UN Bureaucrat Raymond Yans gives world’s most humble president a ticking off for legalising pot

Raymond Yans does not want Uruguay to legalise cannabis

By Chris Bovey

Apparently Uruguay is breaking the International Conventions on Drug Control with the Cannabis Legislation approved by its Congress.

That’s according to this lame press release sent out by the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB). They say they regret the decision. They have quoted some unknown and unheard of bureaucrat, Raymond Yans, President of the INCB, saying he was “surprised that a legislative body that has endorsed an international law and agreements, and a Government that is an active partner in international cooperation and in the maintenance of the international rule of law, knowingly decided to break the universally agreed and internationally endorsed legal provisions of the treaty”.

Raymond Yans, president of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB).

Unelected bureaucrat, Raymond Yans, tells the democratically elected President of Uruguay, Jose Mujica, what to do.

Raymond Yans further states that “the main aim of the 1961 Single Convention is to protect the health and welfare of humankind. Cannabis is controlled under the 1961 Convention, which requires States Parties to limit its use to medical and scientific purposes, due to its dependence-producing potential.”

Right, because prohibition of cannabis has been such an overwhelming success, hasn’t it? Trillions of dollars have been spent worldwide policing these daft laws and millions of people (usually at the bottom end of the ladder) have been incarcerated for what is a victimless crime, yet pot is still somehow everywhere and the market is controlled largely by organised crime.

An estimated six million people use cannabis in the UK alone and throughout the planet (according to the World Health Organisation) about 147 million people use cannabis (2.5% of the world population). I’ve no idea as to the validity of these figures, I don’t have time to personally count all the stoners, but I think we can safely say, a lot of people on Earth consume cannabis. This is hardly surprising, considering it’s a natural herb that is easy to grow and people enjoy using, precisely because of its safe recreational and medicinal properties. People have been smoking pot for thousands of years and are not going to stop now despite the protestations of Raymond Yans and the INCB.

Mr Yans’ assertion that cannabis is prohibited to protect “the health and welfare of humankind” due to it’s “dependence-producing potential” is total nonsense. Cannabis has never killed anyone, you’d have to smoke a joint the size of a telegraph poll to consume a level of cannabis that would be toxic. It is impossible to overdose on cannabis; you have to smoke your entire body weight in five minutes time for an overdose to occur (which can never happen in real life). Furthermore, asides from being considered one of the safer recreational drugs, cannabis is not addictive; these are all widely proven scientific facts and it’s just tedious to keep on having to counteract this Reefer Madness crap from the likes of Raymond Yans.

Mr Yans is spouting the same old bullshit to defend prohibition. This is from a man who draws a large tax payer funded salary (with expenses, fancy office and all the trimmings) to head an organisation whose only purpose is to defend and maintain the failed policies of prohibition. I suspect this man is more interested in keeping his job than the health of the people of Uruguay.

Although Uruguay is the first country in modern times to officially legalise cannabis, The Netherlands has permitted the sale and consumption of cannabis in its world famous coffeeshops since the 1970s. The Netherlands is probably one of the most well run countries I have ever visited, I’m not sure how they manage to do that with all those coffeeshops selling cannabis, instead of leaving it to the criminal black market. Probably because cannabis is less harmful than alcohol and it makes sense to sell it in a legal regulated market, rather than leave it to organised crime.

Spain, Portugal, The Czech Republic, and Belgium all have fairly liberal laws concerning cannabis, compared to the UK, yet they all manage to function.

Chris Bovey in Amsterdam.

Chris Bovey in Amsterdam, a huge municipality that manages to function perfectly well, despite liberal drug laws since the 1970s.

Of course, if Mr Yans really cared about our health, he would know the only really dangerous forms of cannabis are ones that have been mixed with adulterants by unscrupulous criminals to further augment their already huge tax-free profits. I’m talking about soapbar or gritweed, which is certainly dangerous to consume, not because of the cannabis, but the adulterants such as plastic or silicone that have been added to it. This can only be ended with the kind of regulation being introduced by President José Mujica.

If Raymond Yans actually did some research, he would discover it is much better to know exactly what kind of cannabis you are consuming, such as whether it is an Indica or Sativa and the THC:CBD ratio. However, this is generally only known if cannabis is sold in a regulated market. For most of the time, people buy inferior quality cannabis, not knowing what it is, because they just buy whatever their dealer has to offer at the time.

Thanks to the work of the UK Cannabis Social Clubs, much more is being done to highlight the benefits of consuming properly grown weed and knowing exactly what strain it is you are using. Unfortunately, it appears common sense falls on deaf ears when it comes to the INCB; I’ve sent an email to Mr Yans, I bet I do not even get a reply.

The INCB Press Release is littered with the same old Reefer Madness nonsense: the usual lies about cannabis being addictive, lowering IQ; frankly there are too many for me to be bothered to respond to in this blog.

Raymond Yans pulls that old chestnut about protecting young people, but surely if you wish for minors not to consume cannabis, you ensure it is only sold in a legal regulated market, as is happening in Uruguay and already two States in the USA, with more to follow. In The Netherlands, they actually have lower cannabis usage amongst under 18s than in the UK, almost certainly because cannabis is pretty much only sold in licensed coffeeshops who face strict sanctions if they are caught selling to minors.

Retired Detective Inspector from the London Metropolitan Police, Rowan Bosworth-Davies told NORML UK: “As President of LEAP UK, I would say that nothing the President of the INCB, Raymond Yans, says or does really surprises me with this regard. He represents a self-appointed elite who are simply unwilling to consider any impetus for change or evolution, and who sit, immovably, in the middle of a series of rules which appear incapable of reform or reconsideration.

“He talks glibly about evidences demonstrating harm, while ignoring the evidences which show different findings. He cherry-picks those arguments which best serve his agenda, while refusing to consider the views of those with whom he disagrees. He represents an agency that denies alternative voices an audience, and he refuses to listen to those organisations, which his own body and their supporters refuse to admit to membership.

“I applaud and encourage the Government of Uruguay to continue with their brave experiment and not to be intimidated by the implied bullying of the INCB and its fellow-travellers,” said Mr Bosworth Davies.


Raymond Yans, head of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) does not want President Jose Mujica to legalise pot.

President Jose Mujica

José Mujica’s decision to introduce a legal regulated cannabis market and to stick two fingers up at Raymond Yans and the International Narcotics Control Board is an inspirational one that we know is going to be privately observed by policy makers throughout the world.

President José Mujica is a giant of a man, a president who chooses to live in a simple farm rather than the Presidential Palace and who donates 90% of his salary to charity. He is the polar opposite of Raymond Yans, a faceless bureaucrat who draws an exorbitant salary to tell lies and release nonsense Press Releases to defend the indefensible.

It looks like José Mujica will not be the only world leader to face chastisement from Raymond Yans. The Prime Minister of St Vincent & Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves, is considering the legalisation of medical marijuana. The Moroccan Parliament too is looking at legalising marijuana cultivation and exports (they might as well, since they grow and export thousands of tons of it anyway). No doubt Raymond Yans will be sending them to the naughty step if they break with convention and liberalise cannabis laws. Who knows, with two States in the USA legalising and more certainly to follow, maybe Raymond Yans will have to give Obama a good ticking off … after all there are cushy salaries and plush offices in Vienna at stake here.

The fancy offices of Raymond Yans and the International Narcotics Control Board.

The Headquarters of the International Narcotics Control Board in Vienna: The only place where alcohol and tobacco are safer than cannabis.

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  1. For anyone to invoke a 1961 treaty based on research done from that era clearly shows just how backwards, even primitive, Yans thinking is. Do we really want someone that ignorant and biased to be in such a capacity? He should be removed and retired immediately. Meanwhile, I encourage everyone to contact President Mujica at the following address and send a note of thanks and a maybe even a donation to help the poor in Uruguay:

    President Jose Mujica
    Plaza Independencia 700-748,
    Montevideo 11000, Uruguay

  2. What a surprise that someone like Yans would trot out the some old shit that the UN and US have been forcing on the world for years, the UN is morally bankrupt and nothing more than a front for US war mongers, strange that the UN can comment on this but when Israel kill innocent civilians in Palestine you don’t hear a thing from them, clearly the Palestinians don’t have enough money to make them of interest to the UN or make them worth saving.

  3. Is the Legalisation of Cannabis in Uruguay a ‘hoax’… ?

    ‘How ‘Legalised’ is cannabis in Uruguay if there are still rules that criminalise people ?

    Uruguay rules on cannabis:
    – minimum age 18.
    – 40 Gram max. per month per person.
    – Only citizens of Uruguay can buy the ‘legal’ weed.
    – Only 1 strain being sold by pharmacy
    – maximum 5%-12% THC on sold weed.
    – Every user that gets ‘lelgal’ cannabis has to be Registered on a government database that will monitor their monthly purchases.
    – max. 6 plants PER YEAR homegrow allowed.
    – with a maximum of 480 grams yield p.y.

    These rules are all sustaining the illegal market….

    – Tourists who want to smoke
    – People who want some different strain
    – People who need more then 40 grams per month
    – People who NEED stronger weed then 5%-12% THC as medicine,
    – People who want to smoke stronger weed then 5% THC recreationally
    – People who do not wish to be a registered cannabis user.

    ALL will still have to turn illegal trade…

    SO …
    NO it is NOT a ‘Hoax’…
    This ‘system’ is FAR from perfect…
    It’s definately a(nother) step in hopefully the right direction…

    But definately NOT solving all criminal activity with all these limits and rules.

    If policies are wrong..
    It is up to the people to tell the ones who make up the faulty policies that they are and what is wrong…

    If we all just sit back and cheer…
    We are missing the height of the ‘news-hype’ about this to get our opinions out.

    I have lived all my life under similar rules here in NL…
    And I can tell you from years of expierence…
    All limits create criminal opportunities.

    Peter Lunk (Netherlands)

  4. Well I am not surprised the INCB don’t like it but their name contains the word ‘control’ – so what are they going to do about it? If there are no consequences other than making Raymond Yans a bit upset then that surely means it is open for any other country to do the same !

  5. @phrtao, thanks for making that point; meanwhile, “what’s in a name”– how does an organization with the word “Narcotics” in its name presume to assert any policies or opinions about CANNABIS? I say this alone justifies Mujica accusing Yans of LYING.

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