Des Humphrey and Clark French to head NORML UK

By Chris Bovey

Des Humphrey has been appointed the new Executive Director of NORML UK and Clark French as his deputy.

He replaces Sanj Chowdhary, who stepped down to focus on his role as Political Director of NORML UK.  The NORML UK Board and Executive unanimously voted for him to fill the position.

Des Humphrey is one of the most well-known cannabis campaigners in Britain; a former soldier and proud Welshman, Des is well known for his good humour and his tireless campaigning.

Howard Marks & Des Humphrey - UK cannabis campaign

Howard Marks with Des Humphrey

Des is himself a medicinal user of marijuana, which he uses to treat spasms and pains from back injuries he suffered in younger life. Des was previously NORML UK Deputy Executive Director.

Des Humphrey said: “I’m happy to accept the role of NORML UK Exec Director, however, in reality nothing changes to the work I am already doing with the NORML UK team.

“The UK was lacking a credible cannabis campaigning organisation and I’m very proud in less than 6 months we now have just that in the form of NORML UK.

“I am looking forward to organising our first NORML UK Annual General Meeting in early 2013, there is much work to do and I relish the challenge,” said Des Humphrey.

The position Deputy Exec Director Des left vacated has been filled by Clark French. If there is a cannabis campaigner in the UK who is more well known than Des Humphrey, it is probably Clark French, who has had a string of both national and regional coverage in the last few weeks, including an appearance on Channel 4 talking about medicinal cannabis on and partaking in a cannabis debate on national BBC1 only last week.

Clark French - campaigns for medicinal cannabis

Cannabis campaigner – Clark French


Clark French, a medicinal cannabis consumer who uses it to alleviate the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, hopes to use his story to raise the profile of NORML UK and the cause of ending cannabis prohibition in the UK.

Clark French said: “I’m extremely excited to accept the role of Deputy Executive Director of NORML UK and feel it is the perfect platform for me to focus on getting the story of medical cannabis patients heard.

“I plan to build on current publicity and pubic support to push the campaign to levels, which we have yet to see in the UK. Having experienced a regulated system in California I am convinced that cannabis can be regulated on a commercial level properly in the UK, providing safeguards for minors and ensuring safe access to medicine and also as a safer recreational alternative to both cigarettes and alcohol.

“I will be working closely with both Tina Mendes on the medical campaign and with Sanj Chowdhary on the emerging NORML UK political activist scene.

“I would encourage anyone who wants to get involved in any of our up and coming campaigning to get in touch. I hope we can make a difference in our struggle to end the prohibition of one of nature’s most miraculous gifts,” said Clark French.

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  1. Guys, nothing worse than not spell checking a website. :s

    “Des Humphrey is one of the most well-known cannabis campaigners in Britain; a former solder and proud Welshman, Des is well known for his good humour and his tireless campaigning.”

    Ex Soldier not a mixture of lead, tin & flux.

  2. Well done to you both – Des and Clark. It’s great to see that NORML UK is constantly evolving and not at all going the route of stagnation. It’s exciting seeing what happens next. Awesome the way you guys manage to keep everyone guessing!
    Onwards and upwards.

  3. Keep up the good work lads! All this publicity really is showing how thin the prohibitionists arguments really are. It all boils down to CONTROL. You have my support, 110%

  4. I know you all don’t want anything to do with Clear, as was evident with your part in the recent Peter Reynolds Hate Campaign, but can you please put your differences to one side for a few weeks and look at how the Cannabis Reform community can join together to use the P.C.C. elections to some advantage.

    Please see the article on Clears website about what they are doing re:PCC.

    Whilst it would be nice, I do not expect you to work with them, but at least can you consider doing something similar and working towards the same goals.

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