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NORML UK Women’s Alliance would like to introduce you all to a campaign initiative which is new to the UK:

The Cannabis Quilt UK, a spin- off from the Moms for Marijuana idea which has been highly popular in the US in recent years, bringing Cannabis information and education to the mainstream. The UK team comprises Bex and Chloe who are both mothers and passionate about Cannabis law reform. Chloe and Bex met on another cannabis campaign page called Feed the Birds. This chance meeting inspired them both to get further involved but on looking found a very male dominated community, this moved Bex to write to Mom´s for Marijuana activist Serra Frank in the USA, to request permission to replicate the Cannabis Quilt idea here in the UK.

Cannabis Quilt in US. Main Panel. Stolen and returned in Dallas, Texas.

Cannabis Quilt in US. Main Panel. Stolen and returned in Dallas, Texas.

Bex told me “We have been totally overwhelmed with the support received so far, when I sat shaking writing an email to Serra Frank asking if she would mind me using her idea never in a million years did I think she would reply when she did almost immediately I was shocked not only has she given her blessing she has supported us throughout, I thought maybe 100 likes in 3 months the 1st day we hit 1000 likes!”

Due to the recent success of and interest in the quilt, the Cannabis Quilt UK organisers in association with NORML UK, NORML UK Women’s Alliance and the United Kingdom Cannabis Clubs are hosting a pre Resistance is Fertile Feed the Birds March warm up/meet up to get together with like minded people who support the cause. As this will be the first event hosted by The Cannabis Quilt UK we have tried to keep the meet up point central with easy access. This means that people who will not be able to get to the march but can make the pre-meet up will have a chance to craft their own cannabis quilt patch and get their voice on there in preparation for the big day on 4th October which starts in Hyde Park around noon    End Prohibition Freedom March Event Page

The cannabis quilt meet up will be on Hampstead Heath. Unfortunately the cool table and chairs are no longer there but we are aiming to congregate at the Stone of Free Speech near to the bandstand. A map will be published shortly on the event page.The Cannabis Quilt UK Event Page

The team are hoping some inspirational people will take the opportunity to come along and give a speech; if not you will have to listen to Chloe and Bex waffle on. Of course there will be plenty of seed to Feed the Birds available, however please bring your own nibbles. You could maybe bring something special and share your picnic with other activists. There will also be the opportunity to create your own patch for the cannabis quilt.

Bex told me: “We are very honoured to be part of the NORML UK and UKCSC family, both myself and Chloe are very passionate about the cause, we fight in our own ways and we also fight together on the quilt.”

First few patches for The Cannabis Quilt UK. Send your patches now. Further details from the

First few patches for The Cannabis Quilt UK. Send your patches now. Further details from the

The aim of the quilt is to bring everybody fighting for cannabis law reform together with all of us represented and united on one quilt, so even when people are not able to make the marches or demonstrations their voices and messages will still be heard and seen. The campaign to expand the quilt will stop with the march on 4th October and the plan is to take the quilt on a tour of the UK to as many places as we can reach, with the aim of collecting patches along the way.

Bex went on to tell me: “We eventually will take the quilt personally to Downing Street or the Houses of Parliament at Westminster until it is seen by the people charged with changing this law and they do something about it, I was in the scouts I am prepared to camp out until they take notice!”

Obviously, for the Cannabis Quilt to be successful the girls need plenty of patches. You can send your designs to If you are not able to print your own design onto fabric, Bex and Chloe are offering a patch printing service which costs 8GBP and can be paid via Paypal. For further information either contact the girls on the email address above or visit their Facebook page here The Cannabis Quilt UK Facebook page.

Compiled by Jo Martin-Moss and Beccy Walters

Edited Jo Martin-Moss and Beccy Gardham

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