Limit on THC percentage is mega-stupid

… and, it goes without saying, also denigrating.

By Nol van Schaik

The foolish idea from Ministers Opstelten and Schippers to place a limit on the THC percentage in cannabis is totally stupid, counterproductive, and it stimulates criminality. And that, while people don’t yet really know how to control these percentages.

Minister Opstelten wants to ban cannabis over 15% THC from Dutch coffeeshops.

Ivo Opstelten at the VVD (Liberal Party) Congress. “And now, everybody in chorus! Away with the weed! Otherwise they won’t drink as much!”


If people wanted to enforce and control that kind of limitation on alcohol percentages, for example, it would be a little easier to carry out. If a maximum of 15% would also be established on drink, the bottles of alcoholic drinks with more than 15% alcohol could be taken off the shelves, and kept out of restaurants and bars. Just like all other products to be sold, bottles of alcoholic drinks come with a label on which it’s clearly stated what ingredients the concerned product contains. So, with alcoholic drinks, the alcohol percentage is on the label; – easy!

Dutch Government Minister Edith Schippers wants to see a limit of 15% on Dutch cannabis sold in the coffeshops.

Minister Edith Schippers

For the rest that’s completely normal, because world-wide, every producer is required to state the contents and the ingredients in the product.

With cannabis, it’s different, because producers of cannabis are considered unlawful and illegal. Due to their illegal status and hidden production spaces, they can’t be held to a requirement to paste a label with the THC, CBD and CBN percentages on their product. Ministers Opstelten and Schippers don’t see that as a problem. They’re simply shifting the requirement for the cannabis producer onto the cannabis retailer, the coffeeshop owner.

This cannot and simply should not be, because just like the consumer, the retailer ought to be informed about the contents and composition of a product via a label or sticker on, or attached to the product. If Opstelten and Schippers don’t know this then in my opinion they’re too dumb to dance for the devil and absolutely unfit for their responsible positions.

Further, a limit on THC in cannabis is especially denigrating, because with this regulation the ministers are in fact declaring that cannabis consumers are not capable of controlling their intake, whatever the THC percentage might be.

Cannabis consumers are particularly good at controlling the amount of cannabis to put in their joint or waterpipe. Note with attention the fact that Ice hash, the strongest form of hash there is, causes no problems of an overdose. The cannabis consumer, – knowing that Ice hash is a concentrate of the trichomes that make up Dutch weed, – rolls 5 – 7 joints from a gram of Ice hash, while the same consumer would roll 2 -3 joints from a gram of Dutch weed.

Dutch Government plans to ban cannabis with over 15% THC

My grandfather and my father were hotel, restaurant and cafe proprietors, so they served drinks to their customers; – beer, wine, and jenever [“Dutch gin”]. Even if my grandpa or my pa served the customers while being plastered behind their bar themselves, they knew that you tapped beer in a beer glass, served wine in a wine glass, and jenever in a shot glass. In this manner, each alcoholic refreshment contains one dose of alcohol, so that someone who has drunk three glasses of wine has ultimately had just as much alcohol as someone who has consumed three beers, or three shots of liquor.

My forefathers’ more-or-less drunken customers knew that too, because if my father should serve beer in a shot glass, every drunk would protest since that’s not the way it’s supposed to be!

Ministers Opstelten and Schippers, both unrealistic idealists, think that a cannabis consumer is incapable of controlling his intake of strong, or less-strong cannabis products. We find that humiliating! With this regulation, cannabis consumers are being classed a rung lower than alcohol consumers, the boozers, who cause all kinds of social problems after consuming their well-dosed drinks.

Cannabis consumers hardly cause any problems at all, not even if they’ve consumed the strongest cannabis varieties. They just reach a high degree of relaxation, and they don’t bother people with aggressive behavior. Such a thing as “cannabis misuse” doesn’t exist, because when a cannabis consumer has smoked enough, it’s enough; – while the drunkards keep on drinking and often overdose themselves, with all the well-known consequences.

Nol van Schaik

100% cannabist

Nol van Schaik is a coffeeshop entrepreneur and cannabis activist from, Haarlem, the Netherlands. The article was translated by JP Morgan, the original article in Dutch can be found here –


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