Berkshire cannabis community picnic protest

By Brad Connell

You are all invited to the Berkshire cannabis community picnic protest which takes place on Saturday the 3rd August at Kings Meadow park in Reading!

Berkshire cannabis community picnic protest at at Kings Meadow park in Reading

Bring this bag for a free gift.

This event has been a long time in making for us here in the Berkshire cannabis community. After a successful number of meetings we decided this was the best way forward and we want you all to be involved here in making a difference! In the Berkshire area where there are a lot of cannabis smokers but nobody is really standing up for their rights here but NOW IS THE TIME!

This is our first meet-up of the year following the success of our indoor meetings at the RISC centre in Reading and to celebrate this we are taking it outside for the first time (And with the weather we are currently having it should be an immense sunny day for it!) and what we want to show is that cannabis smokers are friendly peaceful people who cause no trouble and just want the freedom to use their substance of choice (Think all those millions of people who get blind stinking drunk have this right and alcohol as we all  know is a lot worse for you then cannabis is!).

If you have never been to a cannabis protest before then be prepared to expect friendly people from far and wide across the country and even some visitors from overseas, good chilled out vibes and the best feeling of expressing your rights to consume cannabis! These events are a great opportunity to meet like minded people who enjoy cannabis for a whole multitude of reasons from Medicinal users to recreational EVERYBODY is welcome! At the end of the day I guarantee you will come away with a new friend, an expanded mind and a satisfied feeling that you are part of a movement that WILL help in the legalisation of cannabis.

We plan to be there from 1pm and will probably wrap things up around about 7pm (Of course 4:20 will be celebrated in the best way possible!). There is also the possibility of a sound system which we are currently in discussions about but feel free to bring acoustic guitars and the such like. There is also a Tesco nearby which we expect will have a roaring trade in munchies that day.

So no excuses everyone this is a FREE event and does not clash with the Boomtown fair festival which is the following weekend! We need all the support we can get with this remember Together Everyone Achieves More!

Kings Meadow is located approximately 10 mins (walking) distance from Reading mainline station and we will be more than happy to meet those who are a bit unsure of directions and not feeling very confident (We are friendly people who don’t bite!!). If you want to get in contact with us then please visit our Facebook Page.

Official event info-

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  1. Why did you have to plan this on my wedding day I would of been able to bring about 30-50 extras but no there all have to stay for my wedding day. But if you ever plan another one ill bring the trib from slough. Hope you all have a very high and mighty day. Don’t forget my invite next time!!

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