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By Jo Martin Moss

In the US there are now 18 states, and Washington DC, where medical cannabis is available to patients with Medical Marijuana Cards from specialist cannabis dispensaries under state law. A further 10 States have Pending Legislation to Legalise Medical Marijuana. In the UK Sativex was recently scheduled, giving it legitimate and medical use, and there are many patents and licenses applied for globally with regard to different whole plant cannabis extracts, individual cannabinoids and synthetic cannabinoids, for many different potential health benefits.

NORML UK Medical Cannabis TeamMost people like a positive story, and there are not so many of them around in these days of austerity and corruption, especially where cannabis is concerned. Mary Brett and Peter Hitchens must have been having collective kittens over the highly successful 420 event in Hyde Park, this past weekend. Here at NORML UK we believe it is very important to share positive medical cannabis stories, which help to inform the wider public about the many different health benefits of cannabis, especially in  chronic illnesses, where cannabis has proved to be the only effective long term therapy for many patients.

NORML UK medical campaign team now has two Patient Liaison contacts. Terri Malaika, who is based in Wales, and Neil Deakin, who is based in England. Both will be supporting medical cannabis patients, in their country, to share their stories. If there is anyone who would be interested in taking on this role for Scotland, please contact Tina Mendes, Medical Campaign Director via to express your interest in this Medical Campaign Team role. Please include a contact number or skype details in your email.

Terri and Neils´ primary role is to liaise with medical cannabis patients, who wish to share their story, and to help them identify the way in which they are most comfortable doing this. They will also be on hand to help patients with any aspect of sharing their testimony.

There are a variety of ways in which you can share your story:-

  • Simply writing your testimony yourself and submitting to via email. (all published testimonies will be proofread and edited where necessary, prior to publication in a dedicated section on the NORML UK website). Please feel free to choose your level of anonymity, as we understand there are reasons, why people may not wish to  be identified. You are however welcome, to submit a photograph of yourself to be published with your story.
  • By recorded interview, Patient Liaison can arrange this via video call for a voice recording or in person for video interviews, which will be carried out by Greg De Hoedt. Your video testimony will be published on our NORML UK website and on our upcoming NORML UK youtube channel. Please email with your contact details. It would be helpful for our interviewers if you could fill in our online survey beforehand, in order that they can prepare questions to ask during your interview.
  • By filling in our online survey.  Link and further information below. Whilst we are using survey monkey, most of the questions are not designed to produce answers for data analysis. More to give you prompts for information needed to help write your testimony for you. If you answer the questions, one of our writers, in the strictest confidence, will compose your testimony from the answers provided. Before your story is published, the writer will communicate with the patient, to ensure that the testimony is accurate. Any amendments necessary can be discussed directly between patient and writer.

Medical Cannabis Patient Survey

A survey by NORML UK Medical Campaign Team to find medical cannabis success stories for use in educational leaflets, on our website and to be used anonymously as anecdotal evidence by people defending cannabis related charges in court. At the end of the survey there are questions designed to seek your permission on how the data you supply can be used. All answers will be treated in the strictest confidence, and nothing identifying individuals will be published without their prior consent. Please answer all 21 questions before clicking submit survey. Thank you.

The survey is sent using encryption and if you wish to fill in completely anonymously, we recommend using Tor Browser.

Please click the link below to start the survey.

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  1. Hey everyone, just another 22 year old male living under an oppressive ‘democracy’ where your freedoms aren’t what you thought they were. I have had a bad time coping with depression over the last few years, plus the anxiety attacks which have plagued me ever since the untimely death of my step dad, who suffered a heart attack in front of me, I have used cannabis as it seems to be the only plant/substance/whatever that alleviates the symptoms of both my depression and anxiety, now this seems like i’m hiding behind excuses, but I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety by my doctor, who gave me prozac, which in turn made me worse, anyway after a few months of having nothing to help me with my condition at all, I thought i’d try cannabis as I know all about the medicinal properties of this wonder plant, and, lo and behold, my symptoms were drastically reduced within half an hour of eating/smoking/ingesting cannabis. I just want to highlight the fact to the British Government that if I find cannabis to be helping me, no law, police officer/oppressor will intimidate me into not using this substance, which helps me face the day, which helps me cope with day to day life in 21st century Britain (working too much for not enough money) just to hammer the point home, I was arrested in 2010 for possession of a small amount of cannabis, and rather than putting me off using cannabis, it has made my resolve stronger and it has made me more determined to use it, this is an example of the epic failure of the war on drugs and it highlights the reality that we need a better way of regulating the less harmful substances whilst researching more into tackling harder drugs and alcoholism, which we all know kills more people every year than cannabis ever will (yes i’m aware that cannabis has no recorded fatalities) anyway, everybody who has just a shred of common sense will know what needs to be done in this country, LEGALIZE CANNABIS, regulate it, and we won’t need NORML UK, democracy was born out of desire of free thinking and civil liberties, please return our basic fundamental rights to us, ACT NOW PEOPLE! ONE LOVE 😉

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