Berkshire Cannabis Community

By Brad Connell

The 29th October should be a date for all your diaries as it’s the 4th Berkshire Cannabis Community meeting! Each and every time our numbers have grown stronger. At our last meeting we had nearly 50 people and it’s easily got to be one of the best places to meet like-minded people and have a good chat about all things cannabis.

We have a really informal evening of special guest speakers (Who are more than open to questions and debate) and often some freebies for those who attend. Our previous special guests have included Cure UKAY, Des Humphrey and Free Rob Cannabis – who has excellent rapping skills, for those who didn’t come you really did miss out!. We also encourage anyone who wants to speak to get up and give it a go!

Coming down and showing support is the first step you can take to helping the cause. Imagine stores with multiple varieties of weed, hash, concentrates and edibles! This could all be possible with your help and support! Your local community is the ideal place for this sort of movement to grow in size and not just be something that solely exists on Facebook and actually happen in real life. I for one am sick of seeing bud porn that’s always from America we need to be showing them how it’s done!

The R.I.S.C centre in Reading is our location which has it’s own off street parking and has easy access from the railway station (Approx 10 min walk).

So try to resist that urge to sit on your couch and play x-box all evening and come down and check us out, I assure you it’s worth it! It’s a really relaxed and friendly atmosphere with some smoker friendly people.

If you have never checked out Berkshire cannabis community then click on or We have lively debates and some amazing pictures contributed by our members.

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