Out of the red and into the black

By James Sutherland

Not being on the medical cannabis scene long I would like to get people to know some good success stories that may help them too. I know it is not a cure for most of us since we have to rely on it to lead a normal life but I do want to help those with my story.

I have been disabled for over five years due to countless operations (over 30) on my stomach from birth which gave me nerve damage. I was forced onto morphine for five years making me sick as a dog and I was getting worse. I looked into cannabis seriously and it worked for me perfectly. The trouble is now I can live life normally again I want to create something out of my life. I want to have a career and be able to work properly without having to lose my job because of a medicine I need to take.

Me and my brother are unemployed as he is only 20 and spends hours trying to find jobs but there is little out there for people his age. I can’t work because of my medicine so we decided to start making a company together. I started setting up the IT firm before Christmas with my brother but due to limitations we were not able to do anything about it. We got ourselves semi into the clear and I have spent a week working myself to the bone to create our IT website to push out. We have jobs lined up already and it is looking to be good as I only launched the website tonight.

James Sutherland uses cannabis to help cope with his disability.

Medicinal Cannabis Consumer James Sutherland with his brother Ross.


With a special inhalator I can work without anyone knowing and be pain free and be able to work for myself again. If the Government would give us more help in the medical cannabis community we would be able to work normal jobs without being discriminated against because  we use something they deem to be illegal. I said it in my last post “why can people spend their weekends legally throwing pure poison alcohol into their bodies but I can’t use this to lead a normal life”.

I am open with my MP about it and he is helping me every way he can but his hands are tied, but he may be kind enough to give us some advice as he runs his own company.

This issue of medicinal cannabis needs to be looked at more seriously by Mr Cameron but it does not look like it will happen. That is why I will push myself to my full potential and show that a normal working life can be done like any prescription drug they give out. You don’t get fired for taking a painkiller for a headache, so why should I not be able to use a special vaporiser to get rid of my stomach pain?

I should like to make it clear I support the recreational usage of cannabis too. Medication is recreation and recreation is medication. It is crazy that both medicinal and recreational consumers of cannabis face criminal sanctions for possession or supply of a substance that is scientifically proven to be safer than alcohol and tobacco. The notion that cannabis is “illegal” anyway is absurd, since cannabis is a plant; how can a plant be legal or illegal? That is why I joined NORML UK, to join the fight for our liberty and personal freedoms. The law has no need to control me (or anybody else) as a person for my personal consumption of cannabis, since it is not contributing directly to any social harms.

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  1. Some excellent points in here especially mostly the last paragraph. It needs explaining, the cannabis is a plant part, so how can it be legal or illegal. This might confuse as it wouldn’t matter if it was synthetic cannabis, the point would be the same, it still, as an OBJECT, can never be legal or illegal as the law controls our ACTIONS. The reason they want you to think that IT is illegal when “IT” is YOU is that they can extinguish all rights via objectification. Whilst the OBJECT gives rise to the realisation of the SELF, the agency of the person is subsumed by an indivisibly supposedly unlawful OBJECT which actually does not exist. The prohibitionist enforces this deception (assisted by ignorant groups like Release and Transform) who preserve the drug dealing racket in tobaccco and alcohol via the LIE of ‘Legal drugs’ – the very lie the reform groups repeat.

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