Another cannabis overdose in Bournemouth?

By Greg de Hoedt

A man from Bournemouth has died from carbon monoxide poisoning, with pathologists indicating a high level of cannabis in his system.

The pathologist gave evidence that nightclub owner Paul Kenyon, 37, “overdosed on cannabis” before eventually dying from carbon monoxide poisoning, which has been recorded as cause of death.

Paul Kenyon did not die from a cannabis overdose.

Paul Kenyon died from carbon monoxide poisoning, not cannabis.

The newspaper report online at the time of this release does not indicate how he became victim to carbon monoxide poisoning. He was found unresponsive in his car behind the club that he owned – Brix & Co. The inquest was adjourned until May 8th.

The lethal dose for cannabis amounts to the equivalent of 20,000 to 40,000 joints; the cause of death were this to happen being asphyxiation. As it was not reported that this amount of cannabis was found at the scene we can assume that the carbon monoxide wasn’t from the cannabis.

This comes in the same week newspapers irresponsibly reported the verdict given of another Bournemouth resident, Gemma Moss, 31, whose cause of death was recorded as cardiac arrest induced by cannabis poisoning. Her family are now speaking out about the verdict and way the media have un-respectfully misrepresented her in her death to shine a negative light on cannabis.

To overdose on a substance, one must take more than the required amount to get the desired effects. If you overdose on a substance, this does not necessarily mean it will induce a fatal reaction. In the case of cannabis, as we have documented in a few articles this week, it is simply not possible to die from a cannabis overdose. The only real likely result of overdosing on cannabis, i.e., taking too much, would be to fall asleep or get the munchies.

Why are the media all of a sudden, trying to peddle a link between deaths that would have otherwise received little media coverage using cannabis to draw national attention to them? After one month of successful news stories coming out of Colorado, where the recreational sale of cannabis has been legalised, with not one recorded fatality, we suddenly have two news stories claiming highly dubious links between cannabis and their recorded cause of death. Even President Obama has spoken out, claiming cannabis was no more harmful than alcohol and today in the UK the British Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, said the war on drugs has failed and called for a change in policy, which was sadly instantly rejected by David Cameron, who oddly enough shared those views when he was a lowly backbench MP sitting on the Home Affairs Select Committee on drugs. Even if these stories in the UK media linking cannabis to death were true, it would confirm it by far as the safest drug known to mankind.

The simple fact here is the use of the word ‘overdose’ is being  irresponsibly misrepresented by the Bournemouth Echo in order to generate hits to their web site and sell papers. Do they have considerations for the memory of the deceased and their friends and family?

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  1. I know someone who was eating a banana when they died from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. The banana killed them! Ban bananas!

  2. These are very true facts. We haven’t really considered the possibility of contamination – both of these deaths happened within a one month time frame of each other, so the cannabis they consumed could well be from the same source – I would assume glass or possibly a more harmful compound like a legal high, deaths have been reported from legal highs and it is simply prohibition that is allowing the “gangs” who produce the “drugs” who profit on the medication they sell that a lot of us prefer for a good quality of life.

    No-one wants to see these kinds of medication sources, and with many people now choosing cannabis, a raw plant grown with water (like many fruits or vegetables), over alcohol; a far more dangerous, depressing substance. Google search “deaths by alcohol” and the sponsored page, Drink Aware (which is a UK organisation) declares: “In 2011 there were 8,748 alcohol-related deaths in the UK”. Can we please begin the prohibition of Alcohol? Close the bars, destroy the kegs and the brewery’s. The opaque government have been asked the question “Were ministers under the influence of drinks industry?” by the Telegraph in regards to minimum alcohol pricing, showing intense le-way with a very damaging substance.

    We need to see real people and real, legitimate businesses in our country. You see cannabis tourism everywhere in Britain, coaches leaving Britain daily to escape the hell that is prohibition. People disappearing for a weekend, possibly a week and enjoying themselves.

  3. It seems to me that the media/establishment will do whatever they can to ensure that recreational,and medicinal cannabis will never be legalised in this country. Bad mouthing of cannabis will gain momentum on any level the media can twist to their objective.

    And of course any positives about cannabis will be ignored,and any death where there is only the slightest trace of cannabis found will be blamed on cannabis.

    We have a war with the Daily Muck and their like.

  4. The media are pretty dum to think you can actually die from cannabis, no you can’t, ever! In the history of cannabis being smoked or eaten there hasn’t been 1 single death or even has caused cancer but then cigarettes and alcohol are legal and there at the top of the kill chain. If it does kill then I should have died years ago. Do your research yourself don’t believe what the government says or what’s been said on the news. Its a load of bollocks.

  5. No one has died in history from cannabis but some how in this area of yhe uk two people in a week , come on how stupid do you think your readers are surely no one believes this crap .
    May as well be reading the Sunday sport .
    They will be telling us next that edd millerband is a alien come to take over the earth .

  6. They can keep coming up with these cheap-shot smear campaigns, but we the people know the truth about ganja. First Colorado with Washington to follow, then Uruguay. It won’t be long too before greedy politicians in other countries will be feeling jealous of the huge income’s and following suit. The Green rush is here people!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. If there are now suddenly cases of cannabis overdose how does prohibition and completely unregulated supply help? It certainly does not prevent people from obtaining it. The supposed health risks alone would stop people buying it if it is that dangerous. People are capable of making these decisions about moderation for themselves – if not then there is a serious case for banning alcohol (which is much more likely to lead to a death from overdose) and many other substances that are currently legal.
    In this case it appears that an alcoholic stupor could just have easily contributed to this death. We can only assume that the cannabis caused the man to fall asleep somewhere that was unsafe due to high carbon monoxide levels. It may have even been the case that the man was forced to consume the cannabis in secrecy and that may have caused him to fall asleep somewhere that was unsafe (if so that would be prohibition NOT cannabis to blame)

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