International Narcotics Control Board and cannabis

Sensible cannabis laws pose ‘very grave danger’ to unelected UN bureaucrats at the International Narcotics Control Board

By Chris Bovey

Throughout the world, more and more countries are defying the UN International Narcotics Control Board by liberalising cannabis laws. Uruguay has become the first country in the world to fully legalise cannabis and two states in the USA, the home of prohibition, have now legalised the sale of recreational cannabis, with more likely to follow suit.

As well as being good news for the hundreds of millions of cannabis consumers throughout the world, this has made most sensible and liberal minded folk happy, even the ones who don’t use cannabis.

Not everyone is a happy bunny about these new progressive and sensible cannabis policies being introduced however. I wrote last year about how faceless unelected UN Bureaucrat, Raymond Yans, had given the democratically elected president of Uruguay a ticking off for legalising pot.

International Narcotics Control Board and Raymond Yans

Raymond Yans, President of the International Narcotics Control Board.

In fear of losing their cushy high paid jobs and fancy offices with all the expenses and trimmings, the International Narcotics Control Board has been at it again. Poor old Mr Yans has had to do some more work this year, in the form distributing yet another scurrilous press release condemning these forward thinking cannabis initiatives. Steady on Raymond, that’s twice in recent months you’ve had to do a little bit of work, you’d better go on a fact-finding mission to the Caribbean (six week taxpayer funded holiday) to recuperate. Though not to Jamaica, since they are putting forward proposals to liberalise cannabis laws too.

The press release put out by the International Narcotics Control Board would be funny if it were not for the fact these backward thinking dinosaurs are responsible for so much misery in this world with their staunch defence of prohibition. It is littered with the usual lies, misinformation and downright irresponsible scaremongering.

The International Narcotics Control Board claim that legalising cannabis poses a “grave danger to public health and well-being”. They are spouting this nonsense, even though it is a scientifically proven fact that cannabis is one of the safest recreational substances known to mankind.

Naturally they offer no evidence to support their absurd claims. Of course what Raymond Yans and the International Narcotics Control Board really mean is the liberalisation of cannabis laws pose a great danger to their cushy, fat, over-paid salaries.

The International Narcotics Control Board is funded by taxes. Each national government puts in an amount of money into the UN pot to fund these worthless parasites. They don’t want to see cannabis legalised, because they’d be out of a job, and if the contents of the press releases they put out are anything to go by, their chances of finding new employment are not that promising – they are clearly not the brightest cookies in the jar. I personally wouldn’t entrust Mr Yans to clean my office goldfish tank.

Would you entrust Rocco in the hands of the International Narcotics Control Board?

If Raymond Yans, President of the International Narcotics Control Board, really believes cannabis poses a ‘very grave danger’ to public health, I wouldn’t entrust him to look after Rocco the goldfish.

I don’t know how much the money the International Narcotics Control Board sponges from our taxes (oddly enough this information wasn’t readily available from a Google search), and there’s no point wasting time sending an email to to ask them, since they do not answer emails. Though I’ll happily publish their email on this blog so it can get picked up by spam bots.

One thing that’s certain is it will not be an insignificant amount. National governments are not getting a good deal here, they are effectively paying a clique of self-important, talentless bureaucrats to peddle lies and prevent national governments from reforming cannabis laws. Reforms that would result in lower crime, as well as massive savings in policing and potentially billions of dollars in taxation.

In Colorado alone they are expected to rake in a whopping $99,000,000 from cannabis taxation in the first year, far exceeding the anticipated $70,000,000. Not to mention the money they will save in courts, police, prisons, etc., The population of Colorado is 5.188 million, the population of the UK is 63.7 million, and the population of the Europe Union is about 503.5 million – go figure Sherlock.

Our national governments are effectively funding an unelected, out-of-touch bureaucracy that is well past its sell by to date to diddle them out of billions of dollars in taxation and government savings. Just so Raymond Yans and his useless cronies at the International Narcotics Control Board can keep their jobs and fancy offices.

We’re getting a bad deal here. I say we tell the INCB and Raymond Yans to go do one. Stop sponging off the taxes of national governments and let real politicians like Nobel Peace Prize candidate and President of Uruguay, José Mujica, lead the way by ending the utter failure and shambles that is cannabis prohibition.

Mr Yans can always get a job at McDonalds, if he doesn’t mind serving products that are far less healthy than cannabis.

Chris Bovey is a writer, musician and entrepreneur from South Devon, England. You can follow him on Twitter.

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  1. i agree with most of this comment, however i cannot agree with the comment,condemning these forward thinking cannabis initiatives.forward thinking no chance, since the early 1970’s those with influence have known about the curative properties associated with the cannabis plant, the only reason the worldwide laws are at long last changing, is because the internet has the capabilities to inform the people of the world of the truly miraculous plant the sooner the people are aware of its remarkable healing, health restoring assets the sooner it will be freed

  2. It is not clear to me what Raymond Yans and his colleagues can do about a country, state or organisation that does not share his views. It seems so far all that they can do is to say they think it is a bad idea to do something new. People will soon see that if the INCB has no powers to punish and victimise dissenters then they will become just another ill-informed voice. I have read closely what has been put out by the INCB but as yet have seen no threats of sanctions, expulsion from the UN or airstrikes ( 😎 ) for countries or states that ‘mis-behave’ in this way.
    Even if countries and states that legalise are very wrong – all that will happen is more people will use cannabis and it will be better quality, better regulated and removed from the control of criminals. There are plenty of things ‘allowed’ by the UN that cause more harm than that (even by Mr Yans worst estimates)

  3. As Raymond Yans’ output appears to be deluded, I respectfully suggest he is representing the criminal element. Think about it, huge amounts of money floating about, and he continually makes such ridiculous statements, and this from a person that has, or supposedly has, long term insight into the drug ‘problem’ the world faces.

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