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IT has come to our attention that a fellow campaign group has once again taken to its blog to attack the cannabis community. If NORML were to respond to each of this group’s divisive stunts, we would have little time left over to devote to campaigning. However, we will not allow our friends and supporters to be abused.

This relentless, self-loathing antagonism of the cannabis community and anyone who enjoys cannabis culture is extremely puzzling. It seems some wish to drive a wedge between themselves and those they view as undesirable, and to somehow “sanitise” cannabis and its consumption from this movement. We believe that cannabis reform groups are obligated to bridge the gap between the cannabis and wider communities, promoting understanding and countering stereotypes. Although this can be a daunting task, it’s our responsibility to see it through and we will not run from the challenge. We do not believe a professional campaign has to come at the expense of these hard working people. In fact, we do not know how any reform campaign can survive without them.

In the spirit of moving forward with hope and unity, NORML UK would like to reiterate that our organisation embraces diversity and has no interest in dictating its members’ lifestyles or values. Cannabis plays a unique role in each of our members’ lives and we view this as a formidable strength. We are proud to be a part of this diverse and passionate community, who take risks every day to care for each other and to drive this movement forward. Your courage and compassion inspire us and make this organisation possible. Thank you for all that you do.


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  1. And this is a shining comparison of the difference between a democratically run inclusive organisation and a dictatorship run by a narcissistic bully. Thank you NORML-UK.

  2. cannabis plays such an important role in my life that ive been to jail for it!!and im going back to prison on 27th july for growing personal weed..thanks british goverment thanks a bunch of no use fat cat rich twats??ftw

  3. thats what i like to hear.
    all cannabis users are accepted and treated as NORML citizens of the UK.
    the way it should be.
    the way i look at it its the-non smokers that have to change.
    im not saying they have to toke only that acceptance would feel good and is needed!

  4. What’s most important is
    engaging the general public at large, whose sympathy and support is
    ESSENTIAL in advancing reform. There’s a lot of prejudice against
    cannabis use, that’s why it seems really important to demonstrate how
    much of a lifestyle cannabis ISN’T rather than is, and how cannabis
    users ARE the general public rather than a separate group looking for
    acceptance. Remember there are no laws against the “cannabis lifestyle”
    besides the use of cannabis itself. I believe that’s a large part of why
    CLEAR doesn’t campaign on the issue – it’s little to do with excluding
    certain groups, and more to do with not alienating the public, and also
    about not unfairly stereotyping all cannabis users, many who don’t want
    to be seen as part of a culture. I believe it’s a case of priorities, we
    don’t want the tail wagging the dog; ending prohibition trumps
    everything else, and will bring about a reduction in prejudice

    • The offending post on CLEAR was an opinion piece written by CLEAR member Graham Smith, not by the CLEAR campaign itself, although it wasn’t obvious when it first appeared this has now been corrected. At least the CLEAR website reacts quickly to criticism.

      It is fair to point out that there has been a large degree of hostility shown towards CLEAR supporters (including myself) from some members of the NORML UK board, some of it in recent days. So perhaps people in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones?

      I think it is important to bear in mind that not all people who support cannabis law reform use cannabis, and not all people who use cannabis wish to be associated with what some people here regard as the “cannabis culture”. Indeed, some who support cannabis law reform do not even like cannabis, they oppose prohibition because it has clearly failed to control the trade in cannabis. The key point is all these people oppose prohibition, they are therefore on our side at least as far as helping to bring about the essential change we all want to see.
      I echo what Dave has written – the important thing for the law reform campaign to do is to appeal to the wider community and that is what the CLEAR campaign is trying to do, which is why I support it. From what I’ve seen of NORML UK, that isn’t your aim.
      I would say that from my point of view images of NORML UK board members puffing away on monster joints is a little hard to reconcile with the idea of a serious campaign aimed at the general public.If anything that is only re-enforcing this awful stoner stererotype many of us are so alienated by.

    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your views, they’re very sensible. We agree with you 150% and we are going to do our very best to bridge the cannabis consuming and non-consuming communities. We just don’t feel that we have to choose one or the other, much less bash the former to reach the latter. We can’t normalise cannabis use if we’re hostile towards our own community. We don’t believe we can challenge stereotypes by sanitising the behaviours for which we’re trying to gain acceptance. And most importantly, we just wanted to get a big thank you out there to all of you, no matter how or where or when you use cannabis. It’s our job to help gain acceptance for everyone. Please keep telling us how we’re doing 🙂

  5. Well said NORML! We must not succumb to their dirty tricks … keep our helds held ‘high’ and keep on straight ahead. x

  6. Their becoming jealous so their taking cheap shots, I got massive amounts of respect for you guys fuck em don’t retaliate.

  7. Let me say that when I wrote this article it wasnt my intention to discourage anybody from campaigning nor was it to create any sort of a rift in any effective efforts to reform the bad laws which we all despise.When the clear website came under attack I was subjected to a barrage of anonymous threatening and spuriously vile e-mails from addresses such as “” and other hushmail accounts.I had to remove my stepson (who suffers from downs syndrome) from my friends list in order to protect him from these malicious intrusions.There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that this hateful behaviour emanated from some of the people who are now rabid supporters of normluk.Not everybody who uses cannabis is a good person and I felt that it would be a good thing to distance myself and my beliefs from people who would behave in such a cowardly and unprincipled manner.These individuals are Shampaigners not Campaigners

  8. Ah well it seems NORML UK deletes comments it doesn’t like, I see my post in reply to Dave has gone – how pathetic. Strange how it was they who complained so loudly when CLEAR deleted posts. Just note please, that I allow even quite hostile comments from NORML UK members on the UKCIA blog.

  9. Fuck prohibition. Weed’s easy enough to get anyway only ID needed is queen’s head on a banknote. So a 14 year old can easily get weed but not booze lol. Yeah I’m drunk so what, its legal but worse than weed for you, legalise it now. Weed can’t kill, doesn’t cause fights or domesc violence, can help with some illnesses but is illegal. Fuck that, baccy and booze are far worse than even illegal dealer weed.

  10. Well done Norml UK.
    That other guy sounded like a right nutjob!
    A very adult and inclusive statement from an adult and inclusive organisation.
    Much respect to all involved.

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