Sheffield Judges Campaign To Lock Up All Kinds Of Cannabis Cultivator

ANOTHER ‘Top’ Sheffield Judge has sentenced 10 men and one woman for growing cannabis in their own homes predominantly for personal and medical use. This week over 50 residents of Sheffield will be handed sentences for production of cannabis “whether employed or not, a family man or not, of good character or not.” 

Sheffield is one of the largest cannabis producing areas in the UK and several of the most senior and outdated Judges such as Alan Goldsack QC,  Michael Murphy QC and Peter Kelson QC have procalimed that they will send everyone who grows cannabis to prison. Goldsack even proclaimed at the end of 2011 that “Anyone who brings cannabis into existence must be punished” seeing it as one of the worlds great “evils”.

In what the court is calling ‘bumper sessions’ where they will deal with the large number of cases that were put on hold due to a lack of understanding over the sentancing guidlines, Judges will hand out sentences based on the advice that they have saught to apply the new appropriate sentencing.

Make no mistake about it – these Judges are going out of their way to give the strongest, harshest enforcement of man made and morally imposed laws against gardening and peoples personal freedoms to consume cannabis. They are trying to impose a lifestyle that suits ‘the system’ and that aligns with their outlook on life.

In The Star on May 31st Judge Peter Keson sated,

“The public need to understand that people who set up growing areas capable of producing repeat crops are going to be regarded by the courts as significant offenders, and they are all very likely going to go to prison – whether employed or not, a family man or not, of good character or not.”

  1. The PUBLIC need to understand that this man is getting paid to sit on this bench out of their money to decide whether more of their money should be spent locking up someone who is employed, has a family and is a good person. The PUBLIC are being fed lies that people who use cannabis must be scummy because the ‘Top Judge’ says so. It was in the paper so it must be true, right?
  2. Just because the courts regard repeat crops as a significant offense DOES NOT mean that it is one, so far as I can tell there has been no mention of the victims of these crimes and offenses.
  3. They are being so blatant about how discriminatory they are over someone using or growing a plant and to top it off they are boasting at how proud they are about it.
  4. Remember, these Judges are being paid for by you the PUBLIC for YOUR own safety…

What the public need to understand is people grow their own cannabis because it is safer than buying from a black market, it is sensible, it saves money (the black market is 10-100 times more expensive and more so when there are more raids) and it stops you being involved with quite often, hardened criminals, involved with actual crime and possibly involved in dealing harder drugs. Cannabis consumers, like any other product consumer out there want to know and deserve the right to know what it is they have – growing that is the best possible way.

Sheffield personal home growers are so intent against international criminal grow operations being set up in their area small groups have formed to warn them off early on. This has worked to the point that its mainly small growers getting busted for cannabis in the area. It is dangerous dealing with Vietnamese gangs in the way that it has to be done but the police can’t be trusted because it’s well known that many are paid off, not to mention the fact that the growers can pick out the grow ops way before the police know anything – whose protecting the people?

What the public also need to be allowed to hear is that cannabis consumption and cultivation is very very normal, but stealing electricity by bypassing the meter illegally and growing on a commercial scale for profit is a crime. Firstly, stealing electricity is theft and is the crime. Growing commercially shouldn’t really be and technically it is but it isn’t illegal as you can get a Home Office license to produce cannabis on an industrial scale such as GW Pharmaceuticals have done and been doing since 1998. Fortunately for their Chief Executive Geoffrey Guy and his hand picked team of global cannabis experts, they are based in Kent well away from Sheffield and the dangers of Judges Goldsack, Kelson and Murphey from finding out the truth about cannabis.

This year GW Pharmaceuitcals who grow 300 tonnes of cannabis a year for the medicine Sativex, who are expanding their facilities are set to go global and are starting to get their cannabis extract medicines on the $80 billion cancer pain market as well as being used to treat MS, Crohns Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, chronic pain and Epilepsy. But like Judge Goldsack says, “anyone who brings cannabis into existence needs to be punished”.

While the following list of victims of the Misuse of Drugs Act ’71 will either be in prison in pain without medicine, away from their families who are all caused psychological trauma by these sentences that split up homes and ruin relationships between parents and children, between husbands and wives, just remember – Geoffrey Guy will either be tending to one of his 60,000 cannabis plants, be on one of his yachts or practicing his archery and Goldsack, Kelson and Murphey will be sitting in their ivory tower.

From The Star on June 1st 2012

“The guidelines have been laid down to send out the message that cannabis growing will not be tolerated,” said Judge Kelson.

The convicts included Glenn Nicholls, aged 51, who grew more than £26,000 of cannabis in his loft. He admitted producing 2.5kg of the drug, possessing cannabis with intent to supply, and tampering with an electricity meter to power his plant-growing equipment.

Businessman Terence Burke, 58, also used his attic to grow more than two kilos of cannabis, which could have had a street value of up to £54,000. Burke, who ran a kitchen-fitting firm, was a ‘sophisticated and professional’ cannabis-grower, the court heard – but claimed he simply made cakes from which to consume the drug.

Father and son Stephen and Jack Guest admitted producing cannabis after eight plants were found growing in their attic. The drug’s street value was up to £4,500, and 18-year-old engineering student Jack also shared the cannabis with his friends. Stephen was the main safety officer for a team of scaffolders, the court heard. Jack was sentenced to 150 hours of unpaid work.

Lorry driver Martin Arundel, 48, grew 27 cannabis plants in a back bedroom, and claimed he used the drug to tackle chronic depression.

Mark Whitehead, 33, produced 16 plants in a bedroom, and said it was all for personal use –despite working with heavy machinery and enjoying hobbies including mountaineering and rock climbing.

SHOCK HORROR – Man uses cannabis and still functions to the best of his capabilities, “Quick Judge lock up this criminal for using his endocannabinoid system.” Anyone who has followed the story of myself with Crohns Disease or Clark French with MS you will know that before we went to America to access the legal Medical Marijuana programs in states like Colorado and California, we could not really walk all too well, now climbing mountains isn’t just an option it’s something we’ve done!

Raymond Allen, 48, was caught growing 11 plants only when a fire broke out at his next-door neighbour’s house. He said he used the drug to make herbal tea.

Mark Lindley, 44, who ran a hardware shop, grew £3,200 worth of cannabis in a house he was renovating for his daughter. He also admitted possessing cocaine which he said he took to ‘liven himself up’.

Sherilyn Wood, a 19-year-old call centre worker, wept in the dock as she was jailed for growing 16 plants in her bedroom.

Stephen Pearson, 28, also admitted growing 11 plants in two tents in his house.

Christopher Womack, 25, produced 33 cannabis plants, which would have produced £13,160 of the drug.

Neil Noble, 42, admitted growing up to £4,000 of cannabis, as well as possessing cocaine, mephedrone and ketamine.

Karl Hopper, 25, of Norman Street, Thurnscoe, Rotherham, was spared a jail term for growing eight large plants in a bedroom. The court heard he cared for his ill wife, and he was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment suspended for two years, with 150 hours’ unpaid work.

Gavin Perry, 28, admitted being concerned in the production of cannabis after he grew 20 plants, up to £9,800 worth of drugs. In doing so, the heavy drinker breached a community order imposed for kicking a nurse at the Northern General Hospital.

That’s right you can go to jail for cannabis but not for assault on a member of the health service!

Richard Prince, 35, who had a £30-per-day cannabis habit, admitted possessing and producing the Class B drug by acting as a ‘gardener’ at a property dedicated to growing the plant on Lister Street, Clifton, Rotherham.

Unless stated, the defendants all admitted producing cannabis.

A “£30 a day habit” means nothing to anyone who doesn’t know anything about cannabis. How many nicotine/caffeine addicts spend £20-£30 a day on cigarettes and coffee? Where do they get theirs? £30 could be anywhere between 2 grams and 5 grams and the quality will vary massively in that. This point goes for all of these multiple thousand pound sums of money being splashed around in court rooms and in newspapers, it means nothing other than “oh that must have been a lot” to the lay man and woman reading.

For some reason the Government and the courts and the police seem to have the belief that making money is a criminal thing to do. GW paid over £2.4 million in tax just on their UK income last year alone, meanwhile the police spent £500 million more of public tax money raiding family homes, arresting and prisoning cannabis consumers. All the money that went to the big dealers from people who don’t grow their own was spent on gun crime, international human trafficking and child slavery. To avoid being part of this sickening chain 50 residents in Sheffield who turned to growing their own, will now be classed as criminals and further be segregated form the rest of society even upon their release. Lets face it who is going to employ a drug criminal? It costs over £40,000 per year per person and £19,000 per new prison placement for each of these “offenders”.

Prime Minister David Cameron is living his dream of “Broken Britain” right now and obviously, quite loving it.

Time for change now please. Only you can do it.

So what do we do about this? Well we could just sit here and do nothing, watch the news stories keep coming and sit here feeling depressed waiting for the boot to come through our own door….OR you can write to these Judges, your MPs and your local newspaper including The Star who seem to be in cahoots with the judges as you might expect. You need to empower yourselves to get the word out you really cannot expect people to do it for you. We know better than anyone just how much this truth has been suppressed.

Get involved with NORML UK and the UKCSC – United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs NOW!

Whoever said that the new sentencing guidelines meant we were “effectively free” was effectively an out and out liar. 

For more articles by Greg de Hoedt NORML UKs Director of Community Outreach visit his website CannabisCureUK

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  1. Bigots that’s what these judges are misinformed and delusional. the cannabis smokers of sheffield should go to those courts and call for their resignation and while there light up id like to see them lock up a quarter of the population!

  2. Let’s make one thing VERY clear here. Acts/statutes only apply to the PERSON & not the HUMAN. If you get taken to court for possesion of cannabis, ask the prosecutor..”Who has higher authority over me than me”?….they cant answer that as it makes slavery is still in existence, just what these lords/judges want…its a class thing & we arent allowed cannabis because we are a lower class. I say sakc these judges, make them homeless & take thier money to give to all the innocent people they have locked up.

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