London Cannabis Club passes 20,000

By Chris Bovey

The London Cannabis Club today passed 20,000 likes on its Facebook page, making it the largest cannabis orientated Facebook page in the UK.

Of course, these are just Facebook likes, not all of them come from London, or indeed the UK.

The London Cannabis Club is certainly the most active UK page for cannabis discussion, popular for its daily bud pics, which often get hundreds of likes and shares. As well as the cannabis pics, the London Cannabis Club promotes cannabis articles for discussion and has very kindly been a platform to share news and information about NORML UK.

Orson Boon's London Cannabis Club

London Cannabis Club


The London Cannabis Club was founded two years ago by Orson Boon at the beginning of 2011. It is part of a the wider national organisation known as the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs. Orson, who uses it both recreationally and as a medicine to treat back pain, said he was delighted with the growth of the London Cannabis Club.

He continued, “I’m delighted by the rapid growth of the LCC, it just goes to show people who use cannabis aren’t alone. There are millions of us who all need to stand up and fight our out of date, backwards laws. Nobody should be getting locked up for using a plant that human beings have been using successfully for thousands of years – spark up your joint, be proud to be a cannabis consumer and lets start the revolution!”

NORML UK Outreach Director, Greg de Hoedt who also works on the national side of the UKCSC congratulated the London Cannabis Club on passing the 20k like mark. He said: “It’s nice to see so many people ready to show that they are open to the idea of being more open about their like for cannabis. When we refuse to speak up or show our true colours you are letting the prohibitionists and the rhetoric win. London Cannabis Club has certainly shown that coming out and giving recoginition of your support can pull a lot of good people together!

“London is a very diverse and multi-cultural city, there is a huge cannabis culture here already so why the 60,000 arrests for cannabis in 2011? Imagine the beauty of London combined with the freedom to peacefully smoke a joint on the terrace of a Cannabis Cafe? I think it would be a much more socially acceptable and appealing to the public than alley deals made by 16-year-olds with knives?”

London Cannabis Club

London Cannabis Club gets 20,000 likes on Facebook.


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