Another drugs report ignored by Cameron

By Des Humphrey

Today’s report in the various newspapers is the third UK report in the last 6 months that has been totally ignored and probably not even read by the Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party Mr David Cameron, who at once upon a time consumed cannabis during his privileged days at Eton, but got caught (wonder if he grassed his fellow cannabis consumers when he got caught mmmm?).

Why on earth do they commission these drug reports when we all know what the outcome is going to be, a waste of time and money and effort by the people who do the reports, especially if they are not going to listen to them and instantly dismiss them within minutes of being released.

This new report by the APPG (All-Party Parliamentary Group on Drug Policy Reform) has asked the Home Office to establish a system for decriminalising the possession and use of small quantities of drugs, and for politicians to be taken out of the day-to-day decisions on individual drugs. 

Cannabis war on drugs leafThe Home Office said it would consider the report’s recommendations, but soon after Downing Street said the current approach to drugs in the UK is “the right one and is working”. 

Mr Cameron I am afraid you are not looking at the UK as any NORML person would, you are not in-touch with today’s society if you really do believe the current policy is working.

The only conclusion I can come up with as to why you think the policy is working is you believe your own government surveys are truthful, well … cloud cuckoo land springs to mind.

Home Office policies are put in place to protect us all; that includes children and the vulnerable. The failed policies of prohibition protect diddly squat, except the pockets of the big criminal drug barons.

David Cameron’s drugs policies do NOT protect any children whatsoever, I have witnessed children as young as eleven obtaining drugs on the streets of the UK, I don’t see prohibition protecting them!

The only way we can protect our younger generation is to take control of the drugs market from the criminal underworld and make the sale of drugs only available to adults (unless prescribed by a doctor) in designated outlets, regulate the supply so that customers know exactly what they are getting instead of the extra ingredients criminals add to the drug.

One of the safest so called drugs our planet has put here for us to consume is cannabis hemp, safer than any pharmaceutical man made drug, safer than any alcoholic beverage, certainly safer than legally available tobacco and is even less toxic than the coffee people drink every day, not to mention how much hemp can assist the whole planet with its environmental issues, but the Government insists on waging a war on people who decide to consume cannabis for whatever reason they see fit. Mr Cameron, do you not want to see a self-sustainability nation looking after themselves, or do you really wish to try and control every single citizen with the way they live, eat, breath and go to the toilet?

Cannabis campaigner Des Humphrey NORML UKDes Humphrey is a medicinal cannabis consumer, activist and Executive Director of NORML UK.

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  1. They are treasonous traitors that take dictation from a foreign source ie the US… Cameron not only smoked marihuana he was a member of the “Assassins” while at Oxford and basically ran riot in Oxford, but paid for the damage caused to various property & establishments before the law got involved, thereby saving much public outcry… Riot on Dave *)

  2. How about someone do a video of a kid buying weed from a dealer. Give the kid £20 and film him buying the cannabis and bringing it back to show the camera. Then take the kid to an off licence and give him £20 and film him coming out of the offy saying they won’t serve me because i’m under 18. It was reported late last year that cannabis is not good for a developing brain. But it is safe for adults. Do you think Cameron would listen then?

  3. I’m afraid that Mr. Cameron won’t pay any attention to any of the viable pragmatic scientific-based options, simply because they are not in line with his agenda.

    There’s one thing about the whole situation that makes my blood boil: Cameron will not open any form of dialogue or debate. He simply says no, because I said so, like a child.

    There’s a special place in Hell for people like him.

  4. The problem is that our once Great Island is a PLC! You often hear the house of lords & indeed David Cameron has called it UK PLC on numerous occasions…that means the country is a business run for profit.When people think they can make a change by voting they are being lied to, all that happens is the CEO of UK PLC changes…but the shop still sells the same rubbish, just like your local supermarket..if the CEO/MD changes…does your supermarket change what it sells? Answer = NO.

    Now considering the UK is being run as a business…they make money from other businesses who in turn makle money from other businesses and so on & so on. Did you know the legal definition of the word PERSON also means a business!

    So the big pharmaceutical companies want to keep peddling thier brand of drugs, that mainly offer treatments & NOT cures..these same big pharmas pay our government considerable sums of money to make sure Cannabis stays illegal & many other drugs.

    We can only buy from them, in fact do you know you are NOT allowed to advertise Herbs (any herb) as a remedy for diseases or sickness due to a small thing called “Codex Alimentarius”, we are no longer legally allowed to treat ourselves using herbs! Don’t bnelieve me…google Codex Alimentarius & see the results, trully shocking.
    The answer is to remove our corrupt government from the circle. The government paying for all these drugs reports are only a smoke screen to fool the people into believing they are looking into it…but we all know they are not, it’s blatantly obvious.
    Take back the power…stop being a PERSON & start being a MAN/WOMAN & the governments ACTS/Statutes (notice the word in part of a play). The word person refers to a legal FICTION…not the Man/Woman. chjeck these things out, do your research & a light will shine that shows how YOU can be free of all this B/S.

  5. Britain has prohibition lite compared to the US.There are 90,000 people in jail in the UK compared to 2.3 million in the US and no one gets jailtime for straight possession-only growers and dealers get jail.However Cameron is the latest in a long line of politicians who make liberal noises in opposition and then as soon as they get into office it’s back to the status quo.

  6. The US has a population 5 times bigger than the UK.90,000×5=450,000 so if the US incarcerated people at the same rate as the UK that’s how many prisoners the US would have.450,000×5=2.25 million.Ten years selling weed kept my mental arithmetic sharp as a pin.

  7. Good article I think it’s a disgrace that he didn’t even read it. Isn’t that his job to read reports and then decide whether or not to use them

  8. The Misuse of Drugs Act was suppose to protect Society from a scourge.
    The Gov’t/Home Office/Police/Judges have turned this Act into a way to deliberately punish people for using a harmless plant and thus have gone against the point of the Misuse of Drugs Act altogether. They have become the scourge on the people the Act was meant to prevent.
    Time to change.
    This Gov’t wants people to think the Gov’t is doing things when all it’s doing is LOOKING like it’s doing things, to appease the people’s short-term memory, but ignoring them altogether and wasting public money. I bet that if the report had said Cannabis was detrimental to health then the Gov’t would cry blue murder straight away!
    Spineless corporate self-interested puppets.
    No wonder no Party got a decent majority. No-one trust Politicians anymore.

  9. Couldn’t agree with this more. Furthermore, I’d gladly pay more knowing what I was smoking whilst knowing I am contributing to the UK economy rather than a dealers back pocket.

    This government really need to sort themselves out. Alcohol causes more health problems than cannabis does and it doesn’t make people want to go fight people in the street at 2am.

    Decriminalise cannabis!!

  10. Like we all knew Cameron was never going to seriously take any action after that report. However I am pleased to see that the question is being posed and this albeit only a fraction of the pressure required is some pressure nonetheless. The big question is how do we really get people to group together and fight a system (ie government) which has been specifically designed to allow them to do what they want. Of course it is possible to make huge changes but that’s when it requires numbers. Working in website design, marketing etc I rarely hear quanity over quality but with this the ONLY way I see us getting a true debate is when it gets to a point that they either listen of they are going to lose millions of votes and thus the downward spiral begins.

    I think it is important to take note of history and that famous saying history has a nasty habit of repeating its self. Look back to all forms of national powers etc in the end the people rebelled and the power was no longer there to control. It’s nice to think that one day THE PEOPLE will have control of what happens within our country instead of millions spent on fake campaigns which mean nothing.

    I have to pose a question but do you think in the future with the younger generations growing up that the pressure will build due to the vision I personally see the current governments impress on those around me. It’s a question I ask alot and I always lean towards they have made the mistakes which will lead them to almost certain failure because of the bias they shown in ALL areas.

  11. It’s not about drugs or intoxication or political policy or population protection or health or harm, it’s all about money.

    The Gov’t gets a huge amount of money, from both “donations” and taxes, from companies involved in oil-based products, medicines, tobacco (a certain MP, Clarke, is one of the heads of Anglo-American Tobacco), alcohol, banks (although they’ve had a metaphorical spanking over their drug money laundering but no charges or prosecutions!) and various other commercial groups; all because Cannabis Hemp is kept out of your legally growing hands.

    It’s all about money, from your pocket to theirs, and nothing else! THAT’S why he (Cameron) can dismiss any and all reports without reading them. The more positive they are the less likely they are going to be part of any positive political speech.

  12. I assume you’ve all seen the ‘Not for human consumption’ hollywood movie coming out soon, and read the stories like the cannibal guy in miami, obviously on bathsalts, but when the toxicology report came back it showed only ‘marijuana’, right?, post after post of people going crazy on this fake weed, kids with kidney failures, adults having cardiac arrest on this FAKE synthetic stuff.

    While in the UK people are campaigning to update and modernise the drug laws, spending our hard earned tax money on study after study like UKDPC, that get immediately snubbed by people who don’t even read it, it’s just time wasting.

    We know the legality of any substance will not make any difference of course, no amount of amendments to the antiquated british drugs act will change anything, honestly it’s like the drugs act exists just so they have a piece of paper to scribble notes on about drugs they’ve never heard of, then they can wave it around and say look we did something today.

    And meanwhile the prohibitionists plot thickens, It’s like a new 21st century version of ‘Reefer Madness’, 100 years on, Zombie Apocalypse 2013 updated version, same debate, only now using modern chemistry to make lies and propaganda a reality.

    There is big money behind this, ‘legal’ designer drugs, right? fake weed, synthetic marijuana, shady ‘legal’ loopholes, ending up in high street shops, right in plain sight, being taxed! with labelled pack names like ‘wild opium’ ‘super skunk’ and ‘mary jane’.

    Hemp: The Trillion Dollar Crop,

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