Free Marc Emery!

Canadian cannabis seed seller held in a US prison

By Andy van der Berg

Free Canadian cannabis seeds seller, Marc Emery.

Free Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian seed seller and marijuana proponent who was the biggest financial supporter of the pro-cannabis movement around the world. In 2005, the US Drug Enforcement Agency arrested Marc and shut down his operations. The Beyond Prohibition Foundation is trying to gain publicity for this case.

The Beyond Prohibition Foundation is an independent and non-profit organization that advocates for a sensible marijuana policy. They believe that a rational and transparent drug policy will make drug use visible and controllable and that this will minimize drug-related harm. They state that the medical marijuana policy has to change. The real and fundamental problem of this policy is that marijuana itself is still prohibited. This makes regulating and controlling the cultivation and consumption of cannabis impossible.

In the past few years a lot has happened in the world of cannabis. There are many different pro-cannabis organizations with different views and in different countries, but they are all fighting the same battle. There are so many countries in which the cultivation and consumption of the cannabis plant is still considered a major crime. If we want this to change, we will have to fight this battle together, because together we are stronger. A leading figure in this battle is Marc Emery.

In 1995 Emery started as a retailer of cannabis seeds for cultivation. Within years he was running a popular and successful business. Emery was also the founder of the Cannabis Culture Magazine and Pot TV. Both focus on cannabis-related articles and video’s, such as growing cannabis, political and historical cannabis information and much more.

His political battle to legalize marijuana included the foundation of the Freedom Party of Ontario, the Marijuana Party of Canada and the BC Marijuana Party. He spent ridiculous amounts of money for the campaigns and besides that he funded numerous pro-cannabis groups and financially helped out  with pro-cannabis activities worldwide.

On July 2005 Marc Emery was arrested because he was considered a drug dealer, but after his arrest the US Drug Enforcement Administration admitted that the real reason for his arrest was his political activism and his financing of the pro-cannabis movement. The arrest of Marc Emery is a huge blow to the trafficking of cannabis as well as to the movement to legalize cannabis. The Beyond Prohibition Foundation is collecting votes and gaining publicity to Free Marc Emery so he will be able to continue his battle to legalize cannabis.

On you will find more information and updates about Marc Emery and his imprisonment. Emery is imprisoned in the US, but he desperately wants to sit out the remaining part of his imprisonment in Canada. This way he will be closer to his wife and she will be able to visit him more often.  It still takes over 200 days before Emery is eligible for early release. On this website you can read how you can help Marc Emery. Will you fight with us? 

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