NORML UKCSC Speaking at I AM HIP HOP Magazines Skunk Debate

Greg de Hoedt UKCSCI AM HIP HOP Magazine this Saturday 2nd of March is hosting the debate SKUNK: Healing Or Oppressing Our Nation? Greg de Hoedt will be speaking at the event to represent NORML UK and UK Cannabis Social Clubs.

As the topic of cannabis and drug policy reform continues to edge its way into the mainstream it is starting to attain the attention and the conversation that is deserved. For far too long there was a media black out on the discussion and the voice of the cannabis campaign was quashed. This contributed to the decline of a long, tough fought battle that saw casualties and was one that would take about a decade to be turned around.

In the last 18 months to two years the number of events with discussions on cannabis policy has increased. It is not as taboo as it had previously been and actors and musicians, businessmen and other celebrities have finally felt the ability and be honest about their use. Most recently an internet audience were offered the chance to see the Breaking The Taboo documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman and directed by Sam Branson, Son of Richard Branson. This gained media attention form the tabloid papers when stars like Dizzee Rascal and Kate Winslet appeared in adverts that went viral over most social networking sites. As the logo for the film was a cannabis joint tied to bullet making reference to the drug “war” aspect that gave way for the Daily Mail to claim that Kate Winslet was advocating smoking cannabis.

The cannabis community having their voice heard through these avenues though is one of the most important tools we must try and take advantage of.

Greg de Hoedt, NORML UKs Community Outreach Director and UK Cannabis Social Clubs national spokesperson has been invited to speak twice at I AM HIP HOP Magazines debate SKUNK: Healing Or Oppressing Our Nation to speak along side several musicians, a health professional and a reformed consumer that advocates against cannabis consumption.

“I am very happy to have the chance to speak at the debate on Saturday. Having the opportunity to share my experience and represent the cannabis community on this platform means a lot and it feels like we are getting somewhere when we can communicate to a real audience.”

In 2011 Greg travelled to the United States where he not only sought out the highest quality cannabis medicines to treat his Crohns Disease but managed to work behind the scenes of the legal cannabis industry in four states. Colorado, California, Oregon and Washington are four states that have had legal Medical Marijuana for over 15 years, Colorado and Washington now having turned fully legal for all adults. This exploration of an industry still in its infancy gave Greg the passion, insight and encouragement to come back to the UK and try to implement a strategy to try and achieve the same here.

Greg will be speaking twice on the panel, once about the medicinal benefits, evidence and advantages of using high grade cannabis for the treatment of serious illness’ and then again about the social side of cannabis, the problems of prohibition and the real origins of this black and white animal we all keep hearing so much about, skunk!

Other speakers to take note of are Dr Celia Morgan who has previously made claims that skunk is a genetically modified version of cannabis, Dave Wilkinson a documentary maker from Maine, USA and Sukant Chandan of Sons of Malcolm, a reformed cannabis smoker that blames skunk cannabis for a rise in violence and other social problems.

Please come and attend to show your support if you are in London or close enough to reach the venue at the Brady Arts Centre, Whitechaple, London opening at 6PM and ending at 9PM. The Facebook event page is here.

Event Schedule
6.25 – 6.45 Introduction and screening
6.45– 6.55 First speaker – Juice Aleem (Rapper)
6.55– 7.05 Second speaker – Amen (Rebel Lions Of Creation)
7.05 – 7.20 Second speaker – Greg Cure de Hoedt (UK Cannabis Social Clubs & NORML UK)
7.20 – 7.35 Third speaker – Dr Celia Morgan
7.35 – 7.50 Fourth speaker: Dave Wilkinson USA speaker
Tea/ Coffee Break
8.05 – 8.20 Fifth speaker – Sukant Chandan (Sons Of Malcolm)
8.20- 8.30 Sixth speaker – Greg Cure de Hoedt (UK Cannabis Social Clubs & NORML UK)
8.30 – 9.30 Debate open mic / Closing

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