EXCLUSIVE: United Kingdom Cannabis Social Club Announce Website Launch

Just over a year after its conception the UKCSC is ready to launch its new website and home for the affiliation of local grass roots groups across the UK all campaigning for drug consumer equality and a safer alternative to prohibition.

UKCSC BADGEThe Cannabis Social Club movement was started in Spain by growers and consumers that were fed up of the black market system that offered over priced and under quality cannabis. They operate as private, members only clubs and only grow as much as they need. The product is not leaked onto the black market and the money being exchanged is not for profit and doesn’t go into funding organised crime.

Approximately 9% of the UK population use cannabis which is one of the highest user rates in Europe, does it seem sensible to gift this market to the organised criminals that cause so much of a problem in our society? Does it seem sensible to criminalise that 9% of the population just because they choose to use an herb for recreational, medicinal or spiritual reasons? If your answer is yes, you may well be a Daily Mail reader and need to undergo psychological evaluation.

Cannabis consumers in the UK have had enough of the prejudice, the stereotyping, the bad spin in the media and the blatant persistent lies from the Government about cannabis’ medicinal value. Cannabis consumers are sick and tired of having to hide themselves and their true personalities because of the consequences it may have on their work, international travel or family relations. Cannabis consumers are disgusted that they risk a longer custodial prison sentence than child sex offenders.

In 2011 The United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs was founded and the emergence of local grass roots activist groups across the country has continued to grow steadily into 2013. Their main objective is to educate and inform cannabis consumers and members of the public with the truths about cannabis and the dangers of continuing a costly prohibition. They hold local meetings, engage with their politicians and are gearing up for some 420 friendly events across the United Kingdom throughout the year. These social events provide a great environment to meet many like minded people and I can safely say on a personal level that I have made some friends I know I will have for life.

The UKCSC are campaigning for legal and unimpeded domestic cultivation rights, 277243_452014838178067_1451062196_o1-300x300for age regulation, cannabis product testing and legally licensed commercial cannabis gardens. The UKCSC welcome the growth of the legal cannabis industry which will provide thousands of jobs across the United Kingdom suitable to many that are unable to get work currently or have been stopped from getting work because of cannabis related convictions. It would allow many cannabis farmers to work legally at a job they have already worked hard at becoming good at. Not everyone that grows cannabis is evil as you may have been made to think.

In a BBC article dating back to 2010 it states that “the British cannabis market has grown from scratch to an annual value of about £5bn ($7.7bn) over the past thirty years. That’s more than twice the annual UK beer sales achieved by the country’s biggest brewer Scottish & Newcastle.” This money is completely untaxed.

Gangs in the UK are able to make a quick profit by growing and selling cannabis. The demand is high and so is the price, inflated because of the risk prohibition adds to the product. This artificially high price and the profits that go to those gangs would very quickly disappear if cannabis consumers could go into a Cannabis Social Club where the product is certified clean, tested and you have information about the particular strain available when you make a choice…another thing that the black market doesn’t often provide and never with legitimacy.

Cannabis Social Clubs have spread to other countries in Europe such as Belgium and France where they actually have some of the harshest cannabis laws in the continent. Spanish citizens have a constitutional protection to cultivate cannabis on their own property for their own use as they have the right to privacy. British citizens are already well accustomed to the Dutch Coffeeshop scene and there was even a stint back in the early 2000’s that saw a succession of them open here. From Worthing to Rhyl to Stockport, cannabis consumers came out in numbers and supported the venture by some brave entrepreneurs. The police did not support so kindly.

We are not so fortunate in the UK and The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 is what has directed police to break and enter into millions of cannabis consumers homes over the last 40 years. With a policy being enforced so strongly and at exponential cost to the public at a time where financial resources are scarce wouldn’t you have expected to see some success?

The evidence and support is overwhelmingly on our side now and together we can help share the tools and skills to start making progress towards a safer, fairer, more respectable market for the cannabis consumer and one that protects those that are most vulnerable. There has never been a better time to get involved. Find your local UKCSC here and visit http://CannabisClubs.co.uk to subscribe to our newsletter and be notified about our new website launch! The UKCSC are proud to be working closely with NORML UK for the rights of cannabis consumers and campigning for safer and fairer policies. 

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