Cannabis Hypocrisy Protest London

NORML UK´s Cannabis Hypocrisy Protest taking place on Wednesday 9th October 2013, commencing at midday.

The Assembly point for the demonstration will be in front of Jewel Tower (Abingdon Street) which is situated on the north side of College Green (or garden) as seen on the attached map,

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There is underground parking in Abingdon Street Car Park, directly beneath College Green.

The original patient from the Netherlands, who had arranged the appropriate documentation to bring his prescribed Bedrocan BV to the UK, found out a few weeks ago that he was required to attend a meeting in Paris, taking place at the same time as the demonstration in London. Whilst this was an obvious disappointment it appeared a solution had been found in willing volunteer Peter Lunk, whom the original patient found as a replacement for the demonstration.
Unfortunately, Mr. Lunk was unable to complete all the necessary paperwork in time to travel to the UK legally with his Bedrocan BV prescription on this occasion. This was down to timescales involved, and the agency in The Netherlands not advising of certain requirements necessary to complete the documentation. However Peter has agreed to pursue the necessary paperwork and we will be carrying out the full stunt as planned as soon as we are aware all documentation has been completed.
A last minute development means that we will have a Bedrocan patient attending the demonstration who has the necessary documentation available.
Cannabis Hypocrisy Protest to be held near Parliament on Wednesday 9th October 2013.Speakers will include Stuart Harper who will be joining Clark French and Greg De Hoedt, all of whom are members of, and work within both NORML UK and the UK Cannabis Social Club network, and all are UK medical cannabis patients who are denied legal access to the cannabis plant.
Clark French at the Millenium Marijuana March in Cardiff where NORML UK was launched in May 2012.

Clark French

Supporters please bring your own placards displaying your own private statement about how cannabis law hypocrisy affects you.

Medical cannabis patients who have either legal or illegal access in the UK to any cannabis based medicines are welcome to share their story either via a written blog or on the day of the protest. There will be several film crews and photographers attending the event, so your contribution with be recorded and shared widely to help with public eduction. If you would be interested in participating please email with a brief outline of your story*

NORML UK would like to remind all event supporters that cannabis possession remains illegal in the UK, unless supported by the required official documentation.

The following information is provided to help you.

Your rights as a demonstrator…

Your rights if you are busted…

Your rights with regards to sniffer dogs…

*In order to maintain a certain standard within our blogs NORML UK reserves the right to edit any submissions to make them suitable for publication.

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  1. legalize cannabis its within our rights as its gods creation and it has PROVEN medical benefits!! we need more power to the people and not on the say of the minority coalition government who assume they are the ones who know best and we as a nation should take it to a vote to see what is really thought about such a harmless plant being stripped away from society!!

  2. Hello cannabis n has been my life since the age of like 14 im 41 now thing is through this colourful time ive come across lots a peeps and well every one who hasnt understood the joys of this plant has tried to put me off ,aw man police ,prison ,then family .Then the worm turned as we all knew it would its taken this long and well ile have to move abroad if the uk doesnt yeild like the other countrys as growing pot is now my life.Mam died a cancer not knowing her own son could a helped her ,silly bloody law.Ive lived in amsterdam spain morrocco even india never ever thought ide go to the states to grow either but i will leave the uk like love darren

  3. I strongly support the legalisation of cannabis but what gets me is the goverment know the benefits of cannabis and how much safer it is than tabacco and alcohol. I think the laws are there for other reasons rather than to put across the message cannabis is a bad drug. Im not sure any change can be made but I hope to be proved wrong.

  4. Some of us have jobs to go to and it might help to deter some of the sterotypes of stoners being lazy jobless layabouts if maybe you had one of the protests on the weekend?

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