Danny Holmes serving 10 years in Malta for cannabis

Help get Danny out of a 10 year prison sentence for possession of cannabis

By Andy Ward

I write this to appeal to you for a few seconds of your time to sign an important online petition which will help a British man (who is my friend) potentially get out of a Maltese jail where he is currently serving a ten year jail sentence for possession of cannabis.

Danny Holmes given 10 years in prison for growing a small amount of cannabis.

Danny Holmes sentenced to 10 years in Malta for a small amount of cannabis.



I first met Danny when I was living in Gozo, a small island in the mediterranean off Malta. A keen fisherman and swimmer with a skill for harpooning, I spent many happy days fishing and snorkelling with him. He used to enjoy catching his own dinner from the ocean and rarely failed. I enjoyed his happy go lucky attitude and his willingness to help other people. A nice guy who was liked by many.

I was aware at the time that Danny and his friend (who was also implicated – but I believe has since killed himself) was growing a little weed for his own personal use,  although I didn’t see any plants, but he certainly wasn’t selling any. We were well aware at the time that this was something that the Maltese authorities frowned up quite severely. His friend definitely seemed to be the driving force behind the project.

When it all went wrong, Danny was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison – admitting that it was all him. I don’t know if they tortured him or what to get an admission, what I do know is he shouldn’t be serving 10 years for growing himself a little weed.

As a father, and ex-police officer I cannot remain silent about this enormous miscarriage of justice – a mistake has been made by the Maltese police and now huge suffering is being inflicted on this frankly lovely man, who was an asset to the community of Gozo.

Please, take a few seconds of your time to sign this petition so an innocent man may one day have the chance of seeing his daughter again. Your efforts are hugely appreciated.


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  1. Most of us Maltese are ashamed of what the authorities did to Daniel.

    All this happened because of flaws in our legislation namely:

    1) Sharing is dealing. If you smoke weed with your friend BOTH you and your friend can be accused of trafficking – with each other!

    2) Cultivation, no matter how small the amount or whether it is for personal use, is the equivalent of drug trafficking and punished with the same sentences.

    Daniel Holmes never sold any drugs but because of these flaws, was punished like a drug dealer.

    We, concerned Maltese aren’t going to stop here on this issue and will keep fighting for justice towards Daniel.

    Please sign the petition because we might find it useful.

    Robert Callus


    • Robert,

      Please speak for yourself. Not everyone agrees with you.

      1. The laws in Malta are exactly the same as UK. There is no such thing as sharing drugs as otherwise pushers can become one of convenience.

      2.Again same as in any country even in Holland

      Its OK to be caught with a few grams on you but a plant denotes production.

      How can the law distinguish between those that grow plants for profit and those that do not otherwise?

      • John Cordina “2.Again same as in any country even in Holland

        Its OK to be caught with a few grams on you but a plant denotes production”

        As someone who lives in Holland, I can confirm that growing is 100% not seen in the same light as trafficking.

        In fact, every adult can have up to 4 (IIRC, could be 3) plants each without fear of prosecution as this is seen as being for personal use.

        Please don’t state something as fact without checking first, it can make you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • Scooter – a simple google search proves your the one not really knowing what you’re talking about … much like what Holmes did … what you believe to be true in a foreign country may not be black on white.


          “However, growers will have to hand over the plants to police immediately if they get an official visit, the court said.”

          “The public prosecution department had argued that the weight of the yield broke regulations allowing individuals to have up to five grammes of marijuana for their own use.”

          Which means:

          a. This is actually quite a recent verification
          b. It was actually challenged by the Dutch authorities
          c. Not so clear cut either

          So here-in you prove my point. Would I risk going about growing plants in Holland knowing that I am somewhat safe from prosecution? Heck no! Why? Cause I’m not a lawyer and sense dictates one should err on the side of safety.

          Have fun … play safe. Peace 🙂

  2. A disgusting sentence. However, one should be aware of the legal guidlines for sentences, in whichever respective country you are growing in.

  3. It would help people who grow for themselves to know exactly how he got caught so that they don’t make the same mistake, can anyone shed any light on this?

  4. 10 years! And I thought UK laws on cannabis use was backward. Put the shame back on the British government Malta. Show us the way for once.

  5. This is insane! I do not even use cannabis, but believe that it should be legalized and everyone should be free to grow it. I do not know how much tourism Malta gets, but we need to start boycotting places like this with our tourist dollars — maybe then they will adopt a different attitude about a plant that is MUCH safer than alcohol or cigarettes!
    This is 10 years of a person’s life these jerks are screwing with … MALTA IS OFF MY TOURISM LIST!

  6. It is indeed a sad day for Malta when they do this to their own people. Your government is about as sick as the Canadian Harper Government. Is Malta afraid of trade embargoes if they don’t do what the USA prescribes as acceptable?

  7. It is an abominable act on the government’s behalf to use Danny as a means of showing the world how harsh and firm their stand on Cannabis is. Taking every single Maltese law into consideration, I want to know how this can be ethically acceptable on any grounds. What kind of a human being would view this sentence as just and acceptable? Since when was growing a prohibited substance for personal use a crime that merits a ten year sentence and a 23k Euro fine? I am not even a user of Cannabis, but I am of the opinion that people should have the right to recreational drug indulgence as long as it does not have dominant and damaging effects on the society. Substances like coke showed how devastating they could be when a large portion of the society uses it; take a look at the drug cartels that existed in Miami in the 20th century and the levels of violence and gunning associated with it. Marijuana has been coming in and out of Florida for decades and no such societal damage has been incurred by it. I am yet to see a single such incident associated with Marijuana. As it does not personally affect me, or any members of the society, whether or not people smoke grass and/or grow it, I really fail to see the logic from a governmental standpoint. The only thing that makes sense is the amount of money that is generated from citizens and for the governments through marijuana prohibition and anti-marijuana policing efforts and policies; lobbying from powerful pharmaceutical companies and perhaps even alcohol manufacturers are certainly forces that are coming into play here. It’s disappointing that lives like these have to be ruined for the sake of governmental funding and pharmaceutical companies’ survival. When you look at the number of people that have been ruined as a result of these kinds of cases, you really start to wonder whether or not it’s worth it.

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