Support, don´t punish! Day of action.

Day of Action at Parliament! Support, Don’t Punish!

The call for an end to the Drug War has finally managed to reach its way into the mainstream media and mainstream politics is being forced to face the fact that change is a much needed reality. But we can never rely on the media to get the right message out, and this is why we need to be the ones to deliver it to them ourselves. Who better to speak your voice than you?

On Thursday June 26th the “Support, Don’t Punish” campaign is holding its second annual protest outside Parliament in London to send our MP’s a message about the failed policy that has destroyed millions of lives and affected countless others. The Support, Don’t Punish campaign calls for a harm reduction based approach to problematic drug use instead of the criminal sanctions that are handed out by the criminal courts.

Niamh Eastwood, Executive Director of Release, a charity that specializes in drugs policy and law said “It is important we get as many people there to support as possible, we had 200 last year. We want to send a strong message this year and have a huge 6 meter inflatable billboard to help.”

“David Cameron 10 years ago sat on the home Affairs Select Committee and argued for a change to drugs policy, now he is leading the country it isn’t even on the agenda.”

June 26th is also the day that the UN use to celebrate the Drug War with their International day Against Drug Abuse. Some nations such as China even take it as far as executing their drug prisoners on this day to send out a message; yet after 40 years successive governments continue to fight a problem that only ever seems to get bigger. Using drugs or even becoming an addict is not a crime and should never deserve the death penalty.

Though we are fortunate enough in this country to have abolished the death sentence we still punish people who are found in possession of drugs and our Governments participation in these draconian international drug laws back up the draconian treatment of domestic and international citizens who use drugs.

There will be free t-shirts for those that attend the Support, Don’t Punish campaign and you are advised to start arriving at 10:30am in Parliament Square where the action will start at 11am. Please bring a friend or two, good spirits and a camera to see what there is in store for David Cameron and his Cabinet.

NORML UK will be there with our usual support and banners to take the message of the cannabis community to Parliament alongside so many other great drug policy reform activists from around the country. This is a great opportunity to expand your activist reach and find out more about what is going on this year.

For more information, visit, our Facebook page for the London event, and follow us on Twitter (@SDPcampaign). And also


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  1. And the response from Government will be their current ‘nothing’ statement along the lines of……… “What we are doing is working… We are not complacent. We will continue to listen and learn from emerging trends, new evidence and international comparators to inform policy development.”…….
    “Ministers have to review the evidence then make decisions and stick by them”…… (ignoring what that evidence says, and doing the exact opposite, an option that is usually more harmful to the individual and society as a whole)

  2. @Ian – totally agree but the government is compelled by the misuse of drugs act to listen to the findings of the advisory council on the relative harms of each drug. The advisory council constantly says (for many years now) that alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous than cannabis but they are legal and cannabis is not. This decision on the categorisation of cannabis goes against the wording and the spirit of the misuse of drugs act – so the government is in violation of this act! Some one needs to ask them what their view is on this situation.

  3. A nice article, I’d like to show support if I’m near the proximatey. I think we are made to feel we are part of a war weary country at the moment. This is partly due to some truths from the past but is a mirage also aided by the crumbling pub empire, enhanced by the smoking ban and prohibition.

    The Nhs is alocated ridiculous budgets on new buidlings on a business blinder ect. which it paints its facilities in phychedelic colours, using fake alien plants, coloured phone boxes. An insult to some who desire neutral, caring surroundings who wish not to feel misplaced uncared for and frogotten and remember the care and staff who were behind it, and get fresh air of real normal looking plants, what is the subliminal meaning of this and are they trying to steal our minds through corruption.

    Jobs are created by Hms mercenary government forces, to keep down the unruly, pre revolutionary and war hungry as well as are emotions are suppressed by digital medias. The people are kept down with there minds in a cycle of new replaceable goods, women, work the need to forget through fake violence and holiday escapes. Many women are convinced there thoughts are involved with weed and prohibition through thought control related to slavery as cruelty for some is appealing when they already have nothing but hate and competition for themselves and there imaginary personal standards.

    Those who don’t do so good are not seen and kept out of the way, on waiting lists, pulling there hair out or indebt with health problems, forced to blame themselves trapped in circles demonising there own problems, while unable to get help without going through a system they hate or have anything any type of a social life to the lesser extent because there stuck in this cycle.

    So it would be nice to be able to build on our lives, make a home for ourselves and improve our situations. This is what legalization also means to many others and why I am happy to embrace it.

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