Jo Martin Moss is new NORML UK secretary

NORML UK have welcomed Jo Martin Moss to the team. She replaces Sarah McCulloch as the new NORML UK secretary. 

Jo is an activist and a medicinal consumer of cannabis herself.  She has been using cannabis to treat Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. “I use cannabis for pain management, it also stops most of the cramps/spasms and electric shocks that come along with CRPS,” says Jo.

Jo had previously been prescribed all sorts of pharmaceutical medications, all of which had horrible side-effects and did little to help. Jo’s condition deteriorated in 2008 to the point where she needed to use a wheelchair. Jo had been aware of the therapeutic effects of cannabis, however was only a user of street grade cannabis, it was not until spent time in a warmer climate in 2011 and started to experiment with different strains of cannabis that she really started to know the true medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant. She also for the first time tried consuming edible cannabis.

Jo Martin Moss, NORML UK secretary and medicinal cannabis consumer

Jo Martin Moss

By the summer of 2012, the wheelchair was gone and her experience inspired Jo Martin Moss to look into starting Sunshine Project in Ibiza, Spain, an therapeutic retreat for patients to holiday in a warm climate and have access to medical grade cannabis.

“The idea came out of my own experiences of the better climate vastly improving my overall health in a short space of time; this and the availability of organically grown medical cannabis. Having got myself walking again from being pretty much wheelchair bound, with a atrophied leg,  I have a pretty good idea of what is needed to help others try the same.

“Although I was still using sticks when I went to Ibiza and could only walk 20m easily with the medicinal cannabis in Spain and the sunshine within a few months I could walk a couple of kilometres.”

The Sunshine Project suffered a huge setback last August due to a fire which destroyed the home of a friend where Jo had been staying in Ibiza.

“In August 2012 there was an electrical fault in the caravan next to the home where i had been staying, which caused a fire that destroyed pretty much everything there”

“I’m now back in the UK and intend to stay here until after the birth of my first grandchild in July. The fire was just a setback and I have every intention of moving forward with it,” says Jo.

Jo joined NORML UK after being approached by Tina Mendes, when the position of secretary came up, Jo very kindly offered to take on the task.

“I joined NORML UK because I finally felt there was a cannabis law reform organisation I wanted to be involved with. I wanted to support NORML from a distance to help get it going.

“Tina asked me to get involved with the NORML UK medical team and I was happy to get involved whilst I have time on my hands to do something constructive,” said Jo Martin Moss.

NORML UK Treasurer, Chris Bovey, welcomed Jo to the team, saying her experience and vast knowledge of medicinal cannabis will be a great asset to NORML UK.

“We are very happy to have Jo help us while she is in the UK, particularly as we are organising our first NORML UK annual conference in the Spring,” said Chris.

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