Cannabis helps with pain and depression

A personal guest blog from a medicinal cannabis consumer.

I should like to share with you my experience with cannabis.

I am a 21-year-old male who has spent the last year in a lot of chronic pain. I also have depression and have very distrubed and unregular sleep.

I was put on anti-depressants, which completely messed me up. I was extremely high but ‘not at home’ on one of them for over a month. It’s been a very long year.

Add on top of this, my chronic pain was getting worse too. My G.P. has tried me on a lot of different painkillers including opiates which made little or no difference to my health.

Powerful pain killer traMADOL Hydrochloride Tablets had nasty side-effects, cannabis was more effective and safer.There was one pain killer that slightly helped, which was Tramadol and so I tried upping the dose, being directed by my G.P. – the result was I spent 36 hours not being able to urinate and that damaged my bladder very badly. That was in June 2012 and even now I am still have problems urinating even though I’m on no pain medication.

The G.P. sent me to rheumatology, where they first diagnosed me on my first visit with fibromyalgia. Then on the second visit four months later, I saw a different doctor who said I dont have fibromyalgia, but I have some chronic pain condition; he said he couldnt help me and discharged me.

Obviously I was not very happy.

My G.P. sent me for a MRI to check if I had Multiple Sclerosis, as my symptoms closely match M.S. – this came back as negative and now my G.P. is sending me to neurology.

It has now been 13 months since I first went to my G.P. for help and all I’ve ended up with is more pain and a busted bladder! It has not been easy on my depression at all.

Now for the better part of my story …

I had been doing alot of research into the medicinal value of cannabis, so I decided a few weeks ago to try it for the first time.

When I was younger at school many of my friends smoked weed for fun; I didn’t really agree with it, but I didn’t mind. They were sound people, my friends. I had plenty of chances to smoke weed but I never once took them. I did not want to use it for recreational purposes.

Medicinal cannabis dispensary - will we see this in the UK?

Medicinal cannabis dispensary.


Now after a year of pain and problems I had a reason in my mind, which allowed me to justify trying cannabis.

The effect was amazing. I had some Afghan hash I sourced, which was very high grade. My first time the high was amazing although a bit daunting too. However, after a couple of hours relaxing while high playing minecraft (which was fun!) I got up to walk and was amazed.

I had no pain in my legs at all. For the first time in years I walked without feeling pain in every step. My legs felt lightweight, as I was still high high; I went to sleep as it was late.

Overnight I had the best nights sleep in over seven years. I woke up refreshed and ready to get out of bed. This was unusual for me as the chronic pain makes getting up in the mornings very difficult.

When I got up to walk my legs were still pain free although I could gently feel the pain returning. I walked down the stairs for the first time in two years without my knees feeling like they were going to pop out at any moment!

I could not believe it at all! I was walking, I was actually walking normally and most importantly WITHOUT PAIN!

As the days passed I tried some medicinal strains of bud which were just as good for the pain relief.

Another thing, it’s helped me with is my depression. I’ve been able to deal with my thoughts and feelings without getting worried or depressed. I’ve been writing my thoughts and feelings in the form of poetry and short writings and they have helped me understand myself much better.

I could go on and on about how it is currently helping me. The one thing that upsets me however is I’m breaking the law in order to live my pain free life. So far I have cost the NHS a lot of money in G.P. visits, failed medications and expensive scans. The painkillers have only destroyed my bladder costing the NHS even more for my ongoing visits to urology and so on.

It’s amazing how a plant that is ‘illegal’ has given me so much of my life back. I cannot believe that technically I’m a criminal for taking the only medicine I know that stops pain and enables me to live a normal life … cannabis.

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  1. I wish there was some solid research done on cannabis and depression almost everyone that uses it will say how it helps their mood. I have found it the best anti depressant as I have tried almost all the pharmaceutical pills the doctors prescribed me.

  2. I too have had Depression due to motorcycle crash resulting in head injury, I have given it a try also, and the results are amazing in comparison to Pills i used to take – Sertraline

    I can taste things again – could not after the crash due to brain injury
    I feel less stressed and no anxiety

    However the only thing that gets me down is the fact its illegal, time this country followed Colorado!

  3. Some years ago I mentioned that cannabis helped my depression on a forum and no-one took it seriously. I’m so glad you’re confirming what I know is true for me, and I hope it encourages others to do the same.

    I’ve been on every pharma anti-depressant in the book over the last 20 years or so. Very few worked, all had side effects ranging from the trivial to making me become extremely mentally unwell and needing to be taken to hospital in a state of utter terror. A few even caused me heart problems which would cause me to completely lose consciousness on standing up from a seating position.

    Then a friend offered me a bit of hash. I’d never tried cannabis before and was up for trying, and of course I loved it. I didn’t even know it had *any* medical use, and instead fully expected it must be doing me damage, being exposed to the usual propaganda. I was to learn that both of these ‘facts’ were not facts at all but bullshit.

    It wasn’t an instant cure. When I managed to get my hands on an eighth I would smoke every night until it ran out. A curious thing happened – during those periods my depression lifted in the daytime, my anxiety was reduced and, contrary to the stereotype – I felt well enough to have the motivation to do some things that I would never have done otherwise. I didn’t realize it; it was other people asking if they’d put me on something and/or remarking on how much better I was. When I had dry periods I would slowly return to the usual.

    Best of all? It had no horrible side effects.

    Bottom line : Cannabis changed my life for the better, and it has never changed it for the worse. I cannot say the same for *any* of the anti-depressants and highly addictive benzos I was prescribed. I’m not saying it’ll work for everyone’s depression, but it was the best anti-depressant I ever took.

  4. c’est vraiment incroyable oui, que se soit la plante qu’on nous interdit qui nous soignent le mieux..! mais pourtant c’est bien vrai.. et le pire c’est que encore une autre plante interdite par la lois pourrait soigner et améliorer la vie de notre amis Jacob c’est l’erythroxylum coca…(complement alimentaire, feuille ou farine..) regardez les propriétés… Bon courage Jacob et soigne toi au mieux..cannabiquement votre!

    • No real new threat. It was deemed an offence to drive under the influence of drugs (poisons and medicines) a long time ago.
      The Police, on slow boring nights, will often sit outside a pub or club and wait for people coming out to see if any go to their cars and drive off. Those that do are often stopped and checked for alcohol. Easy money for the cops. This isn’t much different.
      Drink OR drive.
      Drugs OR drive.
      With most substances, this is a no-brainer but with Cannabis’ D9THC still remaining within one’s body for about a month afterwards, the Cannabis consumer is getting a little ticked-off that they could be done for drug-driving without actually being under the influence.
      A new “Cannabis-Influence-Driving” test should be devised rather than the easy and misleading chemical test. IMHO

  5. Really intrigued by this. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (and considered that the author may have the same – bad sleep, FM, poor joints, chronic full body pain, bowel trouble…) and really find it helps to smoke. I’ve been looking into whether there’s a legal option to take it for health reasons. Helps my mood, aids sleep and reduces pain so I can do things and be nicer to be around. And reduces the worry of building a complete tolerance to opiates, which would mean no hope for the future when my condition degenerates or I have a flare up. I agree that it makes sense and would in fact save the NHS money. Also interested in the pill forms that are available – I’ve found smoking as oppose to using in cooking or via a bong, gives a much better affect but I’d prefer to have the affect without the side affects that come with smoking. Hope the government come to see the benefits on offer and at least make medicinal use more widely available.

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