UK Cannabis Social Club Workshop

By Greg de Hoedt

The UK Cannabis Social Clubs are pleased to announce that we are hosting a workshop at the 2nd Annual NORML UK AGM & Conference.

As the trend of legalization furthers its reach across the globe many enthusiastic cannabis activists and cultivators are waiting for the UK to have similar models to some of the European Cannabis Social Clubs and Collectives that have taken root in the last ten years, most notably in Spain but also in other countries such as Austria, France, Belgium, Italy and Slovenia and there are many more in the founding stages.

Because of this upward trend and support from existing cannabis law reform organisations the UKCSC has researched and developed a set of tagged plant models. These help persons looking to cultivate for themselves or in a Collective to share with friends, or to act as a caregiver for patients unable to grow for themselves to be able to do so in a way that minimalises the harms that they would face if the law were to intervene.

The UKCSC are running a workshop at the coming NORML UK Conference giving more details on the Cannabis Social Club models, how to start one and what to do for membership, what is a Collective and how and why do we tag plants … all with a chance to ask any questions about any part of it.

Martin Barriuso, President of the Pannagh Cannabis Social Club and the Federation of Cannabis Associations of Spain will be our guest speaker to share his experience of the Spanish CSC’s and how they started, developed and where they are heading. Martin is also currently facing 6 years in prison for his activism and pushing the law by helping to develop the CSC industry and turn it into the respectable image that cannabis finally deserves. He recently visited Uruguay where the countries Government are adopting the Cannabis Social Club model in their legalization and regulation of cannabis that took place in January this year.

The NORML UK Conference and AGM is taking place over the weekend of the 31st of May – 1st of June in Bristol at the Malcolm X Centre in St Paul’s. Tickets are available for the whole weekend or you can purchase one just for the day starting at $20. The Conference includes the NORML UK Women’s Alliance Launch and guest speakers from across the drug law reform movement.

On Saturday afternoon we will hear  from Jason Reed, LEAP UK and The Cutlture High, George Wilkins from Project Storm and to finish a Cannabis Fun Quiz with local comedian and canna thusiast Luke Keen,

On the Sunday morning and carrying on over onto the early afternoon will be split between the UK CSC AGM and the Women´s Alliance first public meeting. We will also hear from medical cannabis MS patient Michelle X who will be talking about her experiences with the law and growing her own medicine.

Bristol Cannabis Club will be hosting a social evening at a local pub, if any delegates wish to join them, further details from their Facebook page.

If you are seriously interested in getting involved or being one of the ones to help take the first steps towards freedom for cannabis consumers in the UK this is the place to be. There is just so much happening in the UK cannabis culture right now and this is a real time for change. This is your chance to influence it! We hope to see you there.

UK Cannabis Social Club workshop

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