4/20: Amsterdam Celebrations with NORML & UKCSC this April 20th

FOUR-TWENTY is just one month away now and spaces are quickly running out for the NORML & UKCSC coach trip to Amsterdam! Check out what you could be getting up to if you get in on time…

Last year it was looking likely that the famous coffeeshops of the Netherlands would be forced to close their door to tourists under the weid-pass scheme. Thanks to the hard work and activism Nol van Sheik, Peter Lunk and their team the unpopular change to policy which would have seen coffeeshops turn into member only clubs for nationals only has been squashed.

420 Smoke out HollandTo celebrate this victory NORML UK & UKCSC are teaming up with Travelholics for the second time to host a trip to Amsterdam for the 4/20 celebrations. The trip is departing from the UK on the evening of the 18th and returning home on the 21st of April on the Sunday. This will include a coffeeshop tour around the city on the cannabis, a day in Haarlem to experience the 16 coffeeshops – a pleasant little different from the Amsterdam experience. There will also be a special event for other 4/20 celebrations that you can buy a ticket for.

The trip costs£139 and includes your coach and ferry transport and some very nice accomedation to crash out at when you have made the most of your hazy days.Enjoying a cannabis vape in Amsterdam

A special visit to the Cannabis College will also be arranged with the chance to see some cannabis being grown up close! If you have not had the chance to see cannabis while it is still a part of the plant this is a great chance and you will be able to ask questions and maybe even be inspired!

Brian Fluff Conlon from UKCSCs Merseyside Cannabis Supporters who went on the first trip said “It was great meeting smokers of various ages and sexes and just to able to just mix it up with those who you wouldn’t already have met through everyday life. Well worth it!”

Travelholics are proud to support NORML UK and UKCSC in their campaign to bring cannabis out of the shadows and celebrate it for what it truly is. Together we hope to continue these trips to Amsterdam and Haarlem and possibly extend the idea to other four-twenty friendly cannabis destinations in Europe…

For more information and to book please visit Travelholics.co.uk and remember to smoe one for us when you are out there!

420 Smoke out 2

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  1. All very nice but I fail to see what this will do to educate the masses about the most appropriate way to deal with cannabis or give me legal access to medicine that I need.
    Hope you all enjoy yourselves but it should not take a back seat to activism.

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