cannabinoids, must be something in it! I can only think that these attacks are due to a form of jealousy, maybe wrong but I can’t see any other reason! From what I’ve seen, Jeff is very much out there, helping sick people, have the guys attacking him done the same? Just like everything else in life, there’s good and bad, to me it’s very CLEAR to be NORML 🙂

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  19. May I respectfully suggest that Derek is banned from posting here. He is starting to censor his website now on his latest blog post about this thread. All rather pathetic but still… I think he is ill myself, but what do I know, I only have 20 odd years as a Psychiatric nurse under my belt….

  20. @Derek Williams
    some individuals are claiming cannabinoids in the form of cannabis oil cannot be directly absorbed by the digestive system.. Cannabinoids are aromatic compounds containing a monoterpene moiety derived from isoprene units (Yoo & Park, 2012, Molecules) they are for sure broken down by enzymes in the digestive system. olive oil is not water soluble, nor butter, but people still get fat from eating too much, thus it is digested… the digestive system does not work by a simple process of absorption that you are implying… ever hear of lipase??

    lipase in breakdown of isoprene

    the journal ‘Nature” review of cannabinoids in the treatment of cancers

  21. Hi Please could someone mail me How to get Hemp oil . My wonderful dad has terminal cancer. He is the most kindest and generous man in the world and me and my two young daughters need him. Please Help US email me at So mant thanks x

  22. Hello jeff, i have read the above article. I heard about the rick simpson a while ago but i am having trouble sourcing the oil in the uk, as this is where we live. I was hoping u could contact ‘Dave’ and find out his contact for the oil for me. My sons father is really suffering with cancer and i feel the oil is his only hope of survival. If you could help i would be very grateful. Thankyou for sharing the story

    • my name is Jane am so happy for what dr samoda has
      done in my life, I was once a

      weakling who was dying from a terrible sickness which
      almost lead me to death….I was dying of cancer…It was so unfortunate I came
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      this is an opportunity to meet a great spell caster who is very powerful …

      My sincere thanks to dr samoda…..he is my hero…

  23. i found out my partner has cervical cancer the other day and have just come across this subject. can anyone explain why canabis oil is eaten rather than vapourised, or hash/weed eaten or vapourised? Great to hear a positive story Dave, stay free.

  24. To me, the point about this argument over whether cannabis oil should be consumed in it’s concentrated form or diluted / made more digestible by mixing it is this : Rick Simpson, who has the most experience of using this oil as a medicine against cancer, has treated thousands of patients with a high success rate & recommends using the oil in it’s concentrated form. His success has come from using the oil in it’s concentrated form. He does recommend a combination of ways to take the oil depending on where the tumour is (ingest, suppository, vapourise, topical) but for ingestion it is all done with concentrated oil to the best of my knowledge.

    I am not a scientist but it is possible that combining the oil with something else & even administering it differently may be more effective or efficient. (Rick recommends adding cocoa butter to suppositories).The problem is that it also may be less effective & to test this may mean risking someone’s life. We just don’t know. There could be a benefit to the oil digesting slowly, travelling a long way through the system releasing small amounts of THC in different areas. Perhaps this works better for e.g. colon cancer.

    Hopefully when we have different laws there can be lots of experimentation & we may be able to improve this medicine & it’s delivery. Until then I prefer to stick to what has been shown to work well, tried & tested. If it aint broke…..

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  26. That is the most beautiful story I have ever read! I’m so happy for u and your family u got a second chance at life. Wish I would have read this a few months ago maybe it would have helped my grandfather inlaw he had late stage cancer that spread so fast the CEmo and radiation was afful to him

  27. I have a similar story. I had my left leg amputated below the knee a few years ago. After rubbing on cannabis oil which had previously cured my lung cancer and skin cancer my leg grew back again. I told my orthopedic surgeon who said I was “simply a serial fantacist who was making unproven claims that are completely unverifiable about the benefits of cannabis and then jibbering on about “big pharma”

    • Has it occured to you that cannabis increases your appetite and makes you sleep better?
      Many cancer patients lose a lot of weight, hardly eat, are in pain and have problems sleeping. So a non-toxic substance that lets them regain their appetite (giving them much needed nutrition) and sleep better (letting the body rest and regain strength) might actually be beneficial…

      I have a relative with cancer who’s just started putting on weight (after losing 3 stone) and sleeps much better, thanks to cannabis. The latest CT scan showed no growth in the tumours, despite not having received chemo (or any other treatment apart from cannabis) for 8 months. The doctor was very surprised by the results. She was expecting to see significant growth.

      Does that mean cannabis is a magic wand that’ll cure everything? Of course not. But you’d have to be an idiot not to realise that nutrition and rest is good for you when you’re seriously ill.

  28. dave respect for that imformation you know the truth too way to go i have a similar story too! to this day if it wasnt for the cannabis i would not be here too!

  29. can anyone help me and put me in touch with someone that i can get this oil in ireland….please please,there must be somebody

  30. Are doctors really ignorant or are they scared.This oil could change the way cancer patients are treated and this stuff should change everything.The cancer wings would get smaller.People could cure their own cancers.Thus there would be no need for a doctor unless you just wanted one.People weren’t suposed to use chemo because it is a warfair agent such as mustard gas.Even Hitlers death doctors said that cheom was not to be used for human health.This cannabis oil has been known about since the early 70’s and really it’s been being used for centuries for human health and animal health.I would never use chemo or radiation.I would use the cannabis oil without all the poisons.Chemo cause’s a person to get lukimeia and TB.It weakens the heart,lungs,kidneys.They tell you your cancer free from using there poisons and just a couple years down the road and the side affects put you back in the hospital.Chemo is cytotoxic.Chemicas don’t belong inside our bodies our outside for that matter.

  31. Hi there
    Reading this has blown my mind, my amazing mother of 61 has jst been diagnosed with skin cancer. I know your conditions where internal do u think that the (thc) oils that saved your life can help her in the same way. Id also like to thank u again for displaying your story it has made me feel strong.

  32. On this matter as on others – work with NORML USA. They will provide you with many hundreds of patients who believe that the ‘untested’ herbal remedy called cannabis works.
    Some comments have been about the extraction of cannabis used. Again US dispensaries offer many different kinds of extract – this information is not a Secret or unknown in any way. One of the simplest extracts that is easily metabolised by the body is cannabis butter. We can’t tell you how to make it here but google ‘cannabis butter’ and have a look. It won’t kill you, it wont’ make your cancer worse but it may just offer that little bit of extra help (alongside your existing treatments) to save your life and keep you cancer free. If it doesn’t work the worst thing that will happen is you will have a good sleep or laugh a little!

  33. What an amazing story, can you please let me know where to get the oil from in the UK as my father has been diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer and this is his last chance. I have heard so many uplifting stories and I’m hoping that my father can be a part of that.
    Hoping that somebody contacts me soon as time is of the essence.
    Thank you

  34. Living in the UK I fin.d this really interesting, let’s hope that one day doctors will recognise this marvellous plant.Live long and prosper

  35. I would like to wish you all of the best things. We at present are trying to help one of our family through liver cancer (diagnosed today as terminal). We have the oil and he has taken some tonight for the first time. I know that we have got to hit it hard, but we are worried that it might be too much! He had a little bit the size of a grain of rice, but as he is so poorly I think that he may need more? Any advice would be so much appreciated.
    Very good Wishes and Love to you both Elaine xxx

  36. This is very interesting. My mother has brain cancer and has had it for over a year now. The doctors have tried all sorts of things to no avail. Their plan is to put it in remission. I do not like this one bit. I would rather have it completely gone! How do I get this cannabis oil for her? Please help.

  37. hi this is my first time here and a friend put me on to u. i broke my back yrs ago my dr has me on tramadol 1-200mg when ever i need them is there anyway i could get cannibis for my pain oh and i have to take something to help me go to the toilet it must cost a small fortune to keep this up for the nhs ive been ill of this several times as u will know

  38. My Husband that was highly infected with cancer of the lungs, he was even given days that he would live is now as healthy as a new born chicken with the help of Doctor Henderson with his Hemp.Thanks to Doctor Henderson that sold the Hemp oil for us that we used in curing my Husband.
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  39. My Husband that was highly infected with cancer of the lungs, he was even given days that he would live is now as healthy as a new born chicken with the help of Doctor Henderson with his Hemp.
    Thanks to Doctor Henderson that sold the Hemp oil for us that we used in curing my Husband.
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  40. I suffer from Rosacea, which for me, is basically a bumpy rash on my face that burns and itches simultaneously (and looks hideous). I heard that Hemp Oil could help, and for the price i was willing to try anything that would save my skin. What I found out was astonishing! It was instantly soothing and most of the rash cleared up overnight. It’s also a light, non-greasy moisturizer that doesn’t make the rest of my skin break out and i am very grateful to Doctor Henderson for Selling the Hemp Oil for me and his Medical Advises, for all those that have problems with there Skin Kindly let the Doctor Know,
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  43. The guy Micheal Murry has outed himself as a liar
    His statistics regarding cannabis addiction and the cost of treatment are completely false
    I mean 100% false , checked some more of his facts and found them to be false as well
    He is a troll

  44. Thank God Almighty that lead me to Doctor Mac Donnald who with his humanitarian heart help my son that had cancer of the brain with his Hemp Oil. I am so grateful that my 17 years old boy is back alive and healthy and can do all this thing he like without any hindrance in his life.
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  45. I am pro mmj and recreational mj but IMHO this article is bunk and there is probably more scientific research to prove brussel sprouts have cancer curing effects than mj. Pretty sure the last person to make claims of being cured from cancer in some miraclulous way was proved to be a fraud that never had cancer and was just on the con to get sympathy and cash from charities.

    Hype is hype no matter whether it comes from the anti mj or the the pro mj side.

  46. would anyone recommend taking hemp oil while having chemotherapy? Some say it can cancel each other out? I have just started the oil and am supposed to start a new treatment soon. Some advice would be great.

  47. Hi please please can I have the guys contact details so I can get this oil for my friend , he is 34 just married with to small children we need this oil now so please tell me when this guy is so I can meet and get some thank u

  48. Great story Mr Ditchfield, Thank you I have read Rick Simpsons story and he is not producing any oil for use. How can one find someone in the UK who can supply a reputable cannabinol oil. We have a brain tumor in the family that we would like to treat using the oil and it takes too long to buy, grow and harvest the product plus local authorities are not supportive. Surgery can be done for thousands of pounds on the NHS with no cure in sight but nobody will give you cannabinols. Please advise

  49. hi. my name is Spliff, im from Romania, 34 years old and i have skin cancer. Im a good husband, proudly parent of 4 amazing kids, worker..but sick ! In my country cannabis plant and everything about cannabis is illegal. i search on the internet if someone have cannabis oil for sale but i dont find nothing. please help !!! if anyone have a idea where to find cannabis oil for my skin cancer, please let my know … thx! regards S.

    ps; sorry about my english 🙂

  50. This is a great example of exactly the kind of “study” that should NOT be on your site. The fact that the site allows basic correlation / causality logic flaws is what WILL undermine your case. Stick to the facts. and stick to conclusions deducible from the evidence. This is actually counter productive to your cause.

    • There are many thousands of people who have had tumours officially diagnosed as cancerous. Then they have taken the 60 grammes of hemp oil as medicine and found that their tumours have completely disappeared.

      What justification do you have to make the claim that these thousandfold multiple instances of ‘cure’ are not in fact cures at all?

  51. I’m Mrs Rachear from USA and all gratitude from my heart goes to Thanking Doctor Henderson that saved my family linage with his Hemp Oil and the Delta9 that he sold for us.
    Doctor Henderson, You are the best, as regarding the treatment, my son is now healthy and has started school and he is happy and learning fast with no more cancer in his life.
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  52. Illness is a billion dollar industry. Its no wonder why pharmaceutical companies and even some doctors, dont want to hear about a cure – they’d be out of pocket! Simples <3 I'm sure there are some nice doctors out there, but the majority of them "go by the book" and thats all there is to it. Thanks for this inspiring story 🙂 Thankfully, "the book" is about to change 🙂 Its up to us, the public, to continue bringing awareness into the world of the wonderful natural cures that have been available to us always – and all ways. Thanks again

  53. I am Carylon Bruly, from Ohio U.S.A who suffer from lungs cancer, basically a Death Sentence on my life and i thank you guys for your prayer and concern toward my life and i pray for God to be with you guys and thanks to the Doctor who God has sent to help me cure the terrible illness.

    The thoughts of having lungs Cancer burns and itches simultaneously in my heart that i was dead alive. I heard that Hemp Oil could help, and for the price i was willing to try anything that would save my My Life, what I found out was astonishing! It was instantly getting better and better after 60 days of using and most of the virus are gone and just little medication left for me.

    I am very grateful to Doctor Nathan Kisper for Selling the Hemp Oil for me and his Medical Advises, for all those that have problems with Cancer Please Please Kindly let the Doctor Know, he will help you with all you need to cure your cancer, he is trust wealthy and sincere.

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    Carylon Bruly
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  54. well..if
    this gives LSD like effects, then i would not give to somebody with
    DID/MPD… or it could be given? maybe VERY VERY SMALL DOSES TO BEGIN
    WITH to try to avoid the LSD like effect??

    read the article and the man took it 4 times per day… some recomend it 2 times per day(morning and evening)… some 3 times per day.. does it
    mattter how many times per day is taken?

  55. That is fantastic news!!!! Thankyou for sharing….I also have FAITH in RSO!!!! I have A damaged lung from radiation that treatment is evil and brutal on the body! I’m so pleased you had a friend to get the oil for you:) wishing you health and happiness.PEACE

  56. I am so grateful to Doctor Melamede for saving my life with his Cannabis oil Medical service. I give thanks to God almighty for having the opportunity to meet him and i am so happy that i am no more a cancer patient anymore. Thank you so much Doctor Melamede for helping to save my life. For all those who have issue with Cancer should take the problem to Doctor Melamede and see it solved for life. contact:

    • the problem with buying is you cant never be sure what you get since its coming from non regulated source and at times some dodgy people. watch the rick si,pson documentary, also another documentary calle if cannabis cured cancer on you tube

  57. I have yet to read anything from anyone that has said this treatment doesn’t work. Has anyone else seen anyone refute the claims. Anyone that is that doesn’t work for government. We all know that governments lie to us everyday.

  58. Thank you for your important information on cannabis being a great healer.
    I am very grateful that you have taken the time to be so detailed.
    You are indeed fortunate to have such a mate also.

  59. I am Carylon Bruly, from Ohio U.S.A who suffer from lungs cancer, basically a Death Sentence on my life and i thank you guys for your prayer and concern toward my life and i pray for God to be with you guys and thanks to the Doctor who God has sent to help me cure the terrible illness.

    The thoughts of having lungs Cancer burns and itches simultaneously in my heart that i was dead alive. I heard that Hemp Oil could help, and for the price i was willing to try anything that would save my My Life, what I found out was astonishing! It was instantly getting better and better after 60 days of using and most of the virus are gone and just little medication left for me.

    I am very grateful to Doctor Nathan Kisper for Selling the Hemp Oil for me and his Medical Advises, for all those that have problems with Cancer Please Please Kindly let the Doctor Know, he will help you with all you need to cure your cancer, he is trust wealthy and sincere.

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  60. they try to deny it. in cancer forums like cancer research uk they remove any posts about cannabis cancer information and ban people. they basicly make sure info don’t get to cancer patients. they help killing them by doing so instead of letting the decion of what treatment to do the patients them self. I lost 3 people I know last year to cancer, people close to me. for them to deny information,treatment, and coming even with misinformation is nothing but betrayal to every single cancer patient out there! david Cameron is fraid of doing the right thing to save lifes so that he dosent lose votes or money party might take from industry who is benefiting of thios system. further more gw pharma just got a usa patent to use for medical cannabis for fight against cancer!!!! its is basicly now official that cannabis has anticancer properties. in leeds a big pharama is testing one of the compunds of cannabis synteticlly made(so it can patent it and make money) in phase 3 trials against brain cancer.
    it will increase the chance of beating cancer for sure ,if not cure in all casses. animal testing showed 30% of animals got totally cured of cancer. every research points one way.
    now think this , highly toxic chemo that’s body as much is legal,radition is legal, cutting someones body is legal, but a plant that have been used for medical use over 3000 years, with not a single death is not legal for medical use to save lifes!!!
    just an info for those who are intrested, in usa they sell now a thc free oil with high in cbd(which has anticancer properties) prescribition free.(Dixie x). since it dosent have thc it wont make you high. cbd actually takes the high effects of thc down too if someone wanted to go for simpson oil it can make it easier to take it.
    I hope really someday this system get to its senses instead of taking the big corps side instead of human lifes.

  61. Dave soud like you got the DOCTORS worrying about this, they sure are sure trying to put this down, could it be because they are making a lot of money from CANCER, sound like a lot of DOCTORS reply——–John

  62. for once im lost for words what a heart breaking story ,im disgusted to hear that in this day and age doctors still cant accept that things like this are a valuable aid in the treatment of cancer even when the prove is sat in front of them how many other suffer the same as you did lets get the word out there any and every way possible and start to get help to those who really need it, i wish you and your family all the happiness in the world

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  65. It is with pleasant thought to inform the world that my cancer was cured with Doctor Burton Hemp Oil, he is an oncologist. His help was unlimited towards my cancer and general health. His kindness, humorous thought, humanitarian service, he prove to me that humans with kindred heart still exist.
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  66. Wow what a story well done and congratulations please contact Peter juster he has a website and inform him of your story he too is preparing for the worst Iv recently informed him of the oil but I think he may need a little help god bless you and your family hemp oil is the cure

  67. The goverment is making far too much money in prevention than cure nobody would trust the goverment should they be known to know about the oil saving lives people’s loved ones didn’t have to die come on people wake up your being brain washed !!!!

  68. If you think that there are cheaper alternative treatments available that can wipe out the disease,then how about the drug industry the medical fraternity & the complex hospital systems from A to Z that have to close their shop & look for alternative sources for survival or pray: O’ God please grant us business. They will gang up & blow out the intruder.

  69. Cannabis is cure for mankind al who dont think like theat,or protect farmaceut companyes is a scam,liaer,the fkin noob.I reaserch cannabis many years,i grow it,i smoke it,i live it.Cannabis cures all illnes in world,and gives you a spritual food for your soul.I will die for cannabis,i cure my cancer whit oil,and i dont go on cemoterapyy,i have cancer on my brest and i suffer from shizorfenia.Cnannabis oil,many yoints and many reaserch took me on lvl where i can proudly tell i am cured man.And btw Rick Shimson is god,he dont ewen took 1 single coin,and he have pateints who doctors give them 2 weeks life and they live right now thx to oil.Fk all who thinks wrong!

  70. Is there a possibility these DOCTORS MIGHT LOSE THEIR JOB if they agree that cannabis oil is a possible cure? Does anyone know who is really controlling the medical system…. #@!%#$@#%$!@ I want to know.

  71. My Dad has grade 4 glioblastoma multiforme, please can the author of this article or anyone help? I am desperate and dont know what else to do, the doctors are offering no treatment only palliative, thank you.

  72. Micheal Murray-
    Sir you are ignorant, Cannabis kills cancer its proven but the government cares about the money!!!!!!

  73. well done dave, can i ask which type of method did your guardian angel use to extract the oil ..i:e which solvent,? kindest regards ..andy.

  74. has anyone any idea if the tremors which are apparently reduced by ms withmed weed can help people with normal tremors they say shes not got parkinsons tremors?

  75. Cancer is a deadly disease that needs to be stopped from taking innocent lives. A disease that pays no respect to AGE nor FINANCIAL STATUS should not be allowed to reign instead it should be fight and eradicated.

    After the introduction of chemotherapy and radiotherapy the war against this deadly disease started but the probability that this war can be won using the methods above is not hundred percent certain.

    I was once a prisoner of cancer who used the methods above to begin the fight for my freedom which i got for sometime until the cancer returned with great determination to take my life and i was also determined not to allow it to take my life so i decided to sort for other solutions.

    I met with my doctor who told me about cannabis oil and she also told me about a friend of her’s who treats patients with it, she gave me his Email address( )and asked me to contact him. I contacted him and met him in person, i told him about my situation and asked him what i needed to do.

    He advised me, told me the quantity of oil i needed and how to use it. I followed his instructions and now i have finally gained my freedom.

  76. Great to see someone willing to try alternative medicines that work. Cannabis has long been known to cure cancer amoung a slew of other things.

  77. Doctors aren’t allowed to suggest or recommend ‘anything’ that hasn’t been through strict clinical trials or they risk being investigated and struck off!

  78. And most medical research is funded by drug companies. The drug companies won’t fund something that isn’t going to make them money. A ketogenic diet has been shown to stop cancer in it’s tracks but it isn’t something that’s even suggested to cancer patients, simply because there have been no clinical trials. Cancer rates are at an all time high, what we’re doing to beat it clearly isn’t working. Saying surgery, chemo and radiotherapy are your only options when faced with cancer means that potentially life saving options are being overlooked.

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  85. I wish I knew where I could buy real cannabis oil, I have cancer, doing kemo again. But this cannabis oil sounds like what I need. I have know idea where to find it, or the price. I live on disability, so I’m a summing it is way out of my price range, even if I could find an honest place to buy the real cannabis oil! Anyone have any suggestions for me??

  86. Hi I am making some oil for my farther with leukaemia , I am willing to make it for free for cancer sufferers who need it ….it’s all good

  87. i never believe that there could ever be a cure to my sickness in life, because i have been suffering from cancer disease for the past 6years now, and i have go so many places to make sure my disease get solved, i have visit so many places and taken many medications, but there could be no remedy to my disease, until i contacted Dr Udeize who finally help me out and cured my sickness, so i have nothing to say than to thank Dr Udeize who help me cure the disease called Cancer, which i think it could never be cured, thank you sir, i am here to testify of your good work, thank you sir, please if anyone has a person or he/she is suffering from this disease please contact Dr Udeize now at:
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  88. My friend was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 2 months ago and she took chemo twice soon after and she had surgery to which they said she would have a 10% chance of the surgery getting all of it. About the same time of the surgery they found 3 more tumors in her back, lung and brain. She was feeling very sick at this point and had lost alot of weight and decided to try cannabis oil. She got this oil and had it tested to be 95% THC which is what has been know to cure most cancers among groups who are sharing information over the web. She started right away on the oil after surgery and has steadily increased her dosage until now and she is on 1 gram a day. After 2 weeks she returned to the hospital and they said her blood had improved greatly and the cancer cells in her ovary were all gone but there tumors were still the same in the 3 other places. Its been 4-5 weeks since the surgery and on Friday she went back to the hospital to get scans and the lung tumor is almost all gone and the back and brain tumors have been reduced in size significantly. The doctors cant believe it as she refuses chemotherapy and she aint telling them what she is doing for fear of them calling the police. She feels good in her body and sleeps alot and has put weight back on. She plans to tell the oncologists at the hospital when the time is right.

  89. Hi, Am Sara, my mom was a cancer patient who has been suffering from lungs cancer for the past 5years until she met Dr. George who assisted her with hemp oil treatment that made the pain and the cancer become a thing of the past.

    I’m so happy that my mom can live a normal and painless life once again, thanks to my prof for giving me this email and to Dr George for accepting to attend to my mom and also for his quick response.

  90. Hello, please make contact with me I have been written off by the docs with months only to live – colon and liver are involved. and am looking to cure self with hemp…….. my email is my name is jen…. I am situated in the uk……………

  91. Humans have known about the major anti cancer effects that cannabis oil has since the 1970’s. Due to its low cost it is a threat to the pharmaceutical industry and information about it has been suppressed. I have had a few friends suffer from differing cancers and all of them have told me how their oncologist has agreed with them that cannabis is very useful as a pain relief. As a former drug dealer I used to give cannabis resin to 2 MS sufferers who, after eating a quarter ounce, would thank me for helping reduce their pain. Cannabis is only illegal because it was a threat to the timber and oil industries in the states but now companies are rushing to own the patents to differing cannabis strains. Its all about money. The powers that be only want to save ur life if you are likely to become a useful commodity to them. Governments have lied to so many generations that to tell the truth now is still inconceivable to them.

  92. My father has prostate cancer and has just done this 60gram oil treatment and his psa levels have gone up! I’ve always had very good faith in cannibas but unfortunately not anymore.

  93. How do we know that everything we read is true?
    My father has prostate cancer, and has just finished the cannibas oil treatment and his psa levels have gone up. Can someone explain this??

  94. I’m no stranger to weed, but from enjoying a joint once in a while to believing it cures fucking cancer… I guess I need to smoke more.

  95. Right on! I am pleased to hear this story. Docs can be and are dismissive. So happy for you and your wife. Yay!! :o)

  96. One last thing…don’t listen to those that are being jerks on here. You took control and you guys won!! Not everyone has an open mind. I know that one.

  97. Thats quite a horrific story.The suffering that you went through in the hands of the medical profession -pure torture!
    Yet ,there is so much ignorance and predjustice towards offering patients an effective

    and pain free alternative to the usual treatments.
    By the way,MICHEAL MURRAY is definately an IGNORANT prick!

  98. Also ,Mr Murray its not an anonymous post.the article is by Jeff Ditchfield.

    Did you manage to miss that because you were too busy being an arrogant bum hole?

  99. Micheal Murray is a pathetic busy body with nothing better to do than spout shite and wind people up.Looks like hes doing a great job-Id like to kick him in the nads!

  100. Congrats mate! You chose to live through this and you did. I had some kind of mark on my face on the left suddenly and didn’t go away. It looked like melanoma. I then applied the thc tincture. Only after the first time when I took the plaster with the oil of, I saw a sort of white gelly come of and the spot and was much more bleaker now. After 6 treatments with the oil on it the spot got bleaker and bleaker. The rest of it I could scratch away and now it’s totally gone. Glad I didn’t see the doctor, perhaps I would get a chemo treatment and operation leaving a scarf.

    • why do you keep arguing over this. your a fucking obnoxious piece of shit . go back to where ever the hell you came from YARD APE.

  101. Brianne…….why don’t you grow up please. The fact that you “dont doubt him ” just demonstrates that you are incredibly stupid. Dont doubt who ? Where is he? Where are his medical records ? Why doesnt he stand up and be counted??
    I am not manipulated by the media You are simply part of a brainless cannabis cult which tries to extrapolate the legalization of your drug of choice on the basic of weak pharmacological effects and this story in particular is simply utter fantasy that it cures cancer because someone tells you it does It could be recognized as a completely fantasy by anyone with any modicum of intelligence.

    And as for your dysmenorraghia – try an aspirin and stop your whinging. I have never seen a more overblown description of normal physiology – but hey presto – cannabis cured you…….ye right……… there is a lucky coincidence.

  102. so… people are dying, and trying to stay alive by any means,
    and you people are fighting who’s ignorant and who’s stupid?

  103. We need information how to get and from where we can access cannabis oil. because my brother in law is suffering from cancer and doctor said he is on last stage. we are living in Islamabad Pakistan, we need your help

  104. amasing … fuk the elite its not just free cancer cures they r superssing .. its free energy and free traid too …

  105. My dog was diagnosed with terminal Bladder Cancer…1 month to 6 months to live. Upon diagnoses we began treatment with the Oil. You see, we had already been doing our research concerning this disease. because of this research we knew what to do immediately. We purchased a bag of “Purple Kush” high in THC, made the oil and administered it that night. He became very stoned and couldn’t really stand up. He was alert and his tail wagged when we called his name. He went about his life as per normal. Also, we switched him to a raw food diet (Duck, Chicken, Beef mixed with raw veggies) which I believe is a good part of curing Cancer. His 3 year battle with arthritis seemed to clear up right away. He was playing and running up and down the stairs, which he had not done for more than 3 years. 3 weeks after our Cannabis Oil treatment we took him to the vet to have an ultra-sound and his grapefruit sized tumor was reduced to the size of a grape. 2 weeks after that, he is Cancer free.

    Now you Trolls may not like this testimony due to it not being “peer-reviewed” or from a credible scientist, but it is from me, a human being. I didn’t wait for permission to do this nor did I seek out people whom claim to be “experts”. I just did my own research and decided that I would do it already. It is done now and he is cured. To HELL WITH ANYBODY who come to these sites to troll and create confusion for those desperate and looking for answers. I cured my dog, my little buddy, of Cancer and nothing you say or do can stop that. I shall endeavor to supply or at least make the oil for those who need it. If those with the means and/or the knowledge do the same, we can beat Cancer, bring down the greedy corps and destroy these criminal governments.

    The future depends on YOU. Peace 🙂

  106. That is an amazing story! I have been reading about a cannabis oil a lot last days, my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, he is having chemo but I know it will not help… I was thinking about getting some of that oli for him but I have no idea where to take it from! Could you please advise here?

  107. Yikes- I’ve never seen such vitriole in much of these comments! I don’t know about the cure but would certainly investigate it because I have now heard of this many many times. Of course it is anecdotal because they would not study this in our very conservative country. What I do know is that our quite famous (keynote speaker at many conferences) oncologist recommends marijuana for the symptoms of cancer – it increases appetite which as everyone knows cancer patients must have lots and lots of calories. It also gives you a feeling of well-being which helps you actually live your life comfortably. It can be controlled so you don’t feel “high” and can drive and have a social life. I don’t get why people are so against something which helps someone with cancer. chalk it up to being close-minded.

  108. Hello Everyone,my names is Florence Brown, i m from Florida USA, i want to share my testimonies to the general public on how this great man called Dr Sam Ken cure my cancer, i have been a cancer patient for over 3 years and i have been in pains until i came across this lady when i travel to Africa for Business trip who happen to once been a cancer patient, i explain every thing to her and she told me that there is this Great Dr that help her to cure her cancer and she gave me his email address for me to contact and i did as she instructed and and the man Dr Sam told me how much to buy the Cancer cannabis oil and how i will get it which i did and to my greatest surprise that i took the Cancer cannabis oil for just one week and behold i went to do a cancer test for to my greatest surprise for the Doctor confirm me to cancer free and said that i no longer have cancer in my system and till now i have never felt any pains nor cancer again, so i said i must testify the goodness of this man to the general public for if you are there surfing from this cancer problems or any deadly disease or other disease for i will advice you to contact him on his working email: and i assure you that he will help you just as he did for me okay

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  109. Hello Everyone,my names is Florence Brown, i m from Florida USA, i want to share my testimonies to the general public on how this great man called Dr Sam Ken cure my cancer, i have been a cancer patient for over 3 years and i have been in pains until i came across this lady when i travel to Africa for Business trip who happen to once been a cancer patient, i explain every thing to her and she told me that there is this Great Dr that help her to cure her cancer and she gave me his email address for me to contact and i did as she instructed and and the man Dr Sam told me how much to buy the Cancer cannabis oil and how i will get it which i did and to my greatest surprise that i took the Cancer cannabis oil for just one week and behold i went to do a cancer test for to my greatest surprise for the Doctor confirm me to cancer free and said that i no longer have cancer in my system and till now i have never felt any pains nor cancer again, so i said i must testify the goodness of this man to the general public for if you are there surfring from this cancer problems or any deadly disease or other disease for i will advice you to contact him on his working email: and i assure you that he will help you just as he did for me okay

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  110. Hi, My father has been diagnosed with brain cancer with 8 growths of cancer in his brain. He has been given a short time to live and he is not doing the radio therepy. I am trying to find a source of cannabis oil. I am asking if anyone can contact me privately on with a legitimate source or pointer of where to get this oil. I have looked at making it myself. Many thanks

  111. How can you get hold of this in the UK? My 4 year old son has grade 4 brain cancer (medulloblastoma) which has seeded to his spinal cord, and I’ve been told he only has a few months left. I am in such desperate need, I cannot lose my son. Any help offered would be greatly appreciated

  112. This email is coming from dr. Lamp, i cam a herbal doctor curing all kinds of sickness with my spiritual herbal medicine. email me on my personal email and tell me your sickness so i can prepare the healing herbal medicine to cure that particular sickness. People with different sickness have testified, Cancer, Fibroid, HIV/AIDS, Herpes, burns, etc. email me today and let me free you from that sickness with my herbal spiritual healing medicine.

  113. michael Murray how could you be so blind the only reason it doesn’t have the goverments

    fony ass doctors shouting cannaboids prasies is becasuse here’s what would be put out of business due to it can be grown by anyone courtesy of mother nature.

    Anti depressiants

    pain killers

    Anti inflamatorys

    Epeletic DRUGS

    Apetite stimulants

    basically the whole of the pharmaceutical world (Governments legal drug pushers) Murray your just a drone that only cares about you pissy pay check open your eyes the world isn’t what it should be were nothing more than intelligent animals being severly out smarted by the greedy bastards who only look at us as numbers £££££ fuk the free world we were free in the first place!

  114. Does anyone know where we can get the oil needed to treat cancer of the tongue and mouth; we live in Fla.

  115. Does anyone know how you can get this oil in the UK? My aunty has got 3 different types of cancer and doctors have given her months to live, she’s only 55 and after watching the Rick Simpson documentary I want her to give it a shot. The chemo and radio sure aren’t working, they are just making her worse.

    If anyone knows PLEASE help.

  116. My wife died of breast cancer in 03 December 2012. The cancer had spread throughout her body. She was in extreme pain for years. As far as I know all that could be done was done within the realms of conventional medication.
    Do you think she could have been helped more?

  117. oh my God’ I want to thank Dr obi Akpo for curing my daughter cancer which she has suffered for the pass two years by helping me get the cannabis oil, and instruction on how to use it. immediately I read some testimonies to his credit I decided to give him a chance and after some weeks precisely after applying the hemp oil I saw great improvement in my daughter health. as I am writing this testimony I can say my daughter is completely healed. any one out there who need help, please feel free to contact this Dr with this email address:
    Mrs Karina

  118. I am so grateful to Doctor Kelvin for saving my life with his Hemp Oil Medical service. I give thanks to God almighty for giving me the life time the opportunity to have my life back with the help of Hemp oil gotten from Thomas medical service and i was priviledge enough to meet him with lot of advise on healths and benefit. It is with great pleasure that i inform you all that am no more an Ovarian Cancer patient with mets. Thank you so much Doctor Thomas Kelvin for helping to save my life. For all those who have issue with Cancer should take the problem to Thomas and see it solved for life. Contact:

  119. I have read many stories such as this, I desperately need to get hold of some oil. My husband has terminal lung cancer and after one round of chemo he reacted so badly there is no other treatment for him. Is so unfair that this is not legal and available for all.

  120. My Husband that was highly infected with colon cancer with mets to other parts of the body, he was even given 6 months o live. God, life for the family was a living hell with sorrow in the heart, but today i shouting out to the world that the cannabis oil have save my husband from dying. he is still alive and we are in the 10 months. God is so great to the Faithful.
    Thanks to Thomas that sold the Hemp oil for us that we used in curing my Husband.
    Once again I want to thank Mr. Thomas Kelvin for his wonderful Hemp Oil we are now happy family with my Husband back alive, strong and healthy. You can contact Dr. Thomas on every medical issue on his for more help.

  121. whoever is saying there are no facts proving thc can cure cancer, look up does marijuana cur e cancer on google and find the first GOVERNMENT website. there you will find that in fact studies have been taking place in europe for decades on the positive effects of pot. indeed it does help in stopping unwanted cell growth that is cancer. however, unfortunately not all types of cancer are curable by the thc chemical.

    mark nivsosky PhD in philosophy and daily pot consumer 🙂

  122. I was diagnosed of brain cancer 2006 and I want online searching for help so I saw a testimony on how Dr obodo help people to cure their sickness and even how he help people to get pregnant with herb and black accient powers so I contacted he to help to cure cancer after a while he reply and told all I need to do and once I he cast a spell of cleanse for I will regain back my heart I did and today I’m testified also be`cos Dr Obodo cleanse spell with Herb cure my cancer if you need help from him You can email

    From shyl0 UK

  123. Hello Everyone,my names is Florence Brown, i m from Florida USA, i want to share my testimonies to the general public on how this great man called Dr Sam James cure my cancer, i have been a cancer patient for over 3 years and i have been in pains until i came across this lady when i travel to Africa for Business trip who happen to once been a cancer patient, i explain every thing to her and she told me that there is this Great Dr that help her to cure her cancer and she gave me his email address for me to contact and i did as she instructed and and the man Dr Sam told me how much to buy the Cancer cannabis oil and how i will get it which i did and to my greatest surprise that i took the Cancer cannabis oil for just one week and behold i went to do a cancer test for to my greatest surprise for the Doctor confirm me to cancer free and said that i no longer have cancer in my system and till now i have never felt any pains nor cancer again, so i said i must testify the goodness of this man to the general public for if you are there surfring from this cancer problems or any deadly disease or other disease for i will advice you to contact him on his working email: and i assure you that he will help you just as he did for me okay

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  124. I am Carlos Albert who reside in New York City, U.S.A. I have been suffering from Colon cancer lungs with metastasis to other part of my body. Ever since the discovery of this diseases, my entire life have been depressed and emotional down, it was a Death roll Sentence on my life, but still I honor you all for your prayers and concern toward my life and my family and I earnestly pray for God to be with you all, i also use the medium to thanks to the Dr who God has sent to help me cure this unimaginable, terrible and horrible illness called cancer.
    Knowing that i had colon cancer with mets to some part of my body break my heart and make me lifeless, My family have never knew true peace ever since the diagnose of this disease and period given to live. My wife heard that Hemp Oil could help, and for the price the entire family was strong in faith and willing to try anything that would save my Life, I have completed the treatment regime with total eradication of the disease from all parts of my body.
    I am very grateful to Dr Morris for providing the Hemp Oil medication for me and his Medical Advises. I letting all those fighting against cancerous diseases know that Hemp oil is a hundred percent victorious medication against cancer and related diseases.
    Contact Dr. Morris and see your cancer issues solved for life,
    he is trust wealthy and sincere. have a life time conversation with him Email:
    He put a smile on my family and I honor the days of knowing him and his service.
    Carlos Albert USA.

  125. radiation or chemo has not been successful at all. Keep doing the same thing and you get the same results… Pretty stupid . In other words is killing people legally and very expensive

  126. well michael what research have you personally done on this >>>>>>
    most likely nothing you read article in the dunny while you pulling of to sick underage porn . its time grown ups were fed the truth buy the government and media open your eyes you narrow minded no vision fool!!!!!

  127. This article is so full of garbage its hard to read. Ok so this guy with no name had cancer and he underwent treatment and surgery for that cancer and the cancer spread. So while he is still under the effects of the treatment or is still undergoing treatment he decides to take some oil and comes to an amazing conclusion that it cured his cancer. Its totally out of the question then that his cancer treatment cured the cancer and not the amazing oil? OK so lots of people take this oil and smoke cancer and eat cannabis cakes and die of cancer and so do people who undergo treatment for cancer. So whats the point your oil is going to cure the world and the government and the medical profession is keeping this amazing cure secret? I smoke it myself but I’m pretty sure it wont cure me of cancer should I get it if it was that simple and amazing the medical profession would of isolated the main chemical responsible and made it into a potent drug. The facts are that people with cancer are willing to try anything to cure themselves so some take a wide range of so called cures alongside conventional treatment and its easier to think a treatment that makes you feel good is able to cure you and one that is so potent and awful wont. It works as it kills the cells and that in turn is why it makes you feel so bad it poisons you. The oil is fit for one thing getting high and that’s all sorry to burst bubbles but grow up and do some actual research significant research not old wives tales and tripe written by pot heads and ppl wanting to make a quick buck

    • I cured my grandmother’s cancer with the oil. The doctor’s are shocked and don’t understand why it went away. It works, period.

      • Flip,

        Great to hear about your grandma. Could you provide more info ? eg
        strain/potency/amount taken/type and cancer stage/ time it took/ how she took the oil (under tongue/capsule etc), did she have any conventional treatment?
        appreciate your time

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