Free Rob Cannabis in Reading

By Clark French

THE UKCSC (United Kingdom Cannabis Social Club) movement has taken off in the last few months. The Berkshire Cannabis Community leading the way, after two successful meetings we are really excited to be holding our third with legendary cannabis activist Free Rob Cannabis giving his exciting story of his activism over the last 20 years and how he sees the future of the cannabis movement.

Free Rob Cannabis came to the limelight after he handed out cannabis brownies with Howard marks in Hyde Park. Free made an appointment at Marylebone police station to be arrested, where upon arrival the police refused to arrest him. Free believes that fear is used as a power trip to oppress us and is opposed to prohibition.

The meeting is at 7pm on Wednesday night in Reading. The venue is Reading International Solidarity Centre. We’re also really excited about our other speakers both of whom are on the Berkshire Cannabis Community Admin team.

Lowell Wolfe will talk about how to take care of yourself as an activist. Lowell firmly believes that to take care of others you need to take care of yourself and will be speaking about how to let go of the inevitable stress of being an activist.

Andy Bishop is bravely speaking out about his personal condition and how he uses cannabis as a medicine to treat his phantom limb pain after having lost his leg in a motorcycle accident.

We also plan to have an open section with participation where we hope to gather ideas and make plans about how to further our agenda in the Berkshire Area.

Finally, I will then be closing with a small talk about the up coming police commissioners election and what we can do in Berkshire to make sure that the right candidate is elected to the role. We’re really excited to get this next meeting underway and would encourage everyone to try to attend.

Free Rob Cannabis

Free Rob Cannabis


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