NORML UK 420 Smokeout

By James Tisdale

When the heartland of European cannabis reform is under threat do you think that the folk at NORML UK are just going to sit back at watch? Well the answer is a big fat no. This is the time when the UK must show its support to our Dutch neighbours across the channel, as well as fighting the good fight here on home soil. Following he success of our Amsterdam trip last December, NORML UK and Travelholics are to stage another.

Last year on the 20th April (420) Nol van Schaik, Peter Lunk and many others helped organise the first demonstration aimed at resisting legislation aimed at oppressing cannabis culture such as the wietpas (weed pass) in the provinces of Holland. It is due to showings like this and thanks to the integrity of Amsterdam’s Mayor Eberhard van der Laan that the wietpas was not implemented nationwide. However there are still many issues that need to be addressed in Holland with regards to the cannabis industry; Legislation is impending that may limit the amount of THC in any given strain sold in a coffee shop to 15%, there is the planned closure of 70 coffee shops in Amsterdam, continued discrimination in the Southern provinces of Holland, and a desire to push the industry in the right direction by opening and legitimising the ‘backdoor’ of coffee shops by introducing invoicing, and even welcoming taxation.

We will leave the UK Thursday 18th April in a luxury coach arriving in Amsterdam Friday mid-day and will depart Amsterdam sometime Sunday 21st April.

Amsterdam 420 cannabis cafes

Amsterdam 420 NORML UK

Friday 19th April will be a ‘get to know Amsterdam day and night’. 4:20 organiser Peter Lunk will provide us with maps of the coffee shops that supported the CannaBus Tour 2012 some of the best coffee shops in Amsterdam. There will be a tour of The Cannabis College for those who wish to visit.

4:20 April 20th will be the main attraction; the bus will take us on a 35 min journey to Hemp City Haarlem where we will meet up with the main organisers and hosts Nol Van Schiak and Peter Lunk. We will have the privilege to share one or ten pipes before we head off back to Amsterdam where we will take part in the 4:20 smoke out.

The smoke out will begin to gather at four o’clock, lighting up at 420 and lasting approximately an hour. A festival then commences at another venue at 1800 and will end at 2300 before an after party commences  and lasts until the early hours.

(For more details on the 420 festival celebrations see:

Sunday the 21st will be spent relaxing in Haarlem’s 16 excellent coffee shops before heading back to Calais and finally the UK.

If you would like to book a place on this trip please visit the payment page via Travelholics.

And our Facebook group:

Hope to see you there.

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  1. So is norml going to stand up to English government and protest in hyde park, or are you going to hide in dam and do things the legal way, seriously if you want the law to change u gota stop running away and find ur fekin balls, i just about had it with Norml and clear, speand all there time on the net, never on the street, I think we need a new group that actualy take action

  2. buy local, support the men risking their freedom so you can get high, fuck the army and the police, dealers are your true heroes, you have no need to go dam, the weed is good enough in london, infact its one of the best places in the world, If you cant get good weed may I suggest you get to know a thew more people as it is out there and it is VERY available

  3. I feel trips like this are inappropriate. They encourage smoking (which is harmful to health) and high levels of cannabis use. Sensible regulation is a good thing to campaign for but promoting excessive behaviour does the cause no favours. Dutch coffeeshops give a bad reputation to cannabis since they effectively allow a legitimate front to organised crime. Best to wait for legalisation and a safe regulated supply or grow your own if you are in dire need.

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