Big Pharma and the ‘War on Cures’

Another contributor´s view in a series of articles exploring cannabis hypocrisy 

By Gemma Phelan

The problem with illegal drugs is that they are illegal. Cannabis has never resulted in fatality which cannot be said of the addictive, toxic prescription drugs that are alien to our bodies and incompatible with our biochemistry, unlike the cannabis plant that is an entirely natural entity.

That is right, the last century and over ten trillion dollars of taxpayers’ money has been spent on fighting a plant. Imagine, fighting the existence of something that thrives irrespective of our involvement, whose medicinal properties are irrefutable and whose oppression can only be attributed to the profitability of its criminalisation.

A beautiful young cannabis plant.

A young cannabis plant.

We might rightfully ask exactly who profits from this law. Perhaps it is the criminal gangs whose organisation puts the public service to shame, or the other ‘criminal gangs’ whose inability to cure illness has nonetheless resulted in their permanent fixture on the international stock market. I refer here to the pharmaceutical cartel, whose monopoly on ‘health care’ could be seen to be the greatest con in history, the claim to treat illness without offering a cure. Far from being resigned to the peripheries of ‘conspiracy theories’, the idea of Big Pharma as a type of medical Mafia is not new, but has gained considerable ground due to research into the medicinal properties of cannabis and in light of the horrific side effects of conventional ‘cancer treatment’ many patients are deciding to take their chances with nature. Even with the possibility of imprisonment or fine, the desire for good health and a long life is sufficient reason for many to break the law.

In which case, we could say that the worst thing that could happen for the pharmaceutical companies is that a cure for serious illness is found, and for us, to assume that there is none. I recall a CEO of a particular company being recently questioned by a clearly emotional audience member as to whether a cure for cancer was any closer. The general smug demeanour of the guest speaker completely overshadowed his apparent concern for sufferers and their families as he made an impassioned plea for increased funding, no doubt to bolster his already inflated salary.

For it is taxpayers’ money that is used to maintain those involved in the never ending search for a cure that already exists, but whose acknowledgement would result in their own demise. At this point the current laws begin to make sense. After all, governments have no problem allowing us to poison ourselves with nicotine and alcohol in the name of individual choice and personal responsibility, but yet we cannot be allowed to cure ourselves? It certainly appears that regardless of their platitudes and ‘on-going research’ into finding a cure for serious illness, the medical cartel has no concern for our health, only for the health of their own profits. We must remember that to them illness is business and we are all potential clients, at which point we can readily dismiss the law as an ass and know that reason is on our side.

Gemma Phelan is from Ireland where she works as an editor/proof-reader.

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  1. Seriously..?
    I mean inhibiting tumor growth and offering pain relief are great things but you can’t really call marijuana a ‘cure’ for cancer..

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