No flash car, or expense account, not even a wage!

No flash car, or expense account, not even a wage! Just the satisfaction of trying to educate and drive change.

CV enhancement opportunities within NORML UK team. Board and non board positions available.

By Jo Martin Moss

If you have time to spare and something to offer in terms of real experience in any of the following director roles, then come and share it with the team at NORML UK What´s more, you don´t have to be a cannabis consumer to get involved here, (it is not a prerequisite) You just need a commitment to ending the failed, so called War on Drugs, for common sense to prevail over corporate greed, and for our government to use evidence based policies for their cannabis legislation and regulations.

There are also a variety of non board roles available locally and nationally.

None of the positions displayed, currently, carry any financial reward, although the actual traveling costs of attending physical board meetings, or external meetings on behalf of NORML UK will be met for those who need help to do so.

Current and Future NORML UK Board Vacancies

Director of Education: Needs a motivated and creative person to work with the Research, Harm Reduction and Medical Campaign Teams to develop educational, well referenced educational material and  programs for adults and young people in the UK.  The aim of this campaign area is to counter prohibitionist myths and to promote harm reduction measures for people who consume cannabis. Experience of producing educational literature or delivering educational programs in any field would be extremely beneficial to this role.

Public Relations and Media Director – To work closely with all other board members in preparing all published media. Must have media and press experience, also experience of  writing, editing, blogging, social networking and public speaking. The primary role will be to administrator our online presence, such as co-ordinating the release of items on NORML UK website, Facebook, Twitter and other identified social networking sites. Expected to help produce media packs for specific events, and press releases, and to assist the Executive & Deputy Directors with national media appearances. To identify all possible media opportunities, and places/publications away from the internet/social networking where we can start to get our message across.  It is envisaged that the director will create a team to assist with maintaining our public internet presence and sharing information. To look at the possibilities of NORML UK attending music festivals with a harm reduction campaign. Graphics experience, preferable but not essential.

Executive Director NORML UK board – Will be expected to carry out the role of primary spokesperson for the organisation. You will need to be confident, presentable and have some significant previous experience in this area.  You will be expected to attend all NORML UK board meetings, either in person or via skype, as the nature of the meeting dictates. You will be expected to take your turn with other board members, in chairing meetings to ensure the smooth running of the meeting, and that all matters on the agenda are covered in a timely manner. You will be working closely with the other members of the board and wider administration team, to help promote and deliver our short and long term aims and objectives. You will need excellent oral and written communication skills, and understand the need for working as part of a team. Most importantly you will be passionate about the campaign for the reform of cannabis laws  both in the UK and globally. To network with other credible drug law reform organisations both in UK and abroad, to keep up to date with the latest developments with regards global drug law reforms, medical cannabis product licensing, in conjunction with other directors.

Director of Research To guide and direct NORML UK´s team of researchers. To assist the team source peer reviewed scientific research,and collect and store centrally, information pertaining to the needs of all NORML-UK Directors for use on campaigns, fighting misinformation, helping patients and all other NORML-UK requirements. Generate campaigns, articles, flyers and media that encourage public safety and better awareness of the real dangers of prohibition. To create a common sense and fact based alternative to Talk to Frank, working specifically in conjunction with Directors of Education and Harm Reduction for this project.

Political Lobbying Director: one of the spokespeople for the organisation, working with other board members to provide an effective liaison with external organisations, politicians, the media, the public. To include lobbying for civil rights and recreational cannabis consumption. Responsible for working with board and executive committee members to develop a comprehensive political strategy.

Candidates to fill board vacancies must be active members of NORML UK and capable of carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the position. All new board applicants will undergo interview with the rest of the board, where they will be asked to demonstrate their capacity to undertake the position they have applied for.

Please send any applications and nominations for the above posts to It is essential that you enclose your CV or Bio giving your experience to date, as part of your application.

Please check the NORML UK bylaws which give further details of nomination procedures and definitions.

NORML UK Public Meeting December 2012

NORML UK Public Meeting December 2012

Current Vacancies non board positions

Researchers – required to undertake ongoing searches for the latest information for ongoing projects and to carry out ad hoc research for individual requests from members of the board, other teams, and to monitor specific feeds for news,

Graphic Designers – required to undertake the design of leaflets, presentations, promotional material for events, using our corporate designs and logos, with written material compiled by others, ready to be designed and formatted for printing to the specifications given. You will need access to your own equipment and software. Also to create specific meme type posters for defined campaigns.

Bloggers/Writers – to help compile the text for leaflets, articles and educational materials from research material and information supplied. as and when you requested to do so, and to also source other ideas for blogs relevant to the campaign, which can be discussed and explored with the rest of the team.

Qualified legal and medical advisers, to help answer many of the referrals we get. Professionals with an interest in cannabis law reform, civil rights and cannabis as medicine are welcome to join us, and provide expert opinions and advise.  NORML UK are regularly contacted by people who are having problems with the legal system and need some sound advise from legal professionals with direct experience or specific in this area of UK law.

We are also interested in hearing from any law students who have a specific interest in the UK or UN laws surrounding cannabis, and have something to say on the matter.

Regional/ local co-ordinators liaising with UK CSC´s for events, media contacts etc.  People, who are willing to be a regional or local link between NORML UK national and the UK CSCs. This role will also require that you make the media team aware of any local cannabis related breaking news and to provide suitable candidates for local cannabis related press, tv or radio interviews. This is a grass roots role and an essential part of the success of the campaign. You will liaise with the relevant directors and promote NORML UK events at a local level, regularly liaise with the UK CSCs admins in your area to share information and events.

Fundraisers & Promoters

To help with raising funds for or promoting specific campaigns or events though national and international social networking sites and through local initiatives.

Social Networking Information Sharers

We give you posts, blogs, links etc and you share them on your own page, or pages, or in groups you are admins for across FB, Twitter, Pintrest, Google + etc.

If you are interested in any of the non board positions please email with your contact details and some details about your experience to date, indicating which role/s you would be interested in.

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  1. I just wanted to say whilst I do not believe I fulfill the requirements (to my own satisfaction and indeed to yours) to assume any of the vacancies described above, I will continue to work closely with the UKCSCs and NORML UK whilst progressing LincsCC & if I can ever be of assistance in anything specific please do not hesitate to ask me.
    We’re really going somewhere guys.

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